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Buggeroffs post Bootcamp DAK progress project

Buggeroffs post Bootcamp DAK progress project

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About the Project

The Deutsches Afrikakorps, also known as the DAK, was the German expeditionary force in Africa during the North Africa campaign. They were initially sent to aid the Italian forces who were already deployed there after they lost ground against the British forces. With subsequent reinforcements, the DAK eventually pushed the British back and thus started a tug-of-war over the Western Desert. And so my project begins - German Deutsches Afrika Korps

This Project is Active

Basing a MMG

Tutoring 2
Skill 3
Idea 3

Started another MMG, step by step basing using Rawlplug Plastic Wood filler Team this time.

Some more base colouring then applied a soft tone wash

Tutoring 8
Skill 8
Idea 2

For the boots, water bottle, holster and other leather items: VJ 984 Flat Brown

Bread bag: VJ 821 German Camo Beige

Then applied a soft tone wash all over

Ivory white for the walls on the Pak 38 5cm and the MMG. Also used this as a base for the googles, the bandage and cross on the medics helmet.

Colours used previously

Uniform: VJ 924 Russian Uniform

Helmet/Gas mask canister: Army Painter Desert yellow (this stage has already been done by the spray primer)

Forgot the gaiters 🙁 going to use VJ 821 German Camo Beige

Tidying up the base coats on the uniforms and started the Flesh, Weapons and binoculars

Tutoring 5
Skill 8
Idea 3

Tidying up the base coated uniforms

Uniform variant 1: VJ 924 Russian Uniform
Uniform variant 2: Army Painter Desert yellow

Skin: Reaper Mini MSP – 09044 Tanned Skin

Black: Weapons and binoculars (except the Mortar and Pak 38 left them Army Painter Desert yellow)

Applying first layer base colours

Tutoring 4
Skill 7
Idea 3
No Comments

Base coated with Army Painter Desert yellow Spray paint

first base coats – uniforms

for my DAK I’m going for mixed uniforms – Green and Yellow

Uniform variant 1: VJ 924 Russian Uniform

Uniform variant 3: Army Painter Desert yellow (already applied by the spray primer)

Base coat applied

Tutoring 2
Skill 6
Idea 4

Base coat applied thanks Andy @brucelea – Army Painter Desert Yellow spray can

Work carried out at the Bootcamp

Tutoring 10
Skill 10
Idea 9

Begining with the 5cm PaK 38 then on to the MMG, Medium mortor and HQ (sadly, no monkey)

first up the 5cm PaK 38first up the 5cm PaK 38

Used a plastic wood filler (link below), to fill in base, adhere the mini’s and any features in this case cork to represent walls and rock piles. It sets and dries hard (under 30 mins) works very well with MDF, plastic and metal, if the mini’s doesn’t stick you can use superglue with no issues. Great stuff to work with 😀

German Deutsches Afrika Korps, DAK (what we got from the bootcamp)

1000pt Starter army

1 x Afrika Korps Plastic box Set (36 troops)
1 x Afrika Korps HQ Blister pack  (4 minis, no monkey :()
1 x Afrika Korps MMG Team Blister pack
1 x Afrika Korps Medium Mortar Team Blister pack
1 x Afrika Korps 5cm PaK 38 anti-tank gun Blister pack
3 x Opel Blitz/Maultier Plastic box sets
1 x Open-topped Kfz 69/70 Horch 1a
1 x Sd.Kfz 231 (8-Rad) Armoured Car

Also have some additionals to add to my force – some Panzer IV’s, a few Sd.Kfz 251 C Hanomag’s and a Sd.Kfz 251/10 half-track (3.7cm PaK)