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War on the continent

War on the continent

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Project Blog by davedog43

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About the Project

In this project, I intend to document the creation and progression of my Oathmark kingdom. Starting with a Dwarven force, I will be crafting storylines, battle reports, modelling and painting (Aiming for an all EM4 miniatures army). Humans being the next army, using Perry miniatures plastics. Then perhaps orcs or elves until the release of the undead (Cause I really like the look of the Ossiarch bonereapers.

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Hand weapon dwarf!

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So, as promised yesterday, here is my dwarf with a hand weapon.

So the joint is pretty visible and I’ll have to have my first foray into using green stuff. I also want to add a cape to my dwarf lord and more ornamentation to his helmet (A bit adventurous, but he who dares wins!)

Going forward, I will likely be doing building/painting/modelling on Tues/Wed/Thu and writing fluff and rules stuff on other days. All subject to change of course (I’m pretty lazy).

First built unit

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Some more progress today, finishing off the spearman unit and creating a new banner bearer.

Full 20 man unit with banner, character and personnal standard-bearer. Also a dwarf with an axe.Full 20 man unit with banner, character and personnal standard-bearer. Also a dwarf with an axe.

I thought that adding some pictures showing the process of creating the standard-bearer may be helpful,

I forgot to take pictures of the dwarf with a hand axe, I’ll try and add them later on… maybe tomorrow.

First steps and small conversions

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I started off by removing the dwarves from the integral bases, glueing them onto 25mm round bases for use with movement trays (and maybe lotr later on). I’ve had a little play with the models and made a few quick conversions. One a simple weapon top swap, the other a banner. For the banner pole, I simply removed the spear tip and took the shaft from another dwarf’s spear to extend the pole (albeit a bit clumsily). There’s also a small circular tab on their back to remove, which I did with a craft knife (though the end result is a bit messy and will probably require green stuffing later).

The next thing to do is base another few units and perhaps experiment with making some cloaks for a commander unit.