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Building the late-liberator’s Insurrection Army or What Remains of it

Building the late-liberator’s Insurrection Army or What Remains of it

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About the Project

A creative attempt to build a traitor guard army without spending extra. Yes it is time to put my unused sprues to work. Be creative, dust off the plastics, snip, cut and glue. Perhaps I don't need to buy new kits... LOL Who am I kidding =3 Let us enjoy the kitbashing.

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My inspiration

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When the 6th edition of warhammer 40k was released I picked up the codex of Chaos Space Marines (4th edition). Just to know about the fluff. There was a story about Constantinius, a space marine that turned to chaos. He conquered the world and renamed it Constantinium and reign havoc in the sector. It took the empire 13 years to reclaim Terra Nova and kill Constantinius the liberator.

But even after 300 years of Constantinius downfall there are still heretics and renegades who speak highly of their “Liberator”.

To this day  story sticks with me and I always wanted to kitbash an army. This is my first attempt. Maybe I will try to sculpt something. Who knows ^-^

Introducing my Renegade Militia Squad

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I made my first Renegade models from 3 kits. Chaos Marauders, your standard Cadian Infantry and Kroot. Why Kroot ??? I was out of lasguns and the kroot gun looks great. Also some Kroot bits made the unit more savage.

Edit: there are also some chaos cultist models included in the image gallery. Those are not kit bashed.