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Vapian’s Hobby League German Army by Chris

Vapian’s Hobby League German Army by Chris

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About the Project

This is my attempt at showcasing my Hobby League forces for the Flames of War and OTT Slow Grow League. My name is Chris and I work at Battlefront (disclaimer: these are all my own views and words - the models are, of course, all Battlefront Miniatures!) After being a guest presenter on an episode of the Hobby Hangout with John and Lance, post show in the Green Room, myself and John got chatting about motivation and getting a force together. Never sure of who punted the idea first, but we came to the agreement to 'challenge' each other to get some armies togheter, painted and force ready, within the constraints of the Hobby League - however loosely that becomes. This is my first ever German Army for Flames of War, prior to this I have only completed Allied Armies - US Paras, US Armored, US Beach Assault, Russian Tankovy and Russian Infantry (Strelkovy) So this will be the random wonderings of an armchair historian, the musings of a passionate if talentless painter and of course lots of bits and pieces about what I am doing and what my plan is for putting together 100points!

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Layers on Layers on Layers

Tutoring 2
Skill 4
Idea 4

I made the rookie mistake of grabbing my brush and going at the Panzer IVs and Panthers with my wash to start the pin wash. You saw the results of this in the last post. For posterity, below is the Pzr IVs after their wash in the nooks and crannies…

Layers on Layers on Layers

Can anyone spot the rookie error? Muggins here went at the models without priming the surface with a gloss varnish. So instead of simply wiping away the excess wash from my models, getting some nice shading, and then highlighting the models for a time saving plan of action – I have spent the full Bank Holiday weekend tidying up the models with a small brush, with dunkelgelb (Colours of War – Panther Yellow) from the bottle. Due to using a rather earthy, dark brown wash, it actually took me 3 layers on each tank to cover my mistake.




However this is the finished result for my basecoat and first wash

Lunchtime today I started to wash my Troops from the first post. This is one Panzergrenadier platoon shown above with the Panzers and Panthers.

This is the majority of my army on one green cutting board. The only thing missing from this is my other PzrGdr platoon which are still awaiting my delicate touches with a wash.


And this was after spilling a whole pot of Agrax Earthshade across my desk and getting finger prints on the sides of my Panzer’s Schurzen. Sigh. I never make it easy for myself!

My Panzer Grenadiers are made from an old metal set I had in my draw of shame... perfect excuse to get them out and on the battlefield. Plus I can't wait for the new plastics sets to come out!My Panzer Grenadiers are made from an old metal set I had in my draw of shame... perfect excuse to get them out and on the battlefield. Plus I can't wait for the new plastics sets to come out!

In another glorious achievement this weekend, I decided on my colour scheme and knocked up a couple of test pieces to see what the result would be. Vallejo Reflective Green will be sponged on with a blister sponge in a haphazard pattern to break up the Dunkelgelb. I’m aiming for a ‘applied with a tree or mop’ fashion of camo, and when completed with decals and a drybrush with Vallejo Iraqi Sand over the model, I will call them completed.


Same with my test HQ scheme to check my colour pallet. These guys are going to be my Pzr Gdr HQ and nicely round out my 100pt force of x2 formations supporting each other. It’s a nice easy pallet of colours, achieved through base, wash and drybrush, with the main details like hands, harnesses and weapons picked out in brighter colours


If I don’t knock over another pot of paint in the meantime!

Woo First Post! Look Mum I'm On The Internet!

Tutoring 5
Skill 5
Idea 5
Woo First Post! Look Mum I'm On The Internet!

It all started with an Facebook message. I usually abhor technology in terms of I much prefer time with the kids, that isn’t through a screen. But then I am writing this on the PC, with the TV blaring in the background and the other day I bought an Echo Dot just to make my morning coffee complete with a backdrop of music.


I digress already.


John Lyons and myself came together and decided we needed to record our own projects for the Flames Of War Hobby League. I am already running an army through the Battlefront UK Office’s League (which you can catch all the updates on over at our website but I felt like doing something else.


Everyone always tells me how good German forces in FOW are. I’ve always been nervous to paint camo on Panzers. What better way to overcome my fear and become a power gamer, what with the new German Book being released with the German D-Day Book? Panzers Marsch!


So I immediately begged, borrowed (no stealing) and bought myself some Panzer IV’s from the excellent range offered by Battlefront. They are the Late war version H with the zimmerheit and the schurzen skirts on the turret and sides. I am reliably informed if I paint these well, they look awesome. See some of my fellow hobbyist’s projects to see this fact proven. But this isn’t an army on it’s own. So although I had convinced the wife to let me get together 8 Panzers, I needed something with a little more bang.


Panthers. Love them. Ever since the first kit came out in plastic, I have had some sprues knocking around at home and I knew I needed to include some in the army. Sadly for the points, I could only afford x3. But that was enough to strike fear deep into the heart of the enemy.


Combine this with full platoons of Panzer Grenadiers and I had close to 100points of Germans, with relatively few models to paint. Which in this age of time constraints, real life and work, is a blessing.


So what does this first part of my force look like after sticking them together and basecoating them?

Excuse them still being in their carry case... Photoshoot incoming on a future post!Excuse them still being in their carry case... Photoshoot incoming on a future post!
Woo First Post! Look Mum I'm On The Internet!

I basecoated the Panthers and Panzers with an old tin of Colours of War ‘Panther Yellow’ we had in the office and used ‘Grenadier Green’ for the troops. My plan is to wash them, highlight and then apply decals. That should get me a table ready force in no time.


Said everyone ever.


After 2 nights of pin washing and tidying up where the spray hadn’t reached, I was left with this motley sight

Woo First Post! Look Mum I'm On The Internet!
Woo First Post! Look Mum I'm On The Internet!

Tonight and tomorrow I will be looking to finish layering around the pin wash and decide on a camo scheme. This is the most fun for any project for me. Get the reference books, colour plates and search the internet for that perfect scheme.


Now just to actually make a decision and decide

I also need to raid the wife’s make up box for some sponges for that Green Paint camo scheme…