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About the Project

At Salute I found a trader selling the base game of 'Tanks the Modern Age' starters for £10 a box. So went home with two boxes and some extras , for a little project I could do as the nights get lighter.

This Project is Active

The Volgan Army Grows

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Last weekend managed to get another 8 vehicles done. Volgan Skulls added, just need a bit of sand weathering and garnishing(ment varnishing but not sure I prefer that a Garnished tank salad for John perhaps)  and finished

The Volgan Army Grows
The Volgan Army Grows

Having built the 1st of Mallots Marauders , a base coat of GW standard  Grey. Nice colour.

The Volgan Army Grows
The Volgan Army Grows

For anyone wondering about the Turntable it was built by my now deceased father , I have no idea what he intended for , but I found it in his work garage and have used it for base spraying ever since.

Salute purchase finished Yeahee!

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Finally finished everything from Salute, Later models have been painted as well for 1st game below , but this has to be a 1st for me, I still have unpainted stuff from previous Salutes !

Salute purchase finished Yeahee!
Salute purchase finished Yeahee!
Salute purchase finished Yeahee!
Salute purchase finished Yeahee!

Part 4 Adding Mercenaries and WW2 equipment

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As briefly mentioned in part 2 I recently watched the two lets play videos that John and Justin did for Leopard week for Team Yankee and thought that the German equipment look nice, but how was I going to shoehorn into my little Fictional Universe….. I’ve already moved half the far east into the med so would it be much more of a stretch to add mercenary tank regiments?

At that point I suddenly remembered ‘Hammers Slammers’ and some of the ideas I had for developing Mercenary units for that and decided to reach forward in time and introduce my own version of the Hammer’s , Mallots Mangler’s ( at the time a press nickname for a unit they saw as very similar to the famous Hammer’s) so now Mallot’s Marauders have been born.

I know have an excuse to add German kit to the mix so:

With the German Leopards standing in for the Blowers in the Hammers books, I can revert to M113 ACAV’s which the books Combat cars were based on. Israeli jeeps from Oil wars can take on the role of the Hover jeeps in the book.

For those not in the know David Drakes ‘Hammers Slammers’ were a series of mainly short stories that he set in a sci fi universe, but in many ways were a way of writing about his experiences in Vietnam as a Intelligence officer in the Black Horse Cavalry  (11th armoured Cavalry Regiment)one of the few totally regular army units deployed in Vietnam 1966 to 1972



Mallot’s Maruader’s

This unit began as a national unit for Malayana  a large island peninsula in the far east part of the Malaysian island chains, Although it gained independence it still was dominated by the ex-Dutch colonists from Hollands old island empire. It had escaped the various communist uprising problems of its neighbours until the fall of Saigon in 1975 , aided by Vietnam its various communist group began to plot to seize control of the country.

The national army although reasonably well equipped was ill prepared to fight the insurgency ,it officer corps being riddled with political appointees , based on family influence more that military skill. For 12 months it failed to gain any headway against the rebels and had suffered heavy Casualties and moral was suffering.

The decision was made to hire outside mercenaries into the army with sufficient experience to deal with problem, equipping them with some of the older armies equipment.  Put under command of one of the few officers in the army who had reached his rank on merit rather than family connections.

Adam Mallet a major was the son of an English Plantation manager brought int to improve productivity in the late 50’s.

His lack of family influence was considered a bonus for running the unit, plus he didn’t see it as a step down , which was the opinion of most of the officer class.

Left pretty much to his own devices Mallet recruited German/Dutch/American etc ex soldiers plus many unemployed Europeans looking for excitement in a foreign land. Under the influence of the former the unit  made up of armoured combat teams began to develop into a well trained and led force that was able to take the battle to the rebels, thought not always with what were considered ethical means by the world press.

Within 12 months the ‘Marauders ‘ as they had been nicknamed had pretty much destroyed the insurgents much to the annoyance of most of the regular Malyana officer corps. Not only the Government would soon have to honour many of the promises given to the units recruits on enlistment, offers it didn’t intend to honour.

