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Space Hulk

Space Hulk

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Project Blog by warhound67

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About the Project

I recently was trolling through Facebook Marketplace when I found a copy of the 2014 Space Hulk for sale for $AU 50.00 (UK Pounds 28.00 - $US 37.00 - Bargin !!!) When I contacted the seller he said he had never painted the figures and I immediately started thinking I can use these in both 40K and Space Hulk and raced over to grab them. The thing is, until very recently, I stepped away from GW and although I knew this version had some amazing sculpts I could use in 40K, I didn't realise they were on moulded in bases !!! AGGGHHH !!! I decided - I can cut them off and put them on GW bases .. !!! - Boy this was going to be one hell of a task - NOTE: I am no golden deamon winner or supper kitbasher .. so this is a everyday man's tale of how to make them look "err ok" and !!! - I am not done yet so it might be a project called - Space Hulk - What not to do !! - But here goes.. Day 1 (oh and 2 and 3 - 4 and a bit of 5 - Cutting, clipping, shaving) - Oops no .. day 1 - a trip to GW and a quick splurge on some adeptus mechanicus (in my mind - Space Hulky type bases).. Now back to the wounds .. err I mean cutting of the models (and me a bit) ..

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Step 4 - Mounting on the bases

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Skill 6
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Sooo after a lot of cutting I managed to get the miniatures looking OK on their bases. And I was left staring at a pile of chopped up plastic !!!

Step 3 - cutting, scraping, clipping, cutting some more

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Well !! .. I am not buying another $55.00 set of bases, so it’s off to the blank bases and maybe I can “shave” a 32 mm and use that .. So I promptly looked through the miniatures and found one terminator walking down some stairs – he can go straight on a “blank” base with all of that plinthing already in place. Now .. to the other.. (I am going to digress here) – I spend money on games and models .. sometimes I begrudgingly buy brushes .. But I nearly never buy tools .. so I have a knife .. some clippers and a bigger knife – a bucket of optimism and some muscle .. (although fading with age like the eyesight) .. so with my (bigger) knife and my poor eyesight I go hunting for the base with the least fill on the underside and begin carving, now I placed the “shaved” the base on the blank base and got out the old trusty poly fila and some of the bits that came in the basing boxed set .. and set out to make something that fit in with the others. Results below

Step 2 - First things first

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The first thing was to put them on these shiny new suitable bases …. oh … wait the old Space Hulk … (yes I am old) had 10 terminators. This set has 12 and I have 10 40mm bases … didn’t think that one through too well

Step 1 - Shopping - I need some "Space Hulk" looking bases - GW to the rescue - Sector Mechanicus bases,

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Hang on – these cost more than I just paid for Space Hulk .. !!! – Shake that off – Never mind $AU 105.00 down .. now to start wrecking it all !!!!

Step 1 - Shopping - I need some

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