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Falckon’s summer of deadzone

Falckon’s summer of deadzone

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About the Project

Have been sitting on this Veermyn army for a while and thought a project might create som external pressure to complete it :) (i am a hobby-sloth)

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Pants to the people

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Pants to the people

Another short painting session and this time everyone got pants (wash and highlights still pending). You can see them all sporting the hottest colour of the season, German field grey.

I have yet to decide on the colour for the armor, might choose a darker green, something that pops on the table… colour matching is hard, all i know is i’m not a huge fan of mantic’s choice of yellow.

(last nights planned game session got cancelled due to the gaming club suddenly not being open after all, which is ok as it gives me time to actually glue things together)

The chosen summer jam for this painting session was João Donato’s album Lugar Comum,

First things first.

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First things first, I’m playing my first propper Deadzone game later this week so have to start with getting together minis for a list.  I had allready glued these and primed them a year or so ago so today was about getting the basecoat for the skincolour done (a bit short on time today). Im no master painter,  just gotta look decent on the table and im happy. Not quite sure how to paint the fur on the upper arms. Might try drybrushing?

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