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Strontium Dog Battle Reports

Strontium Dog Battle Reports

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About the Project

I have recently got into Warlord Games Strontium Dog Miniatures game. I am a 2000ad fan so I am really enjoying making my own stories on the tabletop and I hope you enjoy reading about them.

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SD Agents vs Wasteland Gangers

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I set up a little solo game this morning to try out some of my homebrewed Wasters using some kitbashed 40k minis vs Johnny Alpha, Wulf Sternhammer and Gronk!

I decided to do a version of the first scenario in the scenario book you get in The Good, The Bad & The Mutie starter box.  The Wasters were standing guard of their hideout when Johnny and his crew ambush them and try and take them out.

The wasters were set up and I randomly determined which table edge Johnny, Wulf and Gronk would come from.  In the first turn the Wasters had a feeling that there were someone sneaking up on them so slowly moved towards the side the SD agents would come from…apart from one who had no idea and wondered into the Solar Panels to see what was going on.

After a while Johnny and Wulf sprung out and opened fire on the Waster leader and the guard with the heavy weapon in the tower,  not really doing much damage.   Johnny got riddled with fire from the guard tower,  becoming injured and pinned behind the barrier.   In a panic Gronk followed up behind,  hoping to heal up his friends!

In the 2nd turn,  Johnny managed to hunker down and heal up, then take out the Waster leader with his blaster!

The Wasters were not happy with this and blasted at him with everything they could wounding him again!  The Waster with a shotgun moved up to try and avenge the dead leader and finally take Johnny Alpha out.  Johnny Alpha being the highly skilled SD agent he managed to dodge out of the way of his incoming fire and duck behind the barrier with his pal Gronk!

Gronk being the skilled medic he is,  healed Johnny.  He was ready for action again!

As Johnny was about to jump back into the firefight he noticed the Wulf Sternhammer had flown into a rage and charged into a nearby Waster taking him out with one blow of his trusty “happy stick”.  The Viking how had a taste for blood and instantly charged the Waster with a shotgun, again taking him out with one blow!

Game ove,  the SD Agents take the victory!

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