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Avernos, The 8th Army

Avernos, The 8th Army

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About the Project

This is a companion to the Desert Squirrel project where I talk about building a German Bolt Action army from the ground up. In this project I'll be switching sides to the British 8th Army and again starting with the core box and making a 1000 point list, going through the build and painting side and once completed how to expand it to 1500 points.

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The 8th Army

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the only time British tankers enjoyed the only time British tankers enjoyed "brewing up"

Once again my initial list is 1000 points and based on the Operation Lightfoot list from the Armies of Great Britain book. It seems that the north African lists in the books allow you to field lists at a lower model count than the specific Western Desert Campaign book, albeit without some of the bells and whistles. I like this as it means you can get a force up and running faster and then swap over to the campaign book once you’ve got the rest painted up.

what's in the boxwhat's in the box

So once again we’re faced with a mixture of plastic, resin and metal. Let’s break it down the army box contains 30 plastic infantry with assorted options, bells and whistles. A metal command blister, with officer, NCO, medic and radio operator. A metal vickers machine gun. Humber armoured car and 2 resin Valentines.