Using the many accusations of atrocities that had been levelled by the world press at the unit, it was intended to disband the unit arresting most of it and Mallot for war crimes. Unfortunately for them Mallot had developed a very good intelligence unit who got wind of the plan and a month before the impending action he secretly hired foreign freighters and under the cover of combat casualties moved much of the unit to a secret location known only to himself and his new foreign employer. The loses were not questioned as the Government and army just saw it as one less problem and the losses could be added to Mallot’s charges.

A parade had been organised by the Government to honour its ‘heroes’ with where the unit was go into fur low for rest and recuperation , in order to draw as much of away from its equipment before the arrests began. Mallot was able to infiltrate some of his ‘casualties into the troops arranging the parade route, and a route was cordoned off too the docks to allow his remaining men to quickly move to the awaiting freighters . The island had very little naval forces that could prevent their departure a what there was had been secretly sabotaged in the proceeding week ,plus hidden wpns had been places on the decks of the freighters  in question prior to departure.

On the day of the parade, Mallot with a cable of his best officers met at the official receiving podium and as his own security detachment drove past  a prearranged signal was given and the president and most of the Islands army officer were rounded up under armed guard and securely locked up , preventing any organised resistance. By the time the leaderless local army units realised what had happened and managed to unlock their hapless leaders Mallot and his remaining troops had embarked and were leaving the harbour under the escort of a two Frigates of the Navy of their new employer who had just ‘happened’ to be on a good will visit.

This new employer just happened to be Mercia for Who Mallot was to work for covertly on many occasions .

Over the next 15 years small company size units of the Mallots have fought in numerous bush wars all over the world and have gained a reputation as an elite unit for dealing as a fire brigade in many of the world trouble spots if not always acting in what the press would consider ethical ways!

The Marauders had been re-hired by the Mercians some 6 months before the Volgan incursion on Dunheep, and had undertaken intense training to prepare for a more conventional war as post of their recent experience had been in low level counter insurgency, which had included playing the Volgan’s in Wargames with the Mercian Regiments and visa versa.




Initially the unit was equipped with M48 Pattons and M113 ACAV’s as the main army re-equipped with Leopard 1’s though still retain the M113’s (though they were considering purchasing  British Warriors) their success in anti-insurgency campaigns meant they jumped up the food chain and gained around 36 by the time of their departure.

Right from their early days they were formed into mixed squadron  fire teams, consisting  of  a scout troop or armoured cars or light tanks, a troop of tanks, a platoon infantry and a troop of supporting mortats principly M106 mortar carriers , able to act a semi autonomous unit, though any part could be attached with similar units into temporary battalions as the need arise.

5 Squadrons are currently on the roster, with remaining troops of armour rotated as a reserve or under maintenance at any one time .

The tank troops are made up predominately still of Leopard 1’s though 16 have been replaced with Leopard 2’s as lucrative contracts allowed for their purchase.

The infantry is still in M113 ACAV’s although uprated to the latest models.A couple of Australian FSV have recently been added to the inventory

Artillery is provided by M109’s,  AA by Rolands

Air support is mainly Gazelle Helicopters though a couple of Cobras have been added to inventory from Mercia


Unit colours

Still thinking about this but might keep the idea from Hammers Slammers and paint them a base grey with some sort of camo over to, may reverse the scheme used on Mercian equipment below,

For infantry will probably stick to the The Israeli idea


Know how do I put Merkavas into the mix?

#Answer With my own little war in early 1990’s I now see the idea developing into almost a modern wars version of ‘Hammers Slammers’, so following that another Unit from my Hammers Slammers ‘into the Mercian Sector’ may appear based on my invented ‘East Riding Constabulary ‘. though possibly with a more Israeli type influence.

I do have considerable kit for it in 28mm but always thought that maybe I should have gone 15mm , but really couldn’t justify even to myself having it in both scales, so………..


World War 2

On a whim I decided to look through boxes of Flames of war and PSC 15mm vehicles I had brought a couple of years ago, as I remembered building JS11’s and KV 85’s, as of yet I have not found them , but did find 2 boxes of unbuilt vehicles principally a Box of SU100’s and T34’s. ( Then on tidying up the mess the day after a box of Js2’s were found!!!!!)Now one of the advantages of your own little world setting is you can add these to the mix .

