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A moment in time

A moment in time

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About the Project

This is my entry into the Space Hulk Challenge. The main challenge for me is getting it finished in the time allowed.

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The moment is captured

Tutoring 4
Skill 3
Idea 3
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Time is in really short supply for me, so I have had to fit this in as and when I can, and haven’t been able to document things quite the way I like to, however, here is where I am.

After I had the basic colours done, I gloss varnished both models and then used army painter quickshade washes, a mic of brown and red for the terminator and black for the tyranid.

The reason I put gloss down first is that it makes washes flow better, getting into the detail without leaving those awkward stains on flat areas that you often get. I also wanted the tyranid to have a gloss finish, like a beetle or similar in real life.

I also added some text to the marine’s scrolls. Good painters paint these on, but my hands are nowhere near steady enough, so I use a o.o5mm pen, it makes it an easy job. A pic of the one I use with a couple of images of the terminator below.



Then I had to put them into place. I added yellow wash to tint the lebses on the wall lights so that the light source is clearer, then cut away the fixed base of the space hulk termi, and carefully positioned both models.


This is the result.

At the moment, I am debating thinning down a mix of black and blue ink to add real darkness to the two models, and using yellow ink to highlight the small areas the light is catching them, but as time is short on the competition I’m not sure I will get chance to do it soon enough.


Thanks for looking!

Some progress at last!

Tutoring 2
Skill 2
Idea 2
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So, as the description of this project hints, this is a busy time of year for me work wise, so I’m struggling to get anything done.

However, I finally found some time to get the rest of the colours on the minis. Normally when doing a project I like to take a lot of photos and do a running commentary, but I have to apologize for just giving the basics here, as I’m doing a bit of painting in the odd half hour when I get chance, so don’t get an opportunity to photo every bit of progress.

The models still look a little flat, I haven’t had chance to add highlights to everything yet, and I will add varnish and a wash to add depth once that is complete.

However, I think the set up with the corridor shows the final result I am going for a little better.


Thanks for looking!

Setting the Scene

Tutoring 2
Skill 2
Idea 1
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Still struggling for hobby time, so my minis look the same as they did last entry, however, thanks to the wonders of airbrushes, I have managed to get the basics of my corridor all finished.

Spaceship corridors are metal, at least, in my head space hulk corridors are anyway, and there is no better way to represent metal than using Alclad lacquer paints.  So, to paint the corridor I started off with their gloss black primer, which helps give the metal coats their shine. Then I used Alclad gunmetal, a dark metallic that has a hint of purple in it when you see it on the glass of the bottle it comes in. I used that to represent the darkness the genestealer will be emerging from.

I then used a colour called gold titanium to show the lighter areas. In both the wall and the door bulkhead, there are moulded in lights, so I have used those as the light source of the piece. The terminator will be positioned in the light, with the genestealer coming out of the dark areas.

I have to do a bit of brushwork here to create the off white/yellow lights themselves, and perhaps add some ink to add depth to the lighted parts, but hopefully this gives a better image of what I am trying to achieve.

Some colour

Tutoring 5
Skill 5
Idea 5
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I actually managed to get some hobby time today.


Starting with the minis themselves, I wanted to get the base colours down so I can get on with this project.

Genestealer – A mix of Game Air Imperial Blue and Black, with highlights to show me where the light should be hitting it done in a mix of Imperial Blue and Wolf Grey.

Blood Angel – Italian Red from the model air range, and yellow ink to highlight.


Next is some brushwork, get these done, and then to paint a corridor that brings it to life.


The Idea

Tutoring 1
Skill 4
Idea 9
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So, having been busy recently I have been struggling to find any hobby time. I haven’t even finished the Warlord Titan I bought on release day yet!

But, the thing I love about the competitions and challenges here is that they make me find a bit of time to do something, and this one is no different.

My idea is to recreate a scene from the game, I have played space hulk since the first release, still have it. I don;t have the latest version, but I did buy a few of the Blood Angel minis off eBay, to be part of my own army. I don’t know about anyone else, but I buy lots of things that end up in the to-do pile and then get forgotten. So, this is the perfect time to use one of them!

Here I’m using a thunder hammer guy, I think the character is Gideon in the boxed game, and I’m using a combination of the GW industrial terrain and some bulkhead parts that I think are from the Necromunda box to create the corridor.

Just planning it out at the moment, so everything here is just white tacked together. I am going to try to play with light a bit to create something with some visual interest. Not entirely sure what yet, I’ll experiment as I go. I think I will ad a wall behind the terminator too, maybe a door section but this is kind of what I am looking to build.


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