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Carnevale – slave (Rashar)

Carnevale – slave (Rashar)

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Project Blog by frederique555 CoG Member

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About the Project

I made a painting guide to paint a slave (Rashar) from the new 2 player Carnevale box. This to give people ideas because there are not a lot of tutorials or guides for painting Carnevale miniatures. I will try to do this for all miniatures in the box.

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Color scheme for the slave with a pale skin

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  1. Prime the model in White



  1. Basecoat the skin in corpse pale (army painter)
  2. Drybrush the skin in kislev flesh ( citadel paints)
  3. Second drybrush in flayed one flesh (citadel paints)
  4. Shade the skin in Flesh wash (army painter)
  5. Clean up with kislev flesh ( citadel paints)
  6. Highlight in flayed one flesh (citadel paints)
  7. Second and small highlight in corpse pale (Army painter)
  8. Recess shade in flesh wash (army painter)


The chains

  1. Basecoat with shrag brown (citadel paints)
  2. Drybrush in gun metal (army painter)
  3. Shade in nuln oil (citadel paints)
  4. Highlight in shining silver (army painter)



  1. Basecoat clothing in black
  2. Base coat in Nighthaunt gloom (Citadel paints)
  3. Shade in blue tone (army painter)
  4. Highlight in void shield blue (army painter)

The base is wip.

The base is wipThe base is wip
Color scheme for the slave with a pale skin

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