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Maledrakh starts an Ogre Army. Slowly.

Maledrakh starts an Ogre Army. Slowly.

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Project Blog by maledrakh

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About the Project

I have slowly been gathering minis for an Ogre Army over many years now. However, I am not a big fan of the latter years' Warhammer FB and Age of Sigmar releases. (Well, there are a few nice ones inbetween all the chaff). This army will for the most part consist of models sourced elsewhere, be they ancient metal or new pvc.

I am thinking that this army will be system agnostic but built around the Kings of War army lists for starters. Call it slow grow.

Not that I really ever get to play, but at least it might be ready if the chance should arise.

So here I will gather the threads and present the minis, otherwise to be found in my blog The Mountains of Minis

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Ogre Berserker aka The Hulk

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Random mini today; an old HeroClix mini I found lying about. Once upon a time -about two decades ago- I played clix games like Mage Knight, MechWarrior and HeroClix a bit, so I have some minis here and there. I sold off the HeroClix way back when, but still there are one or two minis that have ended up in other boxes and that get rediscovered every now and then,

So with this one. It is a good sculpt and since it is a bit bulky, it is not affected by the bendy problems many other clix minis have. I got rid of the clickybase and rebased it on a 40mm base instead and gave it a full make over.


Yes, I know the pants should have been more purple. Whatevah.

This one will be standing in for an Ogre Berserker or some such in the Kings of War Ogre army I recently started.


“Where  do you think you are going, brother?”

“I’m afraid.” 

“Afraid? To bare yourself? Why? You are so big, and so well grown. You should be proud of your body. How do you expect to reach emptiness without knowing your own body?”

“Can we talk over there, where the others do not see…?”

“Why, yes brother…of course…”

-from Conan the Barbarian (1982)


The Hulk

HeroClix: Marvel, 2002

Made by Wizkids

Prepainted PVC plastic

40mm base

I have no idea if it is available any longer. Probably not. I should think it would be easy enough to get second hand though.

And so it begins: Oldhammer Ogres

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We begin with Ogres from the classic 1980’s C23 series sculpted by Jes Goodwin, Supreme God of Sculptors. They were purchased sometime around the dawn of time and has languished in the Drawers of Doom™ these  many latter years.

Now, it was time to do something about them.



Skrag the Renegade

Which means Chaos Renegade, which in turn means he is what amounts to a Champion or Warrior of Chaos.

Clad in Chaos Armour, this mini come from before most of the lore existed, and what Chaos was and was not, was not set in stone like today. The ogres were for the most part hard hitting allies / mercenaries and not an entire army back in the day.

Modern Ogres (they spell it wrong in Age of Sigmar) look completely different and have a developed and very different backstory in the lore, being a cohesive and seperate army in their own right. I am not really a fan of the modern look either.

For those who wonder, yes, the paint scheme is based on Thanos the Mad Titan, Infinity Gauntlet and all.



Warrior Priest

I did him as Santa from Hell. He brings lumps of coal to everyone! And put Rudolfs head on his stick!



Hroth Yog, Ogre Captain

Which might possibly be the most iconic of the old Jes Goodwin ogres. The sword being to mighty for it’s scabbard is just the best!



Ogre Executioner

He has the axe for the job and the willingness to use it.



Ogre Thug

The lout of the team, doing his little, traditional dance.


These were really fun to paint. There is something about the simplicity of oldhammer minis that really appeal to me, the characterful sculpts have clear, deep detailing and are not too busy like many modern minis are.


Crom! Grant me victory this day or to Hell with you!


I have been fixing to paint these up and use them for an Ogres army in Kings of War for ages. I do have a few more of these, plus a bunch of the similarily sized Mantic Ogres waiting for paint, and in some cases even to be built,


So now at least the army is started.


C23 Ogres

Warhammer Fantasy Battles, late 1980s.

Citadel Miniatures

Sculpted by Jes Goodwin, the God of Sculpting.

Lead metal

40mm bases

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