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Cancelled due to work commitments.

Cancelled due to work commitments.

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Project Blog by noyjatat

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About the Project

I wanted to document my project for The End is Nigh Terrain Challenge. So to start out I wanted to think of a theme, this was decided by the spares and miniatures I have that are sat in that forgotten pile in the corner. After a quick search I settled on some lovely miniatures I had picked up from White Dragon Miniatures. These don't currently have a ruleset or game system and so are perfect. I want to do a diorama based on a single infantryman staring down a street at a huge mecha which is laying waste to everything. The miniatures range is 15mm which really lends itself nicely to a diorama.

This Project is Cancelled

Cleaned and built

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So having cleaned up the miniatures I noticed the guns that go on the Fiddler’s Mech shoulders we’re a little bent. This often happens with resin as it cools and is easy to fix. After dipping the guns into hot water I gently massaged them on a flat surface until they were straight.

Really liking the scale difference.Really liking the scale difference.

I have only taken the assembly this far so I may clean the resin properly. I will now wash it in warm soapy water. In addition at this stage painting the various groups of components will be much easier.

Miniature Selection

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So after sifting through my spare miniatures I settled on 2 for my diorama setting.

Both are from the White Dragon Miniatures range.

A single MTU Alpha Fire Team Infantryman.

MTU Alpha Fire Team InfantrymanMTU Alpha Fire Team Infantryman

The second is a single Fiddler Mech with the alternate loadout.

Fiddler Mech with alternate loadoutFiddler Mech with alternate loadout

Now to begin clean up using my two favourite favourite weapons of choice.


A sharp blade and a rotary nail polisher.


A great selection of different fittings allows me to get to anywhere on my miniaturesA great selection of different fittings allows me to get to anywhere on my miniatures

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