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Pictures for the Picture God! – Spring Cleaning Challenge FINISHED!

Pictures for the Picture God! – Spring Cleaning Challenge FINISHED!

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About the Project

It took me a while to decide what project I was going to tackle for the Spring Cleaning Challenge. Flames of War Afrika Korps or maybe rebase some of my Hail Caesar or my Dwarves for SAGA Age of Magic? Well how about I finish my other project. No not painting mini's, I mean my actual OTT online project where I decided to take pictures of everything I've painted so far! :D

This Project is Completed

So what's this all about?

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The project of taking pictures of everything I’d ever painted, started two years ago. I had recently put all my mini’s in dedicated plastic boxes that fit perfectly into the racks in my basement. Gone were the old days of cardboard boxes in all shapes and sizes and the numerous hours of playing Tetris to get it all to fit (which mostly, it didn’t).

With everything organised, I decided to take out army by army and take some good pictures of it and put them in a project log. It would be a great reference if anyone ever wanted to see something I’d painted.

Said project:

Soon I discovered that, well, a) I have a lot of stuff, b) it takes a long time to get unpacked, set up, photographed, packed up again, upