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FoW: Vietnam by Andre77

FoW: Vietnam by Andre77

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About the Project

This project started about 2013 with this: In this year our gaming club was big in FoW: WWII. And we heard that Battlefront would start a vietnam range. We looked in our eyes and said: We will do this all together. So around 6 gamers picked an army. For me this was the PAVN. We had about two NLF, one ARVN, one Aussis and we had one US Army. I was slowly working through my first packs. About a year of really nice games and campaigns, we thought about going to the Hamburger Tactica (biggest historical tabletop convention in germany) with Flames of War: Vietnam. And we choosed the Battle of Ia Drang (anyone remember the movie "We were Heros") Bothi did a really nice table (which i will show later) and the scenario and i did painting PAVN like a beast ;)(i like deadlines). Finished all miniatures just in time. Pictures for this will follow too. Since then, i bought some NLF, a mobile cavalary, airmobile and a brown water navy. So much unpainted minis. And why this now? Some of you may heard that in february the new book Nam came out (mostly based on Team Yankee and full of fault, sorry i have to say). We still have to test this. But we are not unafraid to change this we don't like. And then there was this article series from Oriskany: So i hope you will enjoy this project in the upcoming months. Andre77

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At the moment i can watch on a fully painted PAVN infantry battalion, a special task company (sapper) and a ironclad battalion (pics will follow):

1x infantry battallion HQ (2 command bases, forward observer, 3x type 57 HMG, 3x HMG nest, 3x type 52 75mm recoilless gun, 3x type 53 82mm mortars)

6x infantry company platoons (2 for each company) including B40 and B41 teams and type 58 LMG teams

Weapons company including 6x type 52 75mm recoilless guns, 6x type 54 12.7mm AA-MGs, 6x type 53 82mm mortars.

Divisional fire support including observer teams, 6x B-10 82mm recoiless guns, 6x typ 53 120mm mortars, 6x ZPU-1 14.5mm AA-MGs

Sapper company (11 AK-47 teams and 2 flammethrower-teams).

Ironclad Company including 10x K-2 (T-54), 10x BTR-50K, 5x K-3 (P-74), 4x ZSU-57-2 and 5x (T-34/85)

Got 3 sniper-teams, 2x suicide bombers, 2 mine-fields and one MiG-21F (everyone needs one).

So these are all painted.

Next i will show the results.

After this pics about the work progress, our camapigns and the Hamburger Tactica. Then whats to come.

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