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Al’beric Nelynóna Peredhlas – Half-Elf Warlock (Dungeons & Dragons 5e)

Al’beric Nelynóna Peredhlas – Half-Elf Warlock (Dungeons & Dragons 5e)

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About the Project

This project is to chronicle my character in our current campaign of Dungeons & Dragons 5e. I will try to include most every aspect of my character, such as backstory, character build, his adventures, and hopefully, work on a miniature representing him on the tabletop.

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Al'beric Nelynóna Peredhlas' backstory (in-game)

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Al’beric Nelynóna Peredhlas is the thirdborn son of Lord Peredhlas. Knowing he wouldn’t inherit much of note, Al’beric felt his time under father’s roof would be best spent enjoying the finer things in life, curtesy of father’s money. Al’beric was well-known, and well-liked, in the best taverns in Buxton’s Crossing for both his wit and gold. This was much to father’s dismay, as he felt Al’beric’s exploits ill-suited the family name. When a border dispute broke out with a neighbouring baron, Lord Peredhlas saw his chance to teach his youngest son some discipline. A word in the right ear, and some gold into the right hands, soon saw Al’beric gaining command of a small force, sent to solve this dispute. A command for which the thirdborn son of Lord Peredhlas was not prepared for. Having no knowledge of tactics, and even less of war, Al’beric saw his men slaughtered around him. As he himself tried to flee the battlefield, the young nobleman was struck through by a spear, and fell to the ground, bleeding to death. With the screams of the men who had followed him into battle all around him, Al’beric embraced the cold and silence he thought death would bring. Though the darkness was cold, it was not completely silent. In the void, something whispered to him. It promised him his life back, if only he would but enter into a pact with this entity. Fearing death, Al’beric agreed, and opened his eyes upon the mortal realms once more.

With the guilt over the life of his men weighing on him, and the shame his actions has brought upon his family, Al’beric has taken up a life of adventuring, seeking to atone. And even though it may seem he takes refuge in old comforts too, he always feels the coldness on the inside. And the whisper, which he thought he left behind in the void, has returned…

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