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Corvus Belli Infinity League: Invincibles Army

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Project Blog by nyilus27 Cult of Games Member

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About the Project

Hi, this is my first project so forgive me. I am just starting an Infinity League in my local game store and I have chosen the mighty Invincibles Army of Yu Jing. I chose them since I love heavy armour and therefore it was a bit of no brainer. Over the next several months I will be posting as models are obtained, built and painted, with some battle reports in between. Please be patient and follow along if your interested since this has me really excited for doing something related to the project once again.

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Humble Beginnings

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Hello everyone,

I have begun the long road to having a completely painted force. After using the basecoat on the miniatures that I have at the moment I have started putting some paint to models. I am still waiting on the colours that will make up the main armour along with the models, so I started with the Mech-Engineer, Zhanshi Yisheng Doctor and the Hac Tao Hacker. The colours that I have started using are Citadel paints with Chainmail for the metallic areas, Mournfang Brown for the leather areas, Abaddon Black for the Hac Tao armour and finally Dawnstone on some of the Hac Tao in preparation for shading further down the line.

Hopefully I will get the Invincibles models and paints this week coming so that I can continue expanding.

Many thanks to everyone who takes the time to read this, I will most likely post once more when I have received the next batch of models

First Post

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So for my first post I will putting up some pictures of some random miniatures that I have lying around from the Yu Jing faction that fit into the Invincibles Sectorial. In the photos there is a Mech-Engineer, a Zhanshi Yisheng, Hac Tao Hacker and 2 Yaozao remotes. I apologise for the graininess of the photos they are taken from my phone and it doesn’t seem to want to focus properly.

They have been basecoated using Citadel Colour Wraithbone and I really enjoyed using this spray since unlike some Citadel white sprays that I have used in the past there was no patchiness and it got a nice even consistency.

Eagerly awaiting the delivery from my LGS of the Invincible Sectorial Army Pack, Mowang Trooper and a Daoying Hacker. Also to start me off with painting I have also ordered the Yu Jing Paint Set.