Tanks modern uses the same 4 basic stats as tanks but they are not cross compatible so I have had to amend the Tanks stats to fit :







Part 4 Adding Mercenaries and WW2 equipment
Part 4 Adding Mercenaries and WW2 equipment
Part 4 Adding Mercenaries and WW2 equipment

Above are basic will do , so with the mechanics sorted how to fit them in.


The Volgan Megalo Pavlo Tank School

Set up in haste in 1974 following the Turkish Invasion of Cyprus , the Soviet Union sent over a 10 world war 2 vintage model T34’s and SU100’s (and now JS2’s!!!!) that had been sitting in an old warehouse to provide training tanks to train Volgan crews, whilst all the more modern stock were readied for front line use.

It says a lot for Soviet wartime tank design and the Volgan maintenance that these tanks were still operational given the ill treatment meted out them by the various recruits when they were suddenly thrust into the war with Mercia.

The Battle of μαρμελάδα μαρμελάδας (Marmelada Marmeladas)

Mercian Intelligence had broken Volgan codes and had become vary aware of the plan to draw Mercian Forces on to the Island of Dunheep so that their force could cross the narrow strait between their two islands. Consulting with Mallot a bold plan was developed.

The Volgan War plan had always relied on the Marauders not being in the Peninsula and under Mercian Contract at the time of the war. They felt that any Diversionary attack on Dunheep would be met by the Marauders and would not draw Mercia’s own army from its Western border. They were delighted to hear through their spy network that Mallot had received a new contract and they watched his unit embark on freighters ostensibly for counter insurgency operations in South America.

In fact the Maruaders had merely moved to a location off the islands and waited for their opportunity. Waiting till most of the Volgans forces either involved in the Invasion of Dunheep or mustered for the Invasion of Mercian they moved towards Volga’s northern coast. Much to Volgans suprise the Mercian Guards launched an attack on the deploying Volgan units in  the south partly to break up Volgan preparations but also as a Diversion as the Marauders stormed ashore to the north.

Never planned as a full blooded invasion , The Marauders intended to move quickly through the northern areas of Volga, causing as much damage as possible to the countries infrastructure and any military forces left garrisoning these areas. In addition they were to probe towards the capitol and cause enough panic maybe enough to sue foe peace or at least  to force the Volgans to rush forces northward which could be destroyed in detail as they fell back to to their landing ships.

As they moved South one of the prime targets was the Megalo Pavlov Tanks School, and Two squadrons moved in a pincer move to destroy it facilities.

Xovtpo Youpovi  the latest commandant of the school,  facing the thought of being captured by the evil Mallot fed on the patriotic ferver of his trainees , extolling them to mount up in there trainee tanks , defend their school, and drive off the capitalist mercenary pigs , whilst he slunk away in his staff car. At fever pitch the various student rushed to their ageing trainee tanks(now includsing JS2’s!) and drove off to what is many is still considered one of the most out matched battles of the war.

The Marauders A squadron was approaching the old mine at  Marmelada Marmeladas when their scout Gazelle spotted the approaching column from Megalo Pavlov, many units would have been surprised by these ancient relics, but the Marauders had been engaged and hurt more than once by old weapons in their years in counterinsurgency an were not about to misjudge the threat they could be despite their, age, and they deployed immediately in the columns path whilst calling on the converging C Squadron with their older Leopard 1’s to come if from the columns rear whilst they held them from the front with the heavier Leopard 2’s.

Part 3 The 1st scenario

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With the above background written it was easy to put context to the 1st meeting encounter game for the group:


After a brief but bloody fight a Volgan armoured group has beaten of the 1st initial defence by Dunheeps miltia’s and is advancing into the hinterland of the island along the main island East West highway and is about to enter the area of a small tractor repair faciltity and coal depot at Denechoidea where two important cross roads are located . Unfortunately a small holding force has been put together by the Mercians and is approaching the depot from the opposite direction:

Volgan Forces

2x T64 tanks

2x T55M tanks

1x BMP1

1x BMP2



1x M1a1 tank

1x M1 tank

2x M901 ATV

1x Hmmv with TOW

I got a few shots of game but was busy umpiring and running rules so didnt record a blow by blow but

The Volgans sent their armour up the main road and were immedialty engaged by both the Abrams and M901’s forcing them to go to ground.

