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40K: Kill Team – The Laughter of a Clown

40K: Kill Team – The Laughter of a Clown

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Project Blog by jelosloth7

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About the Project

This was to document my progress of my 40k Harlequin Kill Team. If I restart this, it will be on my Wordpress blog here:

This Project is Completed

The Kill Team so Far

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Skill 6
Idea 4

Painted up a small kill team for Harlequins themed after the Masque of the Soaring Spite. Really love their colors. The harlequin pattern is incredibly annoying to paint, so this was a real challenge for me. Overall pretty happy with how it turned out. Still have several more players to paint up as well as a Death Jester, Shadow Seer and Solitaire.

This project is pretty low on my priority list as the stores I used to play at recently closed, so I’ve shifted to Marvel, Batman, Walking Dead and Frostgrave, which I play with my wife and friend. I’ll be updating those projects regularly as I finish things.

As I find time to knock out an individual Harlequin model I’ll update this project as well.

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