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Those 4th Succession War Blues

Those 4th Succession War Blues

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Project Blog by bobcockayne

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About the Project

Somehow I talked myself into running a mini bootcamp at The Walsall Sunday Boardgames group on the 6/10/19. I have a lot of painted metal mechs but didnt fancy lugging them over to the club. so dug out the Introductory Box set brought a few years ago.

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And so it Begins

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Well here we go again , Since about 1985 this game has come and gone thought out my gaming life. With periods when it has been all we have played for months, to a game that has sat in cupboards for years. The later has been the case with it almost total disappearance from the UK retail scene. Even @oriskany’s brilliant series of articles failed to re-ignite a real return.

But the recent re-release of a Kick-starter for the Clan’s re-sparked my interest and of course I backed it even though I have the best part of 3 battalions of painted mechs, not to mention at least a battalion of vehicles ( plus all the Dropship Commander vehicles that can be ported across).

Then  I ‘volunteered’ to put on a mini bootcamp as it got a lot of interest at the 1/9/19 meeting of the Boardgames club when the game came up in conversation.

Not wanting to lug a pile of nicely painted models across Walsall, dropped ontothe idea of using the plastic models in both the Introductory box set , brought a few years back and the mechs from the new starter box( purchased after a lot of digging)

This will give me 32 odd mechs for the day,. Now I could leave them unpainted but I’m a Cultist so ………..

But how to paint them quickly . As I’m still heavily involved in painting FOW Forces.

Easiest was to spray them army painter Plate metal , then black wash then a bit of detail, I had thought of doing them as a BT version of Hammers Slammers which John Treadway (Minature Wargames) had done his blower tanks in that scheme many years ago, plus I have some decals for them.

And so it Begins

I had decided for the new box set and the Kickstarter any new mechs would be painted as Wolf’s Dragoons a famous Mercenary Unit in the BT universe. I already had most of my mechs painted as my own Mercenary Unit ‘The Knights Mercian’ , 7th FedCom RCT or Word of Blake.

So on a whim to test the red scheme for the Dragoons I took the Cyclops mech from the introductory set ( my least favourite design) and coated it in the Contrast paints.

And so it Begins

I really liked the metallic red finish it gave, so then did the same to all the Assault Mechs in box, and think they are all going to be done as Dragoons.

so really the title of project should be I’ve got the Those 4th Succession War Reds.

And so it Begins

1ST Test Paint Completed

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Didnt get a huge amount of hobby time this weekend for various reasons, so what little time I got went into seeing how quickly I could get a reasonable finish on the mechs in a couple of hours.

I started block painting on greys an gun metal etc, but felt the that there was not enough contrast in the contrast so dry brushed them an orange, tidied up and voila. Not looking bad particularly on the Atlas .

Used a bit of texture paint on the bases and then a wash .

Just need to sort out some decals (got Wolf Dragoons logo on the way from ebay)

Need to find some Greek alphabet Alphas for legs (Alpha Regiment) and they should be sorted

Back view for LloydyBack view for Lloydy

Must admit some of the miniature designs are showing their age , so am looking forward how above simple technique works on Newer designs,. Plus I have found two Polish  modernised alternative takes on some of the classic designs, that I found about from @warzans bloke on You tube.

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