Volgans take coverVolgans take cover
Mercian responseMercian response
Bmp' s attempt to outflankBmp' s attempt to outflank
(A)oop!s Mericans in wait(A)oop!s Mericans in wait
M1 viewM1 view

The BMPS split up and tried to advance up the flanks, the BM2 got bogged downt trying to move through the Tractor factory but the BMP1 quickly dispatched the HMMV before it could engage them. In the meanwhile the tow T64’s becam the main focus of the rest of the Mercian force, with one being pounded to scrap, only damaging one of the ATV’s forcing it to take cover in response.

Keithski the Volgan commander decided to be bold and try and overwhelm the by now well entrenched Mercians and attempted to advance , by the time he had reached the position in the 1st picture above , he had all of his tanks hit and down to half hull for token damage on the Mercians and decided to withdraw ( it was home time and the group wanted to go back to the main game of Kill Team Space Hulk which we have been playing for weeks)

What  next

Well the stage has been set for a rematch from above, the Volgans will obviously want to attack again and the Mercians will want to respond with whatever forces can reach the area. So a need to do a reinforcements table for boths sides (dependant on my painting shedule).

Part 2 Why!

Tutoring 3
Skill 3
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Why ?

For those of you wondering why I have gone to the trouble of the above for what is a quick skirmish game.

Well apart from the reasons in initial intro to this project, I am the one that generally has to write my groups game scenarios and a so having the above little world to work in  will help in setting the scene not only in the players mind but also as a aid to myself. Is something I’ve done for more than one Sci- fi game to give character to the army’s I have built, in the Hammers Slammers I wrote histories for the various forces particularly my own version of Hammer’s  unit ‘Mallets Manglers’s and their Rivals the ‘East Riding Constabulary’ who developed a very much more British slant on the Universe. Likewise in Battletech my own Mercenary Regiment the ‘Knights Mercian’ (see a theme here) with their back story to their origins as a Star League Striker Regiment.

No I admit there is so much handwavium (I’m currently hovering off the ground) to this setting at the moment, but as I paint and build the models new ideas will flow, help to some extent by having a sky mini box in the games room as  the documentary channel on whilst painting. The description of Dunheep had to change from the original after I set out 1st table to help it fit the terrain I had in 15mm!

Another idea I’m currently thinking about is adding French Equipment to the Volgans to help flesh them out from the almost totally tank orientated structure I have in my growing collection of models

In addition it does let me paint the models in my own colour schemes.

Update 15/5/19  Adding Mercs

Last night I watched the 2nd let’s play of the OTT Leopard Team Yankee week, and even though they lost liked John’s West Germans, so how to fit them in.

They don’t fit really with Volgans, and the Mercians would end up with a logistical nightmare if they had American, British, and German, so thought  mercs poossibly , I had mentioned them briefly in background , but how to fit them in given how expensive they are . So decided to pinch an idea and put ‘Hammers Slammers’ in a modern war setting (not sure if going for that or my own Mallot’s Mangler’s votes below) . I Shall be adding them to part one soon.



Part 2 Why!
Part 2 Why!

For the Volgans I have stayed pretty much with a basic Soviet style scheme , model needs finishing but picture gives idea. Worked on idea that they kept scheme as they new their initial campaign would be on the Temperate Dunheep Island. Will be putting the skull insignia on them later from The Mordecie legion  I had left on finishing my 1st Titan maniple.

For those interested in how did above,

Sprayed Army painter Army Green

Black washed GW Nuln Oil

Dry brushed back over initially Army painter Army Green then lightened it and lightly brushed again,

Post markings and detail with weather with army painter Desert Sand

Part 2 Why!
Part 2 Why!

To make the Mercian’s easy to differentiate I initially went for a GW spray Zandri Dust, which gave a suprisingly pleasing dark desert shade.

I then washed in Anthrax Earthshade, dry brushing above again over the top

As a total trial I then dry  brushed at 1st lightly but harder as it began to take effect Partisan Press Greatcoat grey , then went over the middle with Nuln oil to get above camouflage effect , Reminds me of something no doubt John will tell me.

