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Civs 6mm Adventures – Ancient Germans

Civs 6mm Adventures – Ancient Germans

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About the Project

We saw some 6mm DBMM gaming and it looked so epic my gaming group are giving it a go. This project will follow my attempts at a whole new scale.

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Herr General

Tutoring 2
Skill 2
Idea 2
Herr General gets a nice white horseHerr General gets a nice white horse

Some more painting done today. I picked up the Celtic leaders pack from Baccus and am enjoying the range of poses you get. Most of them seem to be holding aloft the heads of there enemies which is very gruesome!

Im going with splashes of purple to pick these models out from the rest of the army.  My leader gets a white horse too to help pick him out at a distance.

One more painting session and they should be done, then i need to work out how im going to base them. I wanted to do a diarama of sorts to make it look like he is leading his men but not thought of something cool yet.


The generals bodyguardThe generals bodyguard

Infantry marathon done

Tutoring 1
Skill 3
Idea 3
My infantry warlordMy infantry warlord
Lots of wee men to be basedLots of wee men to be based
The current hordeThe current horde
A closer shot of the boss manA closer shot of the boss man

So the infantry are painted and based (well i have to add some flock but ill do that when i have more bases to do).

Im now doing some more cavalry, ive got two more bases to do which is another 30 models and a cavalry base for my general which is another 15 to paint.

Over the weekend i managed to get 18 standard cav finished so not far from the end now.

Im aimiung for 100 points which is only a quarter of a full force! Dont know how the other guys paint up so many figures without going completely insane.

Im going to be adding some purples in to my general and his unit to pick them out as important and wealthy (im of the understanding that purple was a hard colour to make back then). Its also a colour ive not yet used in my force so again should help pick them out.

Ive started to look at what the next project will be so better crack on before i get too sidetracked. I mean that SPQR game with 28mm looking celts that could easily be mistaken for ancient Germans and which OTT have just put a 25% discount on couldnt possibly interest me….


And now for something new - Chariots

Tutoring 0
Skill 1
Idea 2
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Swing low sweet chariot....Swing low sweet chariot....

So to help me get over the monotany of painting hundreds of wee men i started the chariots i had ordered.

I cant actually include them in my Germanic Warband but if i ever get to proxy them as celts they will be at the forefront.

Plus chariots look cool. They are also a royal pain to put together, i had to drill into the horses to fit a cross bar (read paperclip) so the chariot actually stayed up right. I probably need three bases to have them work in game but as a distraction one base will do.

I still have the riders to put on the back and then to do the base.

On another note i have almost finished painting the last of the infantry, i have about 4 strips to go. So i’ll get them based and pics up before starting the cavalry.

My general is going to be the first lot of horse to get painted and based so i at last have someone to lead my force.

Another angleAnother angle
Added ridersAdded riders

New Baccus order

Tutoring 3
Skill 4
Idea 3
Baccus order arrived (These are just the warband strips)Baccus order arrived (These are just the warband strips)

My remaining Baccus order arrived!! Thanks to my mate for attending joy of six in my stead and picking up my hefty Baccus order.

Im aiming for speed on these guys as the last ones, i found the focus fell mainly on the shields so the rest of the detail was overkill. Having so many to do helps focus the mind as well.

I have some more cavalry and skirmishers in the wings as well but im going to focus on the warbands and get those done first.

8 strips down, 56 to go!8 strips down, 56 to go!

First batch complete

Tutoring 5
Skill 6
Idea 6
First batch finishedFirst batch finished

So i finished the remaining bases over the weekend.

Pretty pleased with how these have turned out, ive learnt quite a bit on how to approach this scale as well so when the next order comes in, fingers crossed it should be quicker.

A few people have said they werent keen on the static grass and prefer flock but looking at the examples and the effect ive decided to stay with the static grass as it looks a bit more scrub like at this scale.

Im lookign to get up to 100 points which is made up of the following:

  • Cavalry commander
  • 10 warband elements
  • 8 skirmisher elements
  • 5 cavalry elements

Ive still got 7 bases of infantry to go, 2 skirmisher bases and 4 cavalry bases. It looks like i’ll be painting lots of warband models over the coming months!



Last stage of painting

Tutoring 3
Skill 5
Idea 3
The warbands get the basing treatmentThe warbands get the basing treatment
The army as it currently standsThe army as it currently stands

Mikey Mud Basing

Tutoring 3
Skill 4
Idea 3
Basing try oneBasing try one
Basing 2Basing 2

So going with the Mikey mud technique ive added it to a few bases. Ive forgotten to add some stones of different sizes to mix it up but ill have to do that next time.

