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The Last Legion

The Last Legion

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Project Blog by KronosTheTraveler

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About the Project

Comprising units from Cygnar, Trollbloods, and the Crucible Guard, the Last Legion is my attempt to create a unified army with a uniform color scheme. The background of this grand army is that they are a global peacekeeping force tasked with defending their peoples from enemy nations and threats from the worlds beyond. As such, they have a dirtier, camouflage color scheme to reflect the nature of the constant conflicts they are engaged in, as well as a more cobbled-together appearance, showing how they have had to adapt as the wars have raged on. Think of them as the Cygnaran military in the Riot Quest continuity, where they are trying to maintain order in a world gone mad. I plan to use their constituent armies in regular Warmachine/Hordes games, but I also plan to utilize rules from Age of Wargamers and Hive Fleet Kharybdis to create their own battletome for Age of Sigmar.

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As I am trying to create my battletome for Age of Sigmar/codex for Warhammer 40K so that I can explore other worlds with the Last Legion, I am also branching out into other units that don’t really have a place in Warmachine, like mechanized cavalry, more battle engines, and other variants of warjacks. This section will be a repository for all of my non-canon ideas and creations.

"Bulldog" Steam Tank (WIP)- a.k.a. the "Steamin' Russ"
Cogfort (WIP)- repurposed Siege Crawler; can reinforce and buff nearby unitsCogfort (WIP)- repurposed Siege Crawler; can reinforce and buff nearby units
Cogstrider- mechanized cavalry unitCogstrider- mechanized cavalry unit
Iron Templar (WIP)- steam-driven war walker/life support systemIron Templar (WIP)- steam-driven war walker/life support system
"Pioneer" Siege Tank (WIP)
"Raider" APC (WIP)
Tawny Firehair- catgirl ranger and assassinTawny Firehair- catgirl ranger and assassin
Trencher Ironsides (WIP)- armored assault troopersTrencher Ironsides (WIP)- armored assault troopers
Trencher Ironside Officer & Siege Gunner (WIP)- unit attachmentTrencher Ironside Officer & Siege Gunner (WIP)- unit attachment


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Captain GunnbjornCaptain Gunnbjorn


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Skill 9
Idea 6
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Squire- Squire- "Sparky"
Trencher Master Gunner #1- Lyle Trencher Master Gunner #1- Lyle "Fuse" Ironside

Unit Attachments

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Skill 9
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Scattergunner Officer & StandardScattergunner Officer & Standard
Trencher Commando Officer #1Trencher Commando Officer #1
Trencher Commando Scattergunners #1Trencher Commando Scattergunners #1
Trencher Infantry Officer & Sniper #1Trencher Infantry Officer & Sniper #1
Trencher Infantry Rifle Grenadiers #1Trencher Infantry Rifle Grenadiers #1


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Skill 10
Idea 7
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Rangers #1Rangers #1
Sluggers #1Sluggers #1
Storm Troopers #1Storm Troopers #1
Trencher Commandos #1Trencher Commandos #1
Trencher Infantry #1Trencher Infantry #1

Weapon Crews

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Skill 9
Idea 5
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Trencher Cannon Crew #1Trencher Cannon Crew #1
Trencher Chain Gun Crew #1Trencher Chain Gun Crew #1
Thumper Crew #1Thumper Crew #1


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Skill 8
Idea 7
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Defender #1- SNDR-I Defender #1- SNDR-I "Sunder"
Defender #2- CNBL-II Defender #2- CNBL-II "Cannonball"
Grenadier #1- PTRT-I Grenadier #1- PTRT-I "Patriot"
Sentinel #1- RTLR-I Sentinel #1- RTLR-I "Rattler"
Troll Impaler #1- ThorgTroll Impaler #1- Thorg