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Painting Marines: 3 Colours Up – Stone Templars

Painting Marines: 3 Colours Up – Stone Templars

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Project Blog by psyntologist

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About the Project

I am awful at finishing projects that I feel I'm not progressing on or are coming out below what I envision This just creates an awful feedback loop where nothing gets completed and I don't get the practice I need to get better. SO... I'm using the large amount of Space Marines I have and the most recent 3 Colours Up videos to both of these things, and I'm going to try and record progress here to create some accountability. I will also be using this exercise to focus on one line of paint as best I can; Monument Pro Acryl. As a father of a High School and Club baseball player time right now is at a premium, but I hope to make some consistent time for hobby-time.

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Practice and Waiting

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Since I am basing this project initially around the 3 Colours Up videos, I must patiently wait for the next installment to be posted.  While patiently waiting, I reviewed where the initial piece and thought that it had a chalky look to it, but I couldn’t determine if it was from the prime, the zenithal, it was just the look of the ProAcryl (which are very matte), or a combination of these things.

So I decided to paint a second marine to continue brush and paint control practice and to compare to two.  One change I decided to make was not to zenithal this one.

So I grabbed another blue marine, black primer rattle can, and prepped another marine.

That evening I enjoyed a baseball game on tv and started working on basing the armor in grey.  Overall I think I’m happier with this so far, but I believe paint consistency still an issue for me.  I think I’ll need to either move to a wet pallet or try to find some way of practice and judging this.

Haven’t had time to do touch up work and move to the other colors, but I hope to do a little work tonight after I get home from a late baseball practice.

The Beginning...

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So it begins… Last night I primed and tried to achieve a zenithal highlight with the Citadel rattle cans I have on hand.  I think  I achieved a decent representation of the technique, but I really wish I had my airbrush.


First step for today’s session was to go through my collectionof ProAcryl paints and try to match the paints that John and Romain were using.

  • Main Base: Dark Warm Grey
  • Color Accents: Purple
  • Leather: Dark Umber or Light Umber
  • Gold Base: Light Umber
  • Coal Black for the guns and to repaint the base.

Now to get some painting done.  I’m pretty happy with the first pass.  It’s not as smooth as I would like, but I think some additional layers will help smooth things out and fill in some spots I missed

Slow progress and I keep forgetting to take pictures, but I hope to work on this some more tonight.  Forgive the less than stellar pictures, all I have is my phone.

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