Rationale (handwavium) for camo is that its is Standard Mercian for the more Sandy Mediterranean  nature of their home island Defence force, rapid deployment to defend their interests on Dunheep had caught them on the hoo with no time to review or amend scheme (plus Bob thinks it looks cool and is easy to do)

Team Yankee/IABSM cold war expansion

Already I’m looking at expanding this to above, (IABSM is an expansion in this years Lardies magazine avail as pdf on their site

Also as not unreasonably priced brought of Great Escape Games

‘Seven days to the River Rhine’.

These sets cater to different audiences and do not think any stand above the other in terms of game play…it depends on their audience, for instance I have an extensive 1/200th ww2 collection and the game we want to play will dictate the rules, if infantry based we will play IABSM but for armour games such re fighting Operation Goodwood we used the miniatures version of the old Panzer board game.

Team Yankee is for players who like to pick pt forces and play traditional player on player

IABSM and Seven days can do that , but can be more multi player or solo gamer from experience with the former and from what I have read from later.

But with the mix U have the option to pick the rules best suited to groups style of play

This has been helped by the fact that buying team yankee unit boxes works out cheaper than buying the single ones for Tanks although you miss some of the special unit cards for that vehicle.

Oil Wars has been brought for ideas for mixing equipment from various Nations and give alternate figs for infantry as:

looking at using Israeli’s infantry for the Mercians

and either or bits of Iranians/Iraqis/Syrians for the Volgans

so it will end up a right old mix match of kit.


The 1st game layout

My sole terrain purchase has been both sets of the Team Yankee modern roads, which when added to the old N guage card and plastic buildings made for a nice latyout



The scene is setThe scene is set
The 1st VolgansThe 1st Volgans
Mercia RespondsMercia Responds

Part 1 Alternate History

Tutoring 2
Skill 3
Idea 7
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The Idea

Another Salute another project, I hadn’t intended to start another project @Avernos honest but when I spotted ‘Tanks the Modern Age’ at £10 for starter a impulse buy kicked in.

So 2x starter sets, 2x Chieftains, a Swingfire , A Scimitar and a BMP later went into back pack (just) and homeward I went.

So I had 4x T64’s , 1x BMP for Soviets

and Nato had 2x M1 variants, 2x Cheiftains 1x Scimitar and a Swingfire.

I have since added 2x Skytrex Challenger 1’s and am looking at adding helicopters and more of the types above and some T55’s

Original plan was to stick to American/British and Russian but could not decided on Europe or Desert .

Then I realised no transfers for models which would add to above cost plus I had no modern European building it 15 so I had a rethunk !

I do have lots of Warhamster xfers for various factions , some old N guage Cardboard industrial buildings , some 15mm scratch built medieval buildings and a castle and 3 x plastic n gauge more modernish railway farm buildings .

Last night whilst building my 1st two T64’s I watched the lets play and the faction guide for Tanks and during the banter Gulf war and fictional army’s were briefly mentioned. An idea began to form.

During the Cold War , although both sides avoided fisticuffs, they did both involve themselves either directly with ground/air forces (Vietnam/Korea/Angola) or with war material /Advisers just about everywhere else) leading to the  numerous bush wars right up the fall of the Soviet Union . Even the Invasion of Iraq basically had NATO equipped forces leading Soviet Equipped Force against the  Soviet Equipped Iraq forces.

Now I could have picked one of the above, but was unlikely to find one that had all the kit I currently had so decided on a fictional one.

So for my Forces I decided to pick on the Volgans who had been a Soviet force in the old 2000 AD comics series Invasion . For the smaller skirmish style idea of ‘Tanks’ decided on not a Fictional invasion of Britain but instead set it in a fictional country, or better still a series of fictional islands in the Med/Adriatic approx the sizes of Sardinia ,Corsica and Sicily .

I hate drawing maps so scaled down island of Java and Sumatra for the protagonists and Borneo for the island that most of the battles are fought on. named Mercia , Volga and Dunheep respectively .


Fictional Med islands

The various provinces of Indirian Island Chain are a mixture of European cultures that have settled , invaded and occupied the islands since the Times of Greece and Persia, The island occupied and settled by Viking and later Normans during the 8th-12th century’s. Eventually constant uprising by the indigenous population eventually forced them back to the lower Island chain were they were able to hold on an resist later Moorish and Turkish invasions that successfully conquered most of the other islands only returning to Christian influence after the battle of Lepanto.

