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Orks and Goblins vs Wizards and Gnomes AOS conversion project

Orks and Goblins vs Wizards and Gnomes AOS conversion project

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About the Project

With the new AOS rule sets tailored towards free play narratives and creativity I thought I'd have some fuun with my favorite part of the Warhammer hobby, conversion, and create my own unique rival armies that fit within the narrative I had previously created around the world of my personal gaming terrain system, 'Hagglethorn Hollow'. The Orks and Goblins: The Idea with these guys is that their dim witted brutal species is not particularly attune to the subtleties of understanding and controlling magic, after all what ork would spend time to learn or to craft anything when it can just be obtained by force. As such this army is thematically build around the central idea that the search out any and all Wizarding guilds and destroy them to horde the unlucky wizards that survive and drain their magic through kit-bashed apparatus made from the debris of the Guilds. there are three main factions, Orks, Black Orks, and goblins, each lead by a Shaman atop Giant mounts carrying the Ork made magic filtering apparatuses that empower their dark wills. Each Giant mounted war leader is thematically based around my favorite films as well: There is the Ork King 'Amorktan Joe' with his 'Mad Max- Fury Road' Inspired ride, 'Egork Spengler' atop his 'Ghostbusters' themed giant of destruction and 'The Goblin King', Stealing Wizards and their baby's in his rambling homage to the film 'Labyrinth'. The Wizards and Gnomes: These lads came about due to needing a readily available Army to face off my now epic Ork army in my games room, and naturally I went with The Wizards strike back vibe. My Hagglethorn Hollow Wizarding guild terrain has been custom made to both game in as well as Illustrating the world I have been building up for a decade which focuses on Wizards studying the 'Wandering Woods' beyond the town and creating Homunculus creatures from the results. So naturally I set about creating a Guild of Wizards who have joined forces with the Dwarven guild of Engineers to help weaponize their powerful magic (this can be seen by the custom magic processor packs on each Wizard and Engineers back. Their alliance is the Gnomes. I love Gnomes and they too play a big feature in future releases of Hagglethorn hollow. I have always wanted a gnome army in Warhammer and thought thematically they would be the forests answer to striking back at the Orks for all the forests they burn through between Wizarding Guilds. All of their mounts are grown through ancient secrets, as is the amour cladding their stag mounts. All the best armies in Age of Sigmar come with their own God, so I wanted to create a God for the gnome army. Thematically I wanted to Capture what Old man Willow in the Lord of the Rings would have looked like in his prime before being defeated by Tree Beard. The Gnome army have joined the Wizards to over throw the Green horde, and the Wizards, being human, have taken the secrets of the Gnomes and perverted them into their own experiments of breeding Homunculi quicker and tougher to fill the ranks of their army. This means that in a campaign I can also split this alliance up and have the Gnomes turn against the Wizards in the same way the Goblins might counter attack their Ork superiors. I also had fun kit-bashing my largest conversion, 'The Terraformer'. I thought if it takes a big pack on a Wizards back to generate enough magic to cast a decent spell on the battlefield, what would the Dwarven guild of Engineers come up with to really give a massive magical charge in battle. I really loved all the new magic and teh Karardron tech but its all a bit two modern for me, I wanted to capture an H.G wells scince vibe too, especially as this conversion is based around my favorite book, 'The Island of Dr. Moreu' in that it has grown a giant 'Aliens' like Homunculus queen and is generating the magical current necessary to have it consciously breed mini Homunculi to keep populating the battlefield, a practice the Wizarding guild find ever more ethical than their Gnomish allies..

This Project is Completed