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Hold Until Relieved. Hold Until Relieved.

Hold Until Relieved. Hold Until Relieved.

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About the Project

So - I hit a *ahem* significant birthday recently and some of my friends were going to buy me gift vouchers for Warlord but instead just gave me some cash but with a very specific instruction that it had to be spent on Panzers - and definitely not on sensible things like food or the mortgage!! Though to be honest I already have a decent collection of tanks and since they're not *that* expensive I don't mind spending my own money to get more ... So .. in the spirit if not the letter of the promise, I bought myself something that I've desired for a long time but could not justify spending my own money on cause it's just a bit insane! The Longest Day is probably my favourite WW2 movie, and one of my favourite scenes is the assault on Pegasus Bridge. So I bought myself ... fricking Pegasus Bridge v2. from Warlord. This box is insane. Knowing how slow I build and paint, I'm going to give myself a year to complete this whole project. Have until my next birthday to get everything built and painted. So let's get this underway ....

This Project is Active

Remember the Poles!

Tutoring 3
Skill 2
Idea 4

So as I said in a previous post, I wasn’t totally happy with how the telegraph poles turned out. With just one loose point of contact it didn’t seem very secure, also after the PVA dried, the base was just very slightly warped. Finally, I just didn’t really like how they looked.

Remember the Poles!

Now I might have just been watching too main Terrain Tutor videos of late, but I had it in my head it could be just a little better. I thought if it had a second base just slightly larger than the original, it would remove the warping and stability issues and also just look better.

So I took a couple of the spare MDF sprues and, using the straight corners where possible I cut out two squares just slightly larger than the base. I just used a Stanley knife for this, then slightly beveled the edges and rounded the corners just a little. I didn’t want exact straight corners but also didn’t want them to be as rounded as the original base.

Remember the Poles!

Finally I glued these to the original base, clamped them down with clothes pegs and when it was dry gave it a spray of AP Uniform Grey. It’s definitely solved the warping and stability issues and I think it just looks better! Let me know what you think about this!!

Remember the Poles!

Total Progress so far

Tutoring 0
Skill 5
Idea 5
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Just took a quick pic to show how much I’ve got built and primed so far. Just the Germans and the actual bridge left to build and then it’s on to painting!

So far so good. So far so good!So far so good. So far so good!

Un café Monsieur?

Tutoring 5
Skill 7
Idea 5
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So I was a bit fed up with building little tiny men so for the next step I decided to get cracking with Café Gondrée. This piece came in 4 A4 sheets of MDF. First step was to get the ground floor interior walls glued down and the chimney sides added.

Next up the outside walls and the mid section.

Mistake: So here’s where I made my first mistake. So – it goes without saying you should read all the instructions before tackling a build like this (which I did!) but you should also actually understand what those instructions mean for different parts of the build! So the next step of the build is to insert the card details for the windows on the inside of the walls. In order to do that you actually have to have a gap for the card to go into! As you can see from the photo below I put the inside wall a bit too close to the window side and further away from the enclosed side. To be honest – when I was building it, I was tempted to try and glue the inside walls to the outside cause I thought it would make the structure a bit more stable – but the gap was too big and I was a little confused!

As it was I ended up having to get out the craft knife and a small file to slice down the side close to the windows just so I could slide down the card insert. In fact I had to put a fresh blade on my knife just to get it smoothed down!

Messed up here - need a slice down the right hand side to slide in the card insert.Messed up here - need a slice down the right hand side to slide in the card insert.

On with the roof! Fairly straightforward.

Tip: So I’ve found with building sloped roofs, one side is slightly wider than the other. I’ve found that it’s always better to put the wider side on first, then the narrower side can slip in easily and glue to the leading edge of the wide side.

There was a small gap either side of the gable end roof so I took some green stuff, rolled it into a sausage – pressed it into the gaps, took the excess off with a craft knife and smoothed it down with a wet finger.

Final step on this build was to glue on the outside shutters and give the whole thing a prime in AP Skeleton Bone.

There was one final piece on the sprue that confused me a little bit! There is absolutely nothing in the instructions about and initially I though it might be some sort of outside drainpipe or guttering. Did a bit of googling and image searches and eventually worked out it was the 2 telegraph poles that come with the kit!

