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Sub Terra

Sub Terra

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Project Blog by d2painterth

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About the Project

Miniatures from Sub Terra Boardgame. They are add-on for the game. Most of people use the meeples, but I am Miniature Lover. The miniature size is smaller than 28 mm. This project is quite slow cause it is not the main project for me in 2019.

This Project is On Hold

All core box

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Art DesignArt Design

Sorry that I shot not photo in the face clearly.

Face and skin tone:  I used the Vallejo Dark Flesh as a base and highlight with mix of basic skin and then mix of the light fresh on the edges.  Wash with Nuln oil (Not in the picture) for deepening the shadow.

Hair: I used Scale75 and highlighted with a mix of Purity White.

Purple: I used Scale75 Endaldil Violet for base Glaze with Decay Black.  I mixed the Scale75 Decay Black with many levels to different items.  Then, I highlighted with a mix of Scale75 for Layer and Edge.

Robe: I decided to make it brighter than the art.  I think the robe should be easy to see in the dark.  It should be white or fluorescent color, not grey. So, I decided to paint with Grey and highlight with white.

Bag: I used the Scale75 Borch Chestnut and highlight with mix of white.

Hook: I used the Metal with Vallejo White Aluminum to make it bright.

OSL: I used Glaze Scale75 Murdock Yellow

Team Leader, Amirah Malik

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Paint Info

Green Overcoat: I based with the Scale75 Merm Green and Glaze the shadow with Scale75 Bloodlust Crimson mixed with Scale75 Decay Black.  Edge highlight with mix of Merm Green and Purity White

Gloves and Boots: I mixed the Merm Green with Decay Black and highlight with mix of Purity white

Trousers: I used Vallejo Heavy Brown for the base, and Glazed the shadow with Purity black and Highlight with the mix of Heavy Brown and white

Bag: I used Scale75 Negro Grey with the mixed of Vallejo Heavy Brown for the base and glaze the shadow with black, then Highlight with a mix of white

Phone, Belt: I used the Negro Grey and highlight with the mix of white.

OSL: I used the glaze with Scale75 Marduk Yellow on the light and glaze to the font.  I used the white glaze on the right side to simulate the light from the cell phone.

Kate O'Reilly Scout

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Kate O'ReillyKate O'Reilly
Color ListColor List

The miniature of this game is not well produced.   The detail of face is not good and not well manufactured.   By the way, I tried to make the best that I can.

Basic Spray Priming with Black and White focus to make the face more clearly.

Face and skin tone:  I used the Vallejo Dark Flesh as a base and highlight with mix of basic skin and then mix of the light fresh on the edges.  Wash with Nuln oil (Not in the picture) for deepening the shadow.  I painted makeup with a glaze of Scale75 Ishtar Pink on the lip and eyes shadow.

Tattoo: It is very small to paint the same tattoo pattern as the artwork, so I used the Scale75 Decay Black to freehand the skull and dotted eyes with basic skin tone.

Black Leather Trousers, Shoes, and Bag: I used Scale75  Negro Grey and Scale75 Mishatonic Grey for the edges, then washed with Nuln Oil.

Brown Leather shirt: I used Scale75 Bosh Chestnut for the base color and highlight with the mix of white

Purple Pink Hair: I used a mix of Scale75 Violet and Ishtar Pink, and the highlight with the mix of white, then make the reflection of light with Scale Purity White.  The side short hair, I glazed the Ishtar pink mix with Vallejo Basic skin.

OSL: I created the light effect from the flashlight by drafting the color from the trousers to the stone with grey and white, then glaze with Scale75 Murduk Yellow

Stone Base: I painted with Negro Grey and dry brushed with Scale75 Mishatonic Grey, then washed with a mix of Citadel Nuln Oil and Agrax Earthshade Gross.



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Horror AHorror A
Horror BHorror B

It is quick and easy paint

  1. Wash with Scale Tinderos Red
  2. Glaze the legs and tale with Eldadil Scale 75 Violet (Not in the picture) and Arithod Blue
  3. Wash with Tinderos Red mix with Negro Grey
  4. Dry Brush with Moonray Flesh
  5. Base the stone base with Negro Black and wash with Citadel Agrax Earthshade Gloss

Zenithal Priming

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I used the spray can matt black to all the area the matt white on top as normal.

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