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Satriale’s from the Sopranos

Satriale’s from the Sopranos

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About the Project

From an unofficial weekend I got the idea to create Satriale's from Sopranos.

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Playing Around with transfers

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In my other project i was playing around with transfers, so I had a bit of bother getting nice looking signs for satriales….however this came to the rescue, now that I have used this I will put it more into practice with other areas on this build too!


Essere in alto mare

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Since my last update

I have firstly, redone the windows
played around with the neon paints which @warren has used recently on his mushrooms – to create the neon signs
and used coffee stirrers as the window blinds (painted red)

I then got a massive parcel from Sarissa and 4ground for bits to go into the cafe.

This included sarissa’s freezer units and a couple of the mall shelves which I probably wont use

4ground bought one of the shopping mall sets for a desk area, 2 sets of diners and chairs and outside chairs and table. Unfortunately I didn’t like the chairs and outside tables they sent as it was far too fiddly to get them together. And to be honest I could see them breaking where the wood/paper was so thin. So I hit up ebay and found a company selling bar and tabl chairs “winterdyne commission modelling”.

as you can see in the last picture, I painted the insides with gray primer, then dry brushed white over the top… luckily the inside of satriale’s looks a bit run down so I wont have to do too much to the walls.

Apart from the murals, which I’ll paint further on the right as well, this is my representation of the below picture

Showing the mural in the showShowing the mural in the show
showing a better view of my attemptshowing a better view of my attempt

I re-did the pig int he bottom right but you’ll see that in later pictures…

Next I attempted the neon signs in the window, I drew out on paper underneath the plastic, painted over the top lightly first and then dabbed with the paint more as I found the viscosity of the liquid followed the line I had already painted, I did the pig on the first window with “Italian sausage” underneath which is probably best known in the show, the next window I did espresso and the third was artistic liscence. I put ‘Panzerotto’ which is a small fried pizza basically which is famous in the South  (Try them they’re great!) this is a long running joke with my girlfriend whose family come from the south and LOVE panzerotto

All bought from OTT store, paints and the ultraviolet lightAll bought from OTT store, paints and the ultraviolet light
the left side of the buildingthe left side of the building
the right side of the buildingthe right side of the building

in the last picture you can see around the espresso sign on the inside red painted coffee stirrer to be the inside curtains of Satriale’s.

For the windows to protect the paint, i glossed over with a satin varnish to protect the paint

The last bit I have to show is the posters, signs et al for satriale’s which is below! The last two pictures are what i am going to use for the floor and a picture with a small glimpse of what the satriales floor is like (if you look near Tony S, you will see a part of the floor.

Starting to see it come together...

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Now I finished a few more of the wall sides, painted them in wilkinson’s paint (mainly creams and grays, used vallejo panzer aces light mud and vallejo panzer aces old wood – then dark washed everything

one of the new sections is a back wall of one of the buildings and the far wall, which in the pictures below you will see goes from a stone facia to wood. I am really happy at how clean i got this change (See pic below)

contrast end of stone facia to wood panellingcontrast end of stone facia to wood panelling
one of my last walls which i think was the best one i've been able to rollone of my last walls which i think was the best one i've been able to roll

lastly using see through plastic, red card and a permanent red marker pen i made in roads to the glass in the windows… it looks like the pig in smudged but it seems to be reflecting itself..odd.

I am happy at how it came out but might do a version 2 to clean it up

window pic 1window pic 1
window pic 2window pic 2

another update...

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I’ve had some real problems going forwards… mainly the the colour palette.

I undercoated the whole thing in vallajo black primer and then preceded to dry brush using various creams from wilkinsons paint range

Starting off with paintingStarting off with painting

I then repainted the windows black and dry brushed silver over the top to give a worn shop front aesthetic

showing windows and washshowing windows and wash

i then washed with soft tone, however I wasn’t too pleased with the differing colours on the two buildings. A facebook message to terrainiacs made me reapproach my colour pallette

I went to my local trading store and bought a couple of paints in the cream/white/mild yellow, I then dry brushed these on in random splotches (due to something someone said on the facebook page)

The result being something very similar. I then re-washed with soft tone and my next part is to varnish the finish to protect it somewhat as I venture onto the next phase


it's been a while..