Even then I was a bit confused. There were 2 bases and 2 straight pieces. It looked to me like the 2 straight pieces should be glued together to fit into the base – but I couldn’t find 2 more straight pieces! I went back through all the empty sprues to make sue I didn’t miss anything. Eventually after looking at more images from the Warlord site it looked like the poles were just 1 straight MDF piece with the 2 cardboard detail sides added. So I glued the details on and added them to the base. It worked on but it was still a little bit loose – and with only one contact point for a tall piece – after gluing with the usual PVA, I also drizzled some superglue around the base – and once it was pretty dry I turned it upside down and put more superglue on the underside. I think hot glue probably would have worked best for this but I couldn’t find my glue gun for love nor money!

Confusing! Also getting started on my Germans in the background!Confusing! Also getting started on my Germans in the background!

On with thier Heads!

Tutoring 4
Skill 6
Idea 5
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So I started with the NCOs. Normally for my forces I choose to give all the NCO’s caps or berets and everyone else helmets – just makes them easier to pick out on the tabletop. But in this case with 3 small sections I thought for variety I’d give two berets and one a regular helmet – but with the chin strap hanging loose of course! How else could I mark him out as an NCO …? Hmmm – I’ll give him a bloody bugle!! 😀 Cause yes the sprue comes with a bugle and who doesn’t like a bugle!  Also gave Maj Howards buddy a beret cause it just seemed appropriate!

Added SMGs to the NCOs and made sure one of them was running and pointing cause everyone knows the most important job of an NCO is to point at where the enemy is at! Also added the PAIT and gave him a spare ammo bag as if he’s running to get into a new spot. I know the 2nd will probably grab the ammo bag but this is war and I’m sure these things happened!

Only the NCOs know where their head is at!Only the NCOs know where their head is at!
Coming to get you!Coming to get you!

Next up I concentrated on building up the rest of the infantry. Normally I would stick all the heads on first, but when I thought about it a bit I decided that maybe the direction of the head might depend on what they were doing – for instance if they were aiming down a rifle. So cut off a whole bunch of the arm options and started dry fitting them to the models to see what looked good.

Which arms go where!Which arms go where!

Once I was happy with a particular arm setup I glued them on. Went through that process for everyone then stuck on the heads. Slightly annoyed with myself cause I wanted to use the ‘injured head’ on at least one of the models but got carried away sticking everything together and totally forgot. No worries – no doubt I’ll expand the force at some point and I can make use of it!

Then it was on to the accessories. Again – a minor case of sprue paralysis ensued – but I ended up just clipping off a bunch of bits and dry fitting them to see what looked good. I must remember to put all the bits I didn’t use into a baggie marked ‘British Airborne’ – otherwise they’ll go into a bits box and I’ll never remeber what everything is!

Finally I gave the whole group a spray of AP Skelenton Bone. A darker tan or khaki probably would have been better but I didn’t have one so used what I had on hand. Think it should still work out ok as a solid base

Brit Building!

Tutoring 5
Skill 5
Idea 6
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So next step was to get the British Airborne built up and primed. They came on 2 sprues with 6 bodies on each. Models look great – I particularily like the fact that there 19 unique heads on each sprue so lots of ability to make each one unique!


Now I’ve built a couple of these Warlord plastic sprues before and I’m quite often struck with something I call sprue paralysis! There are just so many options you often don’t even know where to start! A big problem I always have is I’m never sure what my army composition is going to be in the end. Unlike Justin, I’m not a huge fan of list building – and I’m definitely not into building super cheesy armies or trying to game the system by say just giving all my Germans all assault rifles! I prefer a more rounded approach but when it comes to building minis it can make it a little difficult to make up your mind if you don’t have a clear plan!

Fortunatley, the scenarios that come in the box have clearly defined army lists – so no thinking required! So for the British it was,

  • Maj. Howard with one man with a rifle
  • One PIAT team of 2 men
  • 2 Infantry sections consisting of 3 men. One NCO with SMG and 2 men with a rifle
  • 1 Infantry section of 3 men. NCO with SMG and a Bren gunner and loader.

