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Ogre Resurrection

Ogre Resurrection

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Project Blog by avernos

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About the Project

I fell in love with the Mantic Ogres from the concept art and bought an army as soon as they hit retail, However after the initial rush of building, priming and making some bases so I could game with them I stopped painting them. Now with KoW 3rd and a summer campaign coming I'm pushing on to get the army fully painted, albeit dipped, and ready for gaming on tabletop.

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Gaz asked What I was doing

Tutoring 2
Skill 5
Idea 8
the answerthe answer

I decided to dig out my Kings of War Ogres, the plan had always been to paint and dip them then I got lazy because I’m me and I never really got past priming them and painting the bases brown.

Halfords Red, primed and skin colour all in one, blurry photos by mcCabeHalfords Red, primed and skin colour all in one, blurry photos by mcCabe

All about that base, bout that base, green flockin'

Tutoring 11
Skill 11
Idea 11

First things first, the bases where to say the least, basic. So all the ogres got popped off (they were only ever pinned and blue tacked down so I could play)

They had suffered a little damage as I had used a press mould to make the rocks from milliputt in the past so they needed touched up and reprimed I also took the opportunity to add some slate rocks as well.

rocks added and some sand added and some sand down.

Next up priming the pump…and the bases. I primed with Vallejo dark grey and kinda lightened the stones with a light grey Vallejo primer. I wasn’t worried about over spray as the dirt was going to be dirt coloured.

pigments and washes ala my clever rock weathering was next there is a video in this project on it here in my dark age project

dirty dirty, browns down on the mucky bits. The base brown is a household emulsion and then a vallejo tan brown airbrushed on top to lighten it.

final step to add the flock and textures. So far I’ve just got my regular green flock mix on them.

Onwards and Ogrewards

Tutoring 8
Skill 8
Idea 8

time to start colouring in the ogres, they had all been primed red oxide from Halfords but now I see that the skin tone is too red and colouring yellow over the top is a pain in the hole. So out comes the airbrush for a not very targeted taupe spray.


so the guts of 1500 points of Ogres got a spray and a rethink and now it’s time to blocking in the colours prior to dipping

Oh Captain my captain

Tutoring 7
Skill 8
Idea 8

I have decided against yellow and white, instead going with cream and purple for my ogres, although I reserve the right to use a yellow as a spot colour maybe.

In the meantime Grok has gotten his base colours down before I tidy up the metals, add detail like teeth and hair and dip.

from thisfrom this
to thisto this
to thisto this

Now I’m happy with the basic colour scheme I’m trucking on with the units, and the first will by the siegebreaker horde.

Mantic doesn’t make models for them yet, an upgrade pack is due this year, so in the meantime I’m using my own conversions.

they have a plastikard wooden back and a resin front. The weapons are made from orc maces stuck on old beastmen banner poles.

The Irish Magician Couldn't Pull A Rabbit Out Of A Hat...

Tutoring 4
Skill 7
Idea 7
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So I need to get back to my Ogres, they’re close to done before dipping. So I clearly decided to start a new unit instead.

So as background I absolutely adore Westfalia’s Halfmen and those combined with my old Dogs of War make the League probably my favourite army to build for Kings. So I didn’t want to use demigryphs for Honour Guard, they don’t fit the aesthetic I’m going for and then last year Tim Djr on the fanatics page showed off a set of beautiful conversions of halflings on rabbits.

Unfortunately they are sold only at easter by Wyrd. Fast forward about 8-10 months and the easter sale rocked around… here is my altogether too expensive conversion for my honour guard.

So bunnies built and goat cav cleaned up and ready for the removal of the ruminant betwixt their legs.

So He Pulled A Hare Out Of His Hole!

Tutoring 7
Skill 7
Idea 7
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So I tested out removing the goat with a dremel type thing and it went well.So I tested out removing the goat with a dremel type thing and it went well.
alas the goat did not survive the surgeryalas the goat did not survive the surgery
To get the little tyke to fit he got a plunge in boiling water and legs spread #akimboTo get the little tyke to fit he got a plunge in boiling water and legs spread #akimbo
test fitting the key niggettest fitting the key nigget
So that’s a winner, next up the other 17!So that’s a winner, next up the other 17!

Saddle Sore And Thumb Worn

Tutoring 6
Skill 7
Idea 8
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test fitting my halflingstest fitting my halflings

now I have the legs all prised apart with the goat removed I needed to improvise a saddle to raise the rear knight up.

To do this I used plasticine so I didn’t waste time and effort with green stuff

I was quite happy with the fit and the look so all that remained was to make the same shape in greenstuff, but also add a pommel or raised front to make the halfling hanging on for safety.

So saddles all on and then I primed them grey, now it’s just a case of deciding how to paint them… not sure which way to go.

base for colour ^^base for colour ^^

Wascly Wabbits

Tutoring 12
Skill 14
Idea 14
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Fear the Rabbits.


Go on then.

Start Fearing!

I’ve gotten the base coats down and then oil washed them, now I’m on to highlighting the feral bastards.

The airbrush is getting more of a run out than I’ve managed in a long time. Sometimes it works and sometimes I swear at it over and over!

next up converting the standard bearer while I work out what I want the basing to be.

Suggestions both welcomed and ignored.

Dipping Time

Tutoring 9
Skill 9
Idea 9
Grok to the frontGrok to the front
Grok to the LloydGrok to the Lloyd

So I used AP Strong Tone dip over dark tone to see how it would work for the skin and I’m happy with the result, however I had painted some straps grey as I had intended using the Dark Tone and I’m less than happy with how they contrast. Still, I’m not going to change anything, but I will be using a lighter metallic as it practically merges as you can see on the test shooter.

Shooter FrontShooter Front
Shooter LloydShooter Lloyd

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