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Spring Clean Hobby Challenge. Adeptus Titanicus world building (city scape and Titans)

Spring Clean Hobby Challenge. Adeptus Titanicus world building (city scape and Titans)

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About the Project

This is my spring cleaning hobby challenge and a source of some amusement among my friends, due to timescale so far, and an embarrassing quantity of un-built, hidden away models. I will start with where i am up to, will then list what i have got to build, and see where i can go from there. The idea is to complete the 4 by 4 modular city scape that my brother and i have been working on and also my legio Gryphonicus to start gaming on it properly at the end of this spring clean.

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Real life slows play.

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I wanted to get a lot more done this week than i actually managed which was a little annoying. I did manage to get some of my knights built and these are now base coated and about to go under the airbrush.

Am i making a rod for my own back doing it this way?Am i making a rod for my own back doing it this way?

The rest of the week was spent on some battlefront bits and doing some more work on the table. I thought that i might well run through my thought processes for why we did it like this and where i am up to.

The table is a 4×4 and when titanicus was being released it was suggested that this would be the optimum size for a board. We have seen lots of people playing with 6×4 but felt rather than making it bigger we would make more line blocking terrain and see how we liked it. Even with going for a 4×4 it didnt fit on any table in my house across its width so a decision was made to build an under board. This was made out of 18mm mdf to give it enough weight that it could not be easily upended even if it was lent on. We then edged it in pine to prevent the tiles from spreading during play and also the board can be used with a mat for flames of war so it has dual purpose.

The edge pieces go in next, these are done so as to give little tactical advantage but just add to the narrative a little. These are forge world resin kits, vanguard miniatures parts and tiatnicus bits super glued on, then covered with pollyfilla and pva and painted using 3 colours of aerosol, a rough and ready pin wash and some powders. These are intentionally dowdy so that the titans would hopefully stand out a little more. You can see where some sections of the board have only had their first base coat over the polyfilla.

The individual tiles were designed and spaced so that lines of access could be closed down or opened up depending on orientation the image below shows, for example, a scenario where the titans would enter a city from the outside so the cover is quite sparse for the attackers with big building that easily hide a warlord for the defenders.

Real life slows play.

As you will be able to see from the first aerial shot, the firing lines and lines of attack are reasonably regimented, the second aerial shot shows how by rotating the boards in the bottom left hand corner and one of the middle right hand side tiles other avenues of attack are opened up. We have found that most games can be tailored, in this way, and they can be made more or less tactical.

The next two images show the models eye view and how the rotation closes down some lines of attack from bigger distances. The final two images show the city scape from a different angle and the board set up with cover for both sides and a more open kill zone in the middle of the board.

I hope you have enjoyed this, feel free to fire questions at me if you have any and thank you for looking and hopefully i’ll have some finished kerniggets by the end of the weekend.

All aboard the trim pain train.

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I thought i would start each project post with a couple images of each individual tile when i am not working on scenery. This tile was made using some n scale models bought from ebay. The model is under sci-fi n gauge terrain and is from Outland.

Like i said in the earlier post, they were painted up using 3 progressively lighter rattle can colours after adding a few extra bits of rubble etc. Then a pin wash and some dry brushing. The ground is polly filla mixed with PVA glue and then painted and dry brushed.

And now onto today’s painting.

So the last few days have involved building up and painting my first Warlord. This kit is quite easy to put together compared to the Reaver.  The largest PITA in all of this is the trim! Have i mentioned the trim yet? I struggle with the patience for the trim.


And this is where i got to today. I’m reasonably happy, but having doubts about the lower legs. Tooooo much yellow. I’m hoping that once it all comes together it will tone it all down along with the weathering.


The final part of this is a mini top tip/wip.

Questoris knights seem pretty quick and easy to build, these took 40 minutes to get here and are my first three. I just snipped them all off the sprue and built them. Thing is, it isn’t quite that easy. The three banners that sit between their legs are all subtly different and only fit with the set of legs they are paired with

First three and more faff than i expected.First three and more faff than i expected.
Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks.Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks.

Right, that’s it for today, i hope some one out there likes some of this. And hopefully the titan will have some weathering on it for the next pictures.

Dammit, i need to work out how to make pics smaller (sorry!)

Where i am at.

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This cityscape has been on going for  a while. We wanted a modular board that felt a little more real than just a city populated by Titanicus buildings. I also wanted a more cost effective way to fill a table a block effective line of sight to increase knight longevity. The board is made out of CNC’ed MDF into a hex pattern so that we could rotate the tiles to narrow or open up the pathways. The mix of heights also means that we can have open areas or plains leading into the city etc. The image below shows the process pretty well.

The city process. The city process.

We picked up some Ebay Chinese si-fi special buildings in N gauge, added some Titanicus bits to it and bits from Vanguard to create something that we were happy with. We put them together and used a basic high light with a chaos black and then two spray cans of lighter tones to speed up the painting process. A quick spray of semi gloss spray and then a quick pin wash to finish it off.

One of the building sets.One of the building sets.

The final image shows where i am up to going into this and the terrain aspect of this spring clean.

The Titans.

My brother is my main hobby buddy and  a teacher with a kid. It is therefor somewhat embarrassing that he has finished off a maniple and some knights in a fifth of the time i have got this far with my Titans. I am hoping to get my models finished by the end of this. The to do list is

2 x Warlords. 2 x Reavers. 2 x Warhounds. 1 x Warbringer and 12 x Knight Questoris.

The picture below is what i have done so far.


What i have done so far.What i have done so far.

And for my next installment hopefully i will have progressed on my first Warlord.

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