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Is it still Star Wars if its NOT Star Wars ??

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Project Blog by recon63 Cult of Games Member

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About the Project

As the name suggests, I no longer own any star wars mini's, but I thought I'd convert one. Not sure if it'll work, but here goes.

This Project is Completed


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So, the challenge of doing the quote @warzan, is to do “something” star wars during January. OK….. But I  don’t own any star wars minis, because no-one is really interested where I am (and I don’t really get into X-wing).


Brilliant idea, just convert something so it looks like it will belong to the star wars IP….. , again OK, a variation on a smuggler,….meh, rebel, or stormtrooper……hmmp nah, Jedi/Sith….. mah be  a possibility.


Right then, bits box, what have I got to work with ??

Right the bits

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the bitsthe bits

Right then bits I’ve got.


1 Blaine in heavy armour (Mantic)

2 legs from  Enforcer Peacekeeper (Mantic)

1 flight stand pole from Enforcer pathfinder Eyebot (Mantic)

1 holstered pistol (?? Mantic)

1 pistol firing one hand (??Mantic)

Prelim build

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Righto the, I have…..


cut the pole off the flight stand widget;

modified the pole-arm to make an extended lightsaber hilt;

joined the hilt & blade;

taken the feet off the Enforcer’s legs and bulked up the boots on Blaine;

used the 2 pistol components to make a longer barrelled holstered pistol;

found a pouch in a bits box to use as a belt pack.

I think its looking .....OK?

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partial assembly completedpartial assembly completed

Lets slap some paint on then...

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undercoat hides a LOT of sins....undercoat hides a LOT of sins....

Right then,

God I love old make-up brushes!! Best general work and dry brushes EVER

I’ve slapped some Army painter brush-on primer (50/50 mix with water), then used an old make-up eye shadow brush (my daughter’s, mine NOW!) to brush off the excess, and work the primer around to get a good coat to keep some details, and hide some joining sins.


Then gave it a once over with a shading concoction ( I think its remnants of GW agrax earthshade, FoW brown wash, Game Colour wash Black wash, Sepia wash, & Umber wash). I find it gives me a good shading base and can give a “dirty” look to the mini if I go thin with additional paint and washes.

Base Colours... Slapping on more paint

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I must give a very sincere thankyou to @Gerr for the colour selection for this mini, as I had NFI of how I was going to paint him.

Note I have not completed the below steps yet, I am midway through the highlighting stage… then I will attempt to tie it together…….

base ( yeah I know its always about the base…)

Cloak – AP necromancer cloak; my “dirty” wash (see previous entry); dry brush AP uniform grey; final highlight/dry brush AP mat white.

Horns/Face/Teeth  on the Cloak-  AP kobold skin; AP strong tone wash; horns – highlight/drybrush – AP banshee brown; AP soft tone wash; final highlight – AP drakes tooth. Face – AP stone golem; AP strong tone wash; highlight – AP spaceship exterior; final highlights AP mat white. Teeth – AP banshee brown; AP strong tone wash; highlight AP drakes tooth.

Uniform/cloth – AP necromancer cloak; FoW/AP black wash; highlight necromancer cloak; highlight a medium grey (I mixed the tone but it dried out fkn 43dregree heat); final highlight – AP stone golem.

armour base- ; FoW black – all armour; FoW/AP black wash; AP black tidy up from other areas; final coat – AP gloss varnish.

armour metal – AP necromancer cloak; highlight a medium grey (same as above); AP/FoW gun metal highlights; final highlights – AP shinig silver.

armour raised metal details – AP/FoW flat red; wash – AP red tone; highlight –

Any leather – AP werewolf brown;  AP strong tone/brown wash; highlight AP leather brown;

Skin tone – AP kobold skin; my “dirty” wash; highlight/drybrush – AP banshee brown; final highlight – AP mummy robes;

Lightsaber – base – medium grey mix – any metal; AP werewolf brown – the handle wrappings; AP grimoire purple – saber blade;

Lightsaber –  wash – AP strong tone/brown wash – the leather wrappings; AP Purple tone  – blade.

So Sorry, No Update

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Sorry, I have not been able to do any further work until after this weekend, well mainly Friday & Saturday 31/01/2020 – 01/02/2020. This is because its my son’s 21st Birthday on Friday, and we are having a family dinner on the Saturday.


So Her-in-Doors has set me a large list of jobs to do prior to Saturday lunchtime…….. hopefully an update on Sunday….

So,..... Kinda finished...?

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So since the last entry, Covid19 hit whist I was on holi’s…. long story short after several starts finish this mini.

  1. I now realise the I F*&^%(&*^ HATE trying to do light sourcing, major pain! I think I done an OK(?) job…
  2. don’t detail a base prior to gluing the mini on( the lightsaber and the glow on the ground are a little off for anyone with a bit of OCD)
  3. I’m shite at photography of mini’s, but I atleast kinda get it into focus…
  4. why did I build/convert & paint a mini for a game that I do not play….. I thought it was a good idea at the time and it was an easy project to finish…(then I tried to get fancy with it..)…So,

So, technically I have finished painting and basing the mini,….. but it won’t be finished until it reaches its new home.

@warzan a gift is on its way, when it arrives, and you “unbox it”, then I will consider this project truly completed!!

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