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Bob’ s Solo Covid 19 solo gaming project

Bob’ s Solo Covid 19 solo gaming project

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About the Project

Well I initially have a week off courtesy of HMG you have a temp rules, I can't keep the home based games group going as most of gone into isolation. So can try and use the time to do a bit of solo gaming, not like I don't talk to myself anyway.

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Well having spent the 1st day tidying up the games/ Hobby room, and managing to sort out table layout, for the lower part of games room for Team Yankee.

The main games table in fullThe main games table in full

Above British ( East Riding Yeomary Mercenary Regiment) Deployment area followed by Soviets (Volgans)

Now for those going main , lowe games room….. what!!!!

My flat (apartment for James Oriskany) used to be the offices for a saddlery company, and had two layers, I have about 5 unusable phone sockets in room.

Here is the upper part, with smaller table and painting corner  which has been laid out with Battlesystems Gothic corridors terrain for some sci fi skirmishes to break up nights planned.

Smaller Game areaSmaller Game area
Painting station Painting station

This is very much an on going project with daily updates as days and weeks go on.

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