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PanzerKaputs’ Blood and Plunder

PanzerKaputs’ Blood and Plunder

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About the Project

Brandish your cutlass and musket and prepare for high adventure on the Spanish Main! Take control of forces such as English or French buccaneers, Spanish or English militia or Spanish guarda costas. Blood & Plunder is a 28mm miniature war-game set in the New World during the 17th century. Featuring an innovative initiative system and simple and intuitive rules. This fast paced, highly tactical ruleset can be played on your average kitchen table in about 2 hours and is sure to appeal to both casual and competitive players. This book includes all the rules necessary to play out battles on land, sea or both simultaneously. It includes various factions of the Spanish, English and French nationalities as well as ships and boats such as Light Frigates, Brigantines, Sloops and Longboats. To go along with this book, Firelock Games has produced a full line of the highest quality models of its genre. These models are available at as well as supporting retail locations. Blood & Plunder was also produced with consultation from world renowned historian and author Bennerson Little to ensure that all models, scenarios and strategies accurately reflect the period. So come aboard, roll some dice and have some fun!

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Adobe Buildings

Tutoring 4
Skill 5
Idea 4

I have been working on some Adobe buildings for Blood and Plunder but these equally could be used for Mortal Gods in Greece or the Near East, Spain is the Peninsula Wars or the Spanish Civil War or is the Wild West down Mexico way. They are simple foam card boxes covered is ployfilla with a bit of sand in and based and painted. I have done three so far but I feel there might be more on the way.

More Infantry, Spanish Infantry

Tutoring 3
Skill 6
Idea 4
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I have painted up more of the European Militia Infantry but this time I have painted them as Spanish Regular Infantry instead of as the French. The Spanish had white coats, as did many nations in the late 17th Century as they were based on the French uniform.

I have gone for a off white/grey colour for the coats and the trousers, pockets and cuffs in the same colour. This means that I can use these for French or Spanish and likewise with the French Infantry.

European Land Forces Part Two

Tutoring 2
Skill 5
Idea 2
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After the Infantry I have been working on the Dragoons from the set. I have not really gone for a Regiment but have based it on a typical French Line Cavalry Regiment with its grey coats. Again I have gone for the light grey as then I can use them with my Spanish forces too.

European Land Forces, Hell Yes, Its the Regulars.

Tutoring 3
Skill 5
Idea 3
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I have started on the European Land Forces Faction, I say faction, actually they can be used for any faction. I like the look of these figures and in the European Colonial Militia starter box, you get a nice force to add to your troops in have already or to start yourself a new force, a more Military looking force.
In the box you get a mounted Commander, 4 cavalry figures, 8 infantry figures and a cannon and 4 crew. This makes a nice force and I have decided to paint the infantry and cavalry figures first before the cannon. The reason is simple as at the club we are running a campaign and I dont have the resources for artillery but I do for cavalry so cavalry it is.
I will post more on the campaign shortly.

Now these are nice CAD design sculpts and are nicely detailed and look about right for the later part of the 17th century. early part of the 18th century. I have to admit my only gripe is that they are not as clean a caste as for War Banner but they do clean up nicely and once done look good.

I have decided that I will be adding these to my French force, but wanted them generic enough to be used with any of my forces but especially the Spanish. So I used “Armies and Enemies of Louis XIV” as a reference as the book covers not only the Glorious Sun King but also the English and the Dutch. This is helpful as I have two boxes of the European Colonial Militia and the others I am looking at painting for the English.

So I am gone for the simple Army painter method of block colour, I have used Vallejo Model Colour Sky Grey for the coats as it is a wonderfully light grey that is light enough to be grey or white. Grey for the French, white for the Spanish, and even work of others colonial militia.

French Regular InfantryFrench Regular Infantry

I have based them on two units, the grey coats, blue trousers, red cuffs and stockings are Regiment La Reine and the grey coat and green trousers, stockings and cuffs are Regiment Sourches. I’m happy with the way they look and now it’s onto some Dragoons.

A small Land Battle

Tutoring 3
Skill 5
Idea 6
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I had a great game of Blood and Plunder last night introducing Chris Clark to pleasures of the land battle after learning the ropes with sea battles. Actually it is easier the other way round Chris, lol.

The set of was a simple one, in the village of the settlement of Lacenta there is a store of heavy cannons left there the Don Roberto under the watchful of the local priest, Father Alberto. Unfortunately Father Alberto loves to talk, especially when there is wine involved and the news of the canons loosely guard fell on the ears of both a pirate of the Brethren of the Coast but the name of Willyam Stands, an Englishmen by birth and also to Don Alonzo, a rival of Don Roberto, seeing this as a good way to ruin Don Roberto’s reputation with the local governor.