It goes on pretty well its just difficult getting it to stick initially to the metal. Once its dry ill give it a drybrush and add some static grass.

Im excited to be nearing the end on these guys.

For 6mm i never realised how much effort is involved and the numbers i need to get done. Well ive started now so no return.

Here is a link showing how to make and use the Mikey Mud from the man himself:

Basing using Mikey Mud – AKA DIY Basetex




Basing the horde

Tutoring 2
Skill 3
Idea 5

Whilst deciding on how to base these guys i’ve carried on painting the rest of my Baccus order which included a cavalry pack and a pack of skirmishers.

I’ve pretty much finished the painting barring a few finishing touches on the cavalry so thought it about time i got them based.

A friend managed to procure some metal bases (dont ask me how!). So the only thing left to do is get these guys based up.

I’ll use superglue to stick the models down then try the mikey mud to get the textured base done. I’ll mix that up tomorrow and if succesful put the link up.

I already have some more troops on order so hopefully these will be finished by the time the next batch arrives!


Basing experiments

Tutoring 3
Skill 4
Idea 5
Superglue and bicarbSuperglue and bicarb

So i attempted using the bicarb and superglue method to base my first warriors but the effect was too shallow for the strips the models are on.

It certainly stuck the models down quickly though.

Ive decided to go for 8 strips per base to make them look busy but not strictly ranked.

Based with sandBased with sand

So for my second basing attempt i used watered down PVA and a pippet to get in between the ranks. I then dropped some fine sand on.

Things ive learnt:

  • Dont water the PVA down too much its counter productive.
  • Dont use slightly damp sand
  • Base one rank at a time so you can get inbetween them
  • Paint the bases before sticking them down (Thanks to Torros for this one)

Ill have to tidy the basing up a bit more and then figure out how to paint the sand.

Luckily i have three more sets of warriors on order so i can refine the process as i go.

The army so far

Tutoring 3
Skill 7
Idea 6
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Some skirmishers and cavalry added  Some skirmishers and cavalry added

A few bases finished

Tutoring 1
Skill 8
Idea 4
A few bases downA few bases down

These are the latest batch to get finished, you’ll see ive added some highlights on these guys compared to the ones just off to the left, i think it really makes them pop on the table so i’m going to be doing tat to all my troops now. Fortunately the ancient world was a colourful age so i can get very creative with bright vibrant colours to make the little guys stand out on the table top.

Once i have painted them all i need to get onto the basing, ive still not decided how many men to put on each base, i want to make the bases look busy but not as regimented as any Romans regiment would be. Some testing will be required.

Once ive made my mind up i’ll be using the superglue and bicarb approach to texture the bases and get them painted. Im using metal bases to give the figures weight so i think PVA and sand is out on these guys.

Some living research

Tutoring 2
Skill 2
Idea 6
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So i happen to be at a history festival over the weekend and apart from the sunburn came away with some pictures of Celts vs Romans. Now whilst they are not quite the Germanic warriors im trying to represent on the table top it gave me a good idea of the types of weapons and clothing the people of the time wore and some of the colours i could use.

I felt at one point i may have taken too much artistic license to the models and made them waaay more colourful than they should realistically be (this wouldnt have stopped me but its nice to know). Luckily after speaking to some of the reinactors they produced a basket of various bits of wool dyed in the colours available at the time and my god was there a lot of bright colours in there. Feeling satisfied i could carry on with my colour mad Germanic warband i went home to paint up some more.

The painting begins and its great fun!

Tutoring 4
Skill 6
Idea 6

So here’s the first ‘batch’ of my barbarian horde. I thought i would struggle with this scale as there is not much in the way of detail (you simply couldnt see it at this scale!).

However a lack of detail is proving to be very refreshing, painting what you expect to see rather than what is actually there is so different from the usual 28mm painting approach i often take. For example no hand is sculpted on this model but i would expect one to be on the spear shaft so lets paint that bit a flesh colour, step back a pace, i can now see a hand on the spear.

Im also enjoying the vibrant colours, at 6mm i feel you have to go bright and blackline things to really make the detail stick out. Originally i only gave the shields one layer of paint but on my last few strips i highlighted the shields up and added some more extremem highlights on the trousers, hair etc and it makes such a difference.


The only downside is i have to paint up about 10 bases worth (so around 36 models per base) which is a lot of little men!


I have at this point run out of infantry to paint so im ont the skirmishers and cavalry but fear not, i have put in an order for another two packs of infantry so another 192 troops to swell the horde (luckily it doesnt take long to paint these guys!)

Baccus order arrived

Tutoring 2
Skill 2
Idea 5
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It took a while but my gaming groups order came in!It took a while but my gaming groups order came in!

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