Whilst Mercia clung to its Nordic heritage it and the other islands were broken up into small feudal Duchies which feuded but remained fairly peaceful up until the C18th when they followed the Western European trend for small professional Armies and a series of small wars were fought only ending with French Invasion during the Napoleonic wars. which left the peninsular  with the its current island states.


Indierian Island ChainIndierian Island Chain
  1. Mercian Confederation

The Mercian Confederation has developed from a being a  Princedom as it had been in the late 18th early 19th centuries to a democratic monarchy style government similar to Denmark/Sweden and Norway . A development which grew rapidly after the discovery of oil both on an off the islands shore which gave the inhabitants a fairly healthy lifestyle, with modern industry making up at least 50% of its economy having displaced the mainly agrarian output which still dominates most of it neighbours . This allowed it to build a modest but well trained military defences force which enabled its government to maintain its neutral position through out world war 2 successfully avoiding be occupied by the Axis powers.. Since World War 2 and the Rise of Volga (see below ) much of the countries oil revenue has been used in in maintain its Armed Forces military edge of its increasingly volatile neighbour , including the recruitment of foreign mercenaries. Recently the oil has run out therefore it has begun to look for alternate sources leading to the discovery of extensive oilfields in their neighbouring Island of Dunheep, offering technical advice and resources to the island numerous small governments  in return for oil rights.

This of course changed with the Volgan Invasion of Dunheep’s Western Shore. The Mercians responded rapidly dropping fast reaction forces on Dunheep’s western coastline ostensibly as protection for it various prospect teams which were cataloguing the increasing number of mineral resources discovered on the island. These forces though rapidly moved East to delay the Volgan Invasion on the Eastern shore line whilst heavier armour and infantry assets were assembled and moved to the island.


Volgan Combine.

Having forced the Scandinavian invaders back to the enclave in Mercia the local inhabitants developed into a feudal society of various Rival Dukedoms , each maintaining small armed forces which constantly feuded with each other until the Napoleonic period. Napoleon worried that one of them would side With Great Britain and provide Her navy with a safe naval base in the East Med, either invaded or coerced the various dukedoms during 1800-1805 period, forming them into a confederation similar to that on the Rhine.

As his fortunes waned this confederation broke away and made a separate peace with Great Britain and this loose confederation managed to keep itself pretty much out of World affairs until the WW2, Mussolini saw the island as an easy way to expand his influence and match Germany’s expansion  and invaded all the islands barring Mercia in late 1940. The loose nature of the confederation prevented a unified defence and despite some heroic and often battles the Various Volgans states had fallen by March 1941.

This is when the nations the famous father of the countries current leader  came to the fore,

O apleftherotis or the liberator had left his native islands to study in Moscow  enamoured by the teachings of Lenin , returning in 1938 he had begun at the behest of his masters in Russia to build small communist cells to unify Volga and overthrow the various Duchy Governments in his native land. The invasion provided a fertile training ground , particularly after the German Reich took over the occupation in mid 1943 . Aided by both the Soviet Union and Great Britain his was able to lead an uprising in late 44 that overthrew the increasingly isolated German Garrison not needing or wanting to be  part of the later British and American liberation of the rest of the islands under occupation in the chain.

The liberator following the war used the cold war to gain financial and military aid for his fledgling nature, aided by the the islands rich iron ore veins to help fund and develop his nations development,keeping a fine balance between the two cold war factions although nominally communist up until recently the country had remained more liberal in outlook until recent years.

factors led to the recent escalation of the  historical feud with the Neighbouring Mercia .

In 1982 The Liberator died of ‘Natural Causes’ to be replaced by  his more Dictatorial son Ton Tyranno  aided  by a cable of Russian Trained army officers who opposed his fathers more liberal regime.

By this time the iron oil mines had begun to play out and the economy had begun to collapse into mass unemployment. The Soviet Union with an eye to both the oil reserves in Mercia and recent discoveries in Dunheep was keen to help in the Ton Tyranno’s answer to unemployment , conscription. supplying considerable material aid in aircraft , tanks and guns to the rapidly expanding army. Tyranno now had the resources to not only capture more local resources but also to lead his people in their final revenge on the Hated Mercians. These plans were temporarily put on hold when the Soviet  Union collapsed and much of his aid dried up.