So both forces planned and made their way to the village of Lacenta, arriving at the opposite sides of the village with the aim of getting the canons away. The Brethren of the Coast moved into the village from the west taking up positions to strike at anyone trying to take the canons and ensure the canons safe passage back to their home.

The Spanish moved into the village from the east and put their musketeers on the flanks with their melee troops in the centre. The first fire was by the Spanish shooting at the Brethren’s Filbustiers, to no effect however the Filbustiers’ return fire was accurate and cut into the Milicianos musketeers, cutting them by half and causing them to be Shaken. The Lanceros, moved the wooded area that the Filbustiers were in to set of a change but the Flibustiers’ with there fast reload fired at the Lanceros as they rushed in and the initial change hit the Filbustiers hard but they managed to hold on and push the Lanceros back.

Meanwhile in the centre the Brethren’s Forlorn Hope under the command of Willyam Stands rushed forward and grabbed the canons and started moving them back when their were hit by another unit of Lanceros who caused them to fall back and leave the canons. However this meant that the Lanceros managed to pull the canon and themselves into the cover of the stone fountain. But the Brethren where having none of this and moved their Sea Dogs to chase after them but the Spanish screened the retreat of the Lanceros but their Marineros moving forward and engaging with the Brethens’ Forlorn Hope, destroying them in the process but the Sea Dogs rushed pass them to chase at the Lanceros with the canon.

The Lanceros started to drag the canons away, with the Spanish casualties mounting and the Spanish forces on the point of breaking the important thing was to finish the mission and get the canons away. So to buy time the Spanish commander Don Alonzo with his Milicianos, changed at the Brethren’s Sea Dog hoping to Shake them or buy time for the Lanceros to get the canons away but the Sea Dogs levels their pistols at the oncoming Milicianos and fired causing multiple hits and when the smoke cleared Don Alonzo and his Milicianos where laying dead or wounded on the floor. The rest of the Spanish left broke and run away leaving the canons in the hands of Willyam Stands and his Brethren of the Coast.

Another Big Sea Battle with a Big Ship

Tutoring 4
Skill 7
Idea 8

Last night we had another multi player big sea battle and it was a an enjoyable evening and sailing and mayhem.

So what happen then?

The game was we simply tried to sink, capture, keep out of the way of that huge Galleon. Captain Governor Henry Morgan with his Buccaneers was having sea trails with this new Galleon and during the coarse of the trails he had spied an Pirate Captain and tried to capture him but in the battle that followed the sloop was sunk and the Pirate Captain and crew went down with the ship. If that was not enough on the Pirate Captain’s sloop at the time of the battle of a son of a tribal leader and the Brethren of the Coast along with the Tribal leader’s tribe set out to extract revenge on Captain Governor Morgan and capture the ship.

Had a good game where Anthony’s Caribbean Natives in there Hawaii 5 0 boats rowed up to the Galleon, fires a ton of arrows into it, killed one man and boarded her. In the meantime Bill and myself fired a couple of canons at it to little effect and as Anthony’s natives fought on the decks. I tried to grapple the Galleon, totally failed and the Galleon fired causing huge damage to my sloop, setting fire to the lower desk, killing about of the crew and cause my ship to sink. Lee’s Galleon won the day while my crew swims home, I hope there are no sharks about.

Big Sea Battle

Tutoring 5
Skill 6
Idea 10

We have an amazing five way, okay five player sea battle with two Spanish ships, a Brigantine and a Sloop, two English ships, a Light Frigate and a Sloop and a French ship, a Bark. The scenario was quite simple, it was to capture the longboat in the centre of the table and hold it to the end of the game.

Sounds simple doesnt it? Well me tell what happened!

Well I thought that being a small French ship I would be able to slip in and take the prize and win the game while the Spanish and the English fight is out with each other. Oh no, that’s not what happen at all.

No sooner as I started to move the English Light Frigate and the Spanish Brigantine moved toward me and opened fire on me.I had the smallest ship and the two biggest ships fired on me. Luckily I had upgraded my Bark as its hull counted as hard cover or else my Bark would of been awash of French dead. As it was the crew seemed to be taking the canon fire well, though my hull was looking a little worst for wear.

So the English Light Frigate pounded my hull and the Spanish Brigantine racked my deck from stern to bow and I had the must unlucky rolls every, I think my crew was looking over the edge of the ship at the mermaids that had appeared and from a crew of 24 souls I was left with 9 and I struck my colours and limped away.

So with me limping off the table the others started to pound the heck out of each other but the Spanish used tactics and fought together and captures the prize and both ships defended it from the English