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Scouring Era Crusade Log – Sigismund’s Finest!

Scouring Era Crusade Log – Sigismund’s Finest!

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Greetings BoW and OTT! Holy heck I need to put myself out there! So, let's do Black Templars. Specifically a 'Scouring Era' force. It's the end of the Heresy, the Imperial Fists have been split up into chapters by decree of Guilliman. Tired with garrisoning and holding back the tide of traitors still pouring into the local systems. The loyal housecarls of Sigismund have banded together to crusade againts the enemies of the Emperor! - Sigismund's loyal Imperial Fists tired of garrisoning and holding back the traitors and their daemon ilk. - Not sure if Imperial Fists yellow will be included, but I do like the striking color. - Appaearance of chained-to-themselves weapons and Teutonic elements will start appearing, replacing the more army look of the Imperial Fists. OOP 'new but old' Rogue Trader vehicles will start appearing as replacements for the pre-heresy vehicles. BEGIN!

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Getting the crusade rolling

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Featuring a metal Dreadnought, whom will become the great, legendary Tankred! [Boom studios comics]

I’ve done small tweaks on the plastic Mk3’s to up their size, they look well among the Space Marine Heroes [blue] and a comparison with an old 90’s plastic SM.