As fortune would have it the collapse led for a period other avenues , and the regime purchased as much spare parts and equipment as it could from the ex Soviet republics who were offloading military equipment for hard cash.

In addition he was able to the same with the French as they modernised there tank and vehicle stocks.

The 1st act would be invade The resource rich and sparsely populated Island of Dunheep. Aware that the Mercians would have to respond, they hoped to draw most of their forces currently deployed across the small estuary between there tow Islands allowing them to Launch an invasion on Mercia itself relying on their islands superior population numbers and larger army to make for Mercia’s technological superiority in both armour, aircraft and training of its armed forces.

Unfortunately the planners hadn’t taken into account the  doggerd resistance  of the Dunheep locals who with limited and often outdated resources showed an amazing ability to delay and harass the overconfident Volgan Invaders

Dunheep Island

Dunheep could be almost considered to be an island of fable, Apart from a few places its shoreline is dominated by almost impassible mountains, leading to a central highland plateau, which due to its high altitude leaves it as a temperate rather then tropical climate as are most of its neighbours. Geologists believe it a much younger island than its neighbours and has risen above the surface of the med in fairly recent times geologically’.

The islands shoreline barriers prevented any exploration apart from a historically handful of shipwrecked survivors until the late classical period when various geological upheavals cut pathways into the interior .

When intrepid Mariners of the both the Byzantines and the Turk ventured assure they were surprised to find that these shipwrecked survivors had grown into small if isolated communities that proudly dated themselves back to the Spartans. The limited amounts of Fresh water on the island precluded any real attempt at further colonisation by any of the powers in the region. On the few occasion any of the local powers have tried to annex the island, the fanatical resistance of the locals and the sheer cost of supporting any armed occupation force has tended to reinforce the point that it was not financially worth it.

Only the recent playing out of local oil and mineral resources has influenced any attempt to prospect the island . As Fate would have it what was found was vast deposits of oil. and various metals including rare ores not found anywhere else. When these were found in 1983 Dunheep went from  a place most civilisations since the dawn of time had avoided to very Desirable Real Estate.

The only force to ever previous  attempt it had been by the Axis forces in WW2 who occupied the island mainly to prevent the allies turning it into a floating airbase for attacks on Southern Europe. These forces were left isolated by allied gains and surrendered to the increasingly hostile if not totally unified local resistance which had been supplied by the Allies from the air.

It was not until the invasion by the Volgans that anyone learned just how much equipment the Italians and Germans had left behind when they surrendered in early 44. Nor did anyone realise that the native Dunheeper had developed due their isolationism an amazing ability to maintain , repair and hide that equipment for future . This realisation was to cause the Volgans dear in the early stages of their invasion when they not only faced old but operational Panzer III, IV’s and Semovente’s but were bombed by old ME109’s.



Cannbearsed Islands

Currently left undeveloped for now left open if another player wants to develop it for other game campaigns and periods.

The 1st table layoutThe 1st table layout

The Armies

Volgan Army   ‘Peoples Revolutionary Volunteers’ PRV (or PeRV’s as nicknamed by Mercians) for short

The Volgan army was only formed in the late 50’s as the various wartime communist cells guerrilla groups were integrated into the new nations armed forces.  As in Yugoslavia many had been in rival duchies prior to the 2nd world war and their only unifying factor had been their hatred for 1st the Italian and later German occupiers. Therefore the integration at times could be painful if not bloody and took almost 5 years to achieve. By the time of the Dunheep invasion these divisions were still to some extent ingrained into its factions and often reared its head during the many engagements the army was to become involved in .

Even then it had initially been not to different from the pre war duchy armies of the island, with units formed into add hoc battalions based mainly on the old Duke doom’s splits. Quite often only the Liberators charisma and political manoeuvring prevented the various battalions in the army from fighting each other.

Initially the army consisted only of 3 infantry regiments , one based in the north, the centre and the south, each having a couple of batteries of artillery attached, virtually all its equipment being either German or British in origin from the days of the liberation either captured or give them to by British SOE.

