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Da Gloomspite Gitz

Da Gloomspite Gitz

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Project Blog by teddymademedoit

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About the Project

I've started this blog to track the progress of my Gloomspite Gitz army as a test out what I like and don't like as I look to create a list I like as I go along. I'm mainly a painter and collector so this will mostly includes progress with the minis themselves but also some scenery to go along with the army to theme a table when I do get to play. I'd love to eventually put up some battle reports too but one step at a time....

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The Loonshrine is a must for any Gloomspite army so where else is better to start.  In gameplay it gives us some great buffs for bravery and of course the infamous respawning of units but even if you weren’t interested in that it’s just a great piece to put down on a table and make it much more Grotty….

… so the blog begins with this.


I’ve started with a basecoat of Dawnstone Grey, then added brown and black Pigments (the name labels have which have long been lost) to dull it down in places and add some shade. This was mainly around details like the chains and barnacles.

From there I added a drybrush of Dawnstone again to bring all the shading back up to the Base coat then added Administratum Grey as a highlight around the edges of the rock and a little more at the top of areas that would see more light.

For the eyes I did them as I was painting my dead of dunharrow as you can see in the picture. This was first with Incubi Darkness then warboss green and a small highlight of pallid wytchflesh. Once these were on I put on multiple glazes of waywatcher green to blend it together.

I also added a thin layer of pallid watch flesh in the cracks of the moon and lightly added and watered-down moot green to add the glow to those areas

Base Rock

For the Base rock I started with Skavenblight dinge all over, I then wet blended I line of Rhinox hide around the middle of the rock working out towards the top and bottom again with Skavenblight dinge. From there is a very light drybrush of Dawnstone picking out the edges and raised points and one more very selective drybrush of Administratum Grey to finish it off and bring it together with the top moons.



I really want the Loonshrine to be a centrepiece for my army whatever Gloomspite list I decide to play so there will be a lot more attention paid to this as the project goes on.