Still – to avoid the sprue paralysis I first clipped out all the bodies, glued them to bases, then decided how I wanted to model them and split up the forces.

3 Infantry sections on the right with the NCO at the front. PAIT at team in the back and Major Howards buddy running in front! 3 Infantry sections on the right with the NCO at the front. PAIT at team in the back and Major Howards buddy running in front!

Next up – on with their heads! (and other body parts!)

Bunker Building

Tutoring 7
Skill 6
Idea 6
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So the next task was to build the bunker. It came on 2 A4 sheets. First step was to put the walls together and to be honest it was a little bit fiddly. The last (and first) MDF kit I worked on had a nice click together system and held everything in place nicely. This was a little more loose. Though in retrospect I think I should have just held the pieces together a bit longer before trying to put the elastic bands round and cause everything to come apart!

The base was added next which came in 3 pieces – which is nice – think it adds a nice bit of solidaty to the piece. Then I failed to read the instuctions correctly and assmebled the stairs while I was waiting for the glue to dry on the main bunker! If I was doing it properly I would have attached the stair sides to the main building first and then added the steps. Might have made the build a little bit easier but really it wasn’t that bad!

Finally gave the whole thing a prime. I’ve been very worried about painting MDF before (this is my first attempt). I’ve read all sorts of advice from washing it with watered down PVA to just spraying it to going straight in with house paints. It’s a minefield – and any more advice on what to do with MDF is welcome in the comments!

I didn’t really want this project to my first experiment with MDF put since @oriskany (cheers mate) shortened my deadline by 6 months by pointing out that June would mark the 75th anniversary of Pegasus Bridge and that would be a pretty good deadline to meet – I thought to hell with it. So I first tested my spray can on a waste bit of sprue and it seemed to go ok. So then I gave the bunker a prime of AP Skelenton Bone. After the first spray I decided to give it a 2nd coat – some of it seemed to soak in a little bit and just going on instinct I thought it needed the 2nd coat. Again advice welome. Remebering a tip I picked up from either the Terrain Tutor or Lukes APS on the YouTubes (maybe both!) – I rememberd to also prime the bottom so moisture cant soak in from there! Fairly happy with the results so far. To be honest – I’d be happy putting a wash on it and throwing it on the table!


Bunker Building

While I was at it I went ahead and primed up the AT emplacement and the sandbags in AP Uniform Grey and Skelenton Bon respectively.

Bunker Building

Next up … the Brits! 🙂

Heavy Metal!

Tutoring 8
Skill 9
Idea 11

So first point of business, I thought I’d start on the metal minis. This consists of Maj. John Howard, an MG42 team and a KwK 39 anti-tank gun.

To be honest the MG team was a pain in the *** to put together. I had to bend the tripod into shape a couple of times to get it to sit right and to fit into the model. Eventually after trying to glue it to the base I had to bend it one more time and the tripod support broke off. So I had to glue that back on, let it cure – then try to glue the gun in place then try and put the tripod into place on the base. Eventually I think I got everything the way I wanted but it was a bit of a pain.

Heavy Metal!

The anti-tank gun was a bit more straightforward to build – but I made a bit of a mistake at the start – by force of habit I glued the support crew to their own bases – Then I realised I wanted the gun and crew to fit into the supplied emplacement  – I’ll probably glue them in there permanently I think – but when they’re on bases they don’t fit so it was back out with the clippers, knife and file to remove the bases.

Final metal piece was Maj. Howard. Not much needing done here – just his arm glued on.

I primed all the German minis in Army Painter Uniform Grey and Howard in AP Army Green.



Tutoring 5
Skill 2
Idea 13

So just got this amazing set. Time to open her up and take a look at what’s inside.

This thing is freaking insane. As well as a replica of the bridge (which is 15 A2 sheets of laser cut MDF – Fifteen!), there’s 24 German Grenadiers, 12 British Airborne, Major John Howard, an AT gun, MG42 team, a bunker, AT emplacement, sandbags and a replica of Café Gondrée – the first building to be liberated on D-Day and where I had a very nice glass of wine a few years ago! 🙂

Like I said in the introduction, I’m giving myself a whole year to get this project finished – so time to get cracking …