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showing where I have got toshowing where I have got to

It has been a while but I have got a fair bit done

Starting with the left most building out of the two.

I rolled the walls with the brick roller and filled in the gaps with milliput on the corners and rolled over these as well. I then tried to merge this corner part into the main wall to be seemless, some worked better than others.

I also did the same for the removable roof

If you look at the pictures I eventually cut out the middle part between the two windows as satriales has a long window split by metal window inserts rather than a wall.

Because of the above I had to create a frame for the long window but also glued on both the front door and the back door frames.

Then I glued black course sandpaper to the roof to act as a tarmac. I used gorilla glue and some seeped out of the overlap between sheets of sandpaper, I went with this and made it as the tar join as if the roofs had been repaired.

I left the right most wall clear as I am unsure what to do here. I want it to be able to stand by itself but for the most part it will be hidden by the second building. I think I will do something simple like wall filler to give it a concrete look

showing the long window on the left of the property.showing the long window on the left of the property.

the bumps on the roof edge are where the roof and sides meet and connect unfortunately. this will be hidden mostly by the satriales sign.

The second building I have done the same, rolled with the brick roller the 3 walls, filled the corners with extra milliput and then rolled these and tried to smooth them in

I then stuck lollipop sticks to the furthest wall as the satriales building has a brick facia for the most part but the side most pictures show it goes into a wooden house. I have a spare barn which I might use as this (however I also wanted to convert it to an old pub which is situated near me)

So I gave this a wooden side so I could atleast nod at the parking lot side of the building.

I then added sandpaper to the roof, which didnt work *as* well because of the slight difference in the building

I then stuck on the door frames and windows which were the generic ones I got with the building.

You may notice white bits here and there, that is where ive used filler to fill in gaps around the windows.

showing the second buildingshowing the second building
example of side of building showing facia and woodexample of side of building showing facia and wood

some mistakes made..

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I decided to take off the clay and re-do the front with milliput, the rolling pin i bought from on table top seems to do much better with milliput than the air dry clay. The clay was still very seperate from the wood, whilst the milliput seems to adhere.

I used the bricked clay to put on bases of insurgents as if running through rubble.. so not all has been lost..

the frontagethe frontage

one of the buildings im using to build satriale’s deli and butchers is slightly smaller luckily it comes with a rim to attach so I have also rolling pinned this with brickwork, whilst it is drying I have pushed the roof into the holes to hold it, meaning that will be one piece to open up if access to the inside is needed.

I have also done one side of the left building, leaving the other side blank (As this will be an attachment to the second (right building) this has a door in it already but I will have to cut a hole in the parallel wall to gain access

the side of the buildingthe side of the building
showing the attaching wallsshowing the attaching walls
i am pretty happy with how it is shaping upi am pretty happy with how it is shaping up

Cosa Nostra - this thing, of ours....mainly named Wargaming

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I finished the sopranos was putting together lots of 4ground terrain and wanted Satriale’s to be in the shop fronts.

I sourced some decent buildings which ‘fit’ the front layout from this website:

most notably:

Store Front BC100 28mm Big City Streets Building Kit × 1
Store Front BC204 28mm Big City Streets Building kit × 1

I then went on to the OTT store as they started to keep greenstuff modelling equipment in stock and bought one of their brick rollers.

I also had air dry clay hanging around

shopfronts and the modelling stuffshopfronts and the modelling stuff

now i learnt that im ham fisted and pressure isn’t always the best thing with the rollers – but im happier enough as how it turned out!

brick work is close enough to satrialesbrick work is close enough to satriales

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