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Space Hulk Using Dwarven Forge Fantasy Tiles

Space Hulk Using Dwarven Forge Fantasy Tiles

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About the Project

So to celebrate my love of Space Hulk, I decided to do something a bit off the reservation. I am creating a Space Hulk game using ONLY tiles from the Dwarven Forge Dungeons of Doom Kickstarter and using the rules for Space Hulk, but inserting fantasy oriented minis from Age of Sigmar. The goal is the change the entire aesthetic but not change the gameplay. Use of doors, hallways, rooms, etc, and substituting the Space Marines for Stormcast Eternals, and the Genestealers for any number different models, like Khorne, Skaven, or Ironjaws, or Nurgle, whatever. Any could fit the scene. Its the same game, just a different feel. The table in the starter pic is the first leg, but there's 4-5x as many for various layouts and room/hallway options, with some slight modifications such as elevation with bridges for example. NOTE: My profile name is pronounced M-C-ONE-Gamer ;)

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Space Hulk using Dwarven Forge Fantasy Tiles

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Same Space Hulk Rules, just using Stormcast Eternals as Terminators, etc