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Infinity Yu Jing Zhanshi

Infinity Yu Jing Zhanshi

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Project Blog by shingen

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About the Project

I play Infinity for years now, and used to paint figures for that system on daily basis (usually anywhere between 80 and 120 per year). But recently I’ve relocated to the area where the game is not that popular, and in that new situation I’ve lost main driver to paint (since January, I’ve painted only one guy). So in search of additional inspiration to paint I’ve decided to try to open this project, maybe that will bring me back on track.

This Project is Active

Bases done

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The bases are done.


While works on minis themselves progress slowly (with so thin armour on them, I’ve decided to paint them all by brush only), I’ve finished the bases.

Bellow you can see some work in progress photos and a final product.

Bellow there is a reciepie, both for me to remember it and maybe for those of you who may be interested.

Bases are done completely by airbrush, I use Vallejo colours so the recipe below quotes names in that brand.

The stripes are done with:

– base: Sombre grey

– shades: Imperial blue and black,

– highlight: wolf grey and white,

There are also some glazes of turquoise here and there.


The main part of the base is done with only three colours:

–  base: Olive green,

– shade Panzer DK grey,

– highlight: Light livery green.

In the end I apply thin glaze of base colour (by airbrush).



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Next step. Priming.


Recently I’ve moved to Vallejo Mecha stuff, and have to admit I like it a lot. It sprays thin and sticks to the surface extremely well.

As you can see on the picture bellow, I went for classic zenithal priming, no much to add here.



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As title says.

Those minuters show very well recent evolution of Infinity models in regard of construction. The SWC box (HMG, Sniper, Hacker and ML) as well as the female from Red Veil are older type with fiddly joints, but the engineer and medic are true joy to assemble.

The cast quality was very good as it is usually true with Corvus Belli minis, only a bit of filing was necessary.

As you can see I’ve removed those lumps of metal from beneath of their feet as I’m going to put them on MDF bases, which by the way I’ve also prepared (glued some part, drilled holes for pinning, drilled bottoms and glued magnets bellow).


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For starters I’ve decided to catch up with my Zhanshi collection. I rarely used those guys in Vanila, but since they are also an option in new Invincible Army I see more uses for them. Additionally Yu Jing got all new support pack lately and those are very useful figures and they are based on Zhanshis design-wise. So it was only rational to add them to the project. I’ve painted two of three Zhanshis from Operation Red Veil some time ago, and added that last remaining mini as well.

This way I came to painting 7 minis:

  • Combi rifle Zhanshi
  • Mech-engineer,
  • Medic,
  • Hacker,
  • HMG,
  • Missile Launcher,
  • Multi Sniper Rifle.