Its sole armour assets consisted of 3 ex French tanks in German use a Somua and a couple of Hotchkiss light tanks.

This pretty much remained the case until 1974 when Turkey Invaded Cyprus. The instability of the Cypriot National Guard to stop the Turkish Armour  came as a shock to the  Liberator and the Volgan’s Peoples committee. It was decided that not only did the army need to be put on more traditional and less revolutionary army structure , but also that the island needed its own armoured force to resist and deter  aggression from their traditional enemy Turkey . Falling back on his old alliances in the Soviet Unions he found they were only too happy to supply him with arms and advisers , and in the next couple of years 3 full Regiments each consisting of 2 battalions of 31 tanks following Soviet organisation.With the Fall of the Soviet Union , French equipment began to trickle into the infantry with the associated logistical problems Each is assigned in peace time to one of each or Volgans regions and with a further Guard regiment of 3 Battalions in the central region as a tactical Reserve. The Guard consists mainly of T64’s with land T72’s up until the fall of the Soviet Union, when a company of the T72’s were moved to the line battalions and replaced with French AMX 30’s as scout tanks . Line Battlions have mainly T72’s but can consist of older T62″‘s and T55 which have all been upgraded to the M variant.

Each regiment is attached to a  Regiments of infantry one  battalion being mechanised and one on foot, other than the guard who again have 3 battalions of mechanised infantry. The mechanised infantry has a mix of BMP 1’s and 2’s

The army has one Artillery Regiment consisting of 3 Battalions of mixed guns. towed and self propelled. A Further battalion of self propelled ATMs vehicles o of various soviet and later French design was added during the late 80’s

Volgan Airforce Peoples Revolutionary Air Troops (PRAT’s for short)

Small and made up mainly of rotary aircraft mainly of Hind’s MI-24’s, recently a small contingent of 6 Su 25’s have been added as they were being sold off post the Soviet breakup.


Mercian Army – Kings Royal Army Corps  CRAC (Crackers to the Volgans)

As with the Volgans up until the Turkish Invasion the CRAC’s was a mainly infantry force with a sole squadron Centurions on its western coastline facing Volga. This was backed up by a Regiment of Foot Guards , and two Regiments of Fusiliers each or Two Battalions supported by a regiment of Artillery which was mainly world war 2 era British 25pdrs(still used for ceremeonial purposes).

As with the Volgans the Turkish Invasion their developed a certain amount of panic within the Mercian Paliament and a massive re-armament program was begun. The Crown Prince has served for a time in The British Army and was familiar with the British Chieftain with influence 120 were obtained of the mk8 version with improved engines of L60 mk 12 , sufficient to equip the newly re-named Guard Armoured Regiment consisting of Two Battalions. backed up by a mechanised infantry regiment in FV432 Apc’s . Recon squadrons in each were equipped with the excellent Simitar and Striker tracked vehicles. At the time with the mechanisation of Fusilier battalions with M113 variants was considered sufficient for national defence.

The increasing tension with the Volgans in the later 1980’s and the possibility of having to deploy military aid to Dunheep forced the army and parliament to again increase the size of the army to counter any Volgan moves against their interests on that island. The Chieftain was considered unsuitable for the rapid battles of manoeuvre that were more likely on that island , Although a few Challenger 1’s had been purchased, they were not available in the numbers for the new force and The U.S was approached and the newly introduced M1 Abrams were purchased in sufficient numbers to equip 2 independent tank battalions to be attached in the form similar to the U.S armies tank teams to be attached to the Fusilier battalions. For recon LAV’s and later Bradley’s would be added as they became available. Although British the designation of squadrons is used for armoured companies, the Fusilier Regiments have been re-named at the Crown Prince behest as Panzer Grenadiers Regiments.

Mercian Airforce Royal Mercian Luftwaffe (The crown prince thought it sounded cooler than Airforce)

Like the Volgans this is mainly of rotary aircraft with a two squadrons of Bell AH1 Cobra backed up by  tow Westland Lynx in multi configurations.

Fixed wing aircraft consist of a full Squadron of A4 Skyhawks and a full Squadron of Mirage 5’s , a flight of 6 old Skyraiders can be used for ground attack.













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