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Spring clean challenge of everything in the cupboard

Spring clean challenge of everything in the cupboard

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About the Project

Going through and finishing some projects, kickstarters, boardgames etc.

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Picking it up again

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Skill 3
Idea 3

So i got distracted like most of us do by other things… in my case a 3d printer and then an airbrush.

It was the airbrush that brought me back to finishing this project. As it was a good way to experiment with the airbrush.

And i’ve started oil washes as well so it’s a great learning tool, finishing off old projects and trying out new stuff.

Now my photography skills are about as good as Gerry’s but you get the gist.

I Zenithal highlighted everything and then used contrast red and a few glazes and block colouring before hitting with an all over oil was that was a 50/50 mix of black and burnt umber.

Then fireballs got an OSL effect through the airbrush (God wish I bought one of these years ago!).

So that’s technically everything from the Dungeon Saga kickstarter finished (God knows how many years that has been!) though I am stripping the paint off the dragon as I want to use that as an airbrush training piece.

Back to Dungeon Saga

Tutoring 5
Skill 8
Idea 8

Next load from the cupboard are some more unfinished DS minis. Just been furloughed, so I guess I have the time…

Hoping to get in some DS after lockdown is lifted

Back to Dungeon Saga

Going to spend a bit of time looking online at how others painted these chaps up


But first I did a test base:

Back to Dungeon Saga

Have slowed down a bit as I wait for some new brushes to arrive, but finished the Efreets (not that happy with them) and started the Molochs

Once I get my new brushes in the post, i’ll pick up the pace again.

Quite liking the lava under the floor bases, but it means I have to make the minis slightly brighter so they don’t disappear. Bit of a composition rethink, maybe a yellow glow on the bottom of the minis…

Still waiting on new brushes being delivered so progress has been limited to a bit of Quick Shade and matt varnishing.

Liking the Molochs so far

Ogre BB team

Tutoring 9
Skill 10
Idea 9

I love the Greebo Games Florence Knights. Beautiful sculps.

I wanted to make 2 teams one Bretonnian and one Ogre. Decided to start with the Ogres

Pretty easy to assemble. Flash lines were easy to remove

White undercoat with a soft tone wash to help see the detail.

My paints are ancient and still going strong. My team colour is going to be orange and blue, so i went for ice blue (old GW) and some orange (again GW) that the label fell off a long time ago.

After the weekender or XLBS I decided to have another go at tartan:

Ogre BB team

Four nearly done, just a few touches left to them, and two needing very basic highlights and basing. Should finish them tomorrow and then I think it’s back to some Dungeon Saga minis

Happy enough to leave them at this stage. I could go further but I have realised I need new brushes. Mine sat in a cupboard beside a radiator for a couple of years and don’t form points well anymore.

So now I need to either convert  some gnoblars or find some nice sculpts online

11 years later

Tutoring 6
Skill 7
Idea 7
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I have 5 leftover Terminators from the 2009 Space Hulk, why I never finished them I have no idea.. probably just got bored.

They are undercoated and some bits are base coated

I find Quickshade is not good for metallics. Silvers are easy enough to highlight but gold gets lost. So my plan was pain all gold areas yellow, Quickshade them and after a matt coat paint the yellow gold with a light wash of Soft tone wash.

It’s simple but effective. Shade, Matt coat, couple of basic highlights and move on

and now I am up to date, rather than taking a tonne of pics and deciding to do the project “at some point”

Next up I have decided to do the Ogres from the Greebo Games Florence Knight’s kickstarter. I got 6 of these so I could make an Ogre Blood Bowl team. The models are stunning, so I will spend more time with them, still Quickshade, more more effort on highlights… well that’s what I think now, I might just look at them after the matt coat and think “that’ll do”

Quickshade arrives...

Tutoring 5
Skill 7
Idea 7
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Quickshade arrived and Spring Cleaning continued.

Next up some Dungeon Saga characters from the Kickstarter that I haven’t finished… and some from the Deadzone Kickstarter too! Dungeon Saga is long enough ago, but Deadzone was, like, forever ago!

I have Deadzone, Dungeon Saga, Space Hulk, Greebo Games Florence Knight’s, and some other random bits and bobs that I plan to get through.

Here’s the finished Deadzone & DS minis (in the first wave… I still have the Infernal Crypts expansion mini’s and the Dragon to do… at some point

Granted my photography skills leave a lot to be desired…

To Begin...

Tutoring 5
Skill 6
Idea 7
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At this point I have not lifted a paint brush for about 2 years and haven’t had any gaming for a year.

So with a sprue of Wargames Atlantic’s Halfling Militia that they gave away on Black Friday and the (then) upcoming Spring Clean challenge, I decided to crack out some hobby time…

I decided to do these little guys for Dungeon saga, as my old gaming friends love that game (We used to be flatmates and play a lot, and one of them runs a homebrew Halfling character).

They are a little bit bigger than Mantic’s little halfling chap, but never mind.


The plan is to use Quickshade, as there are a lot more minis to follow.


But, we just entered Lockdown at this point, so it was ordered and took 4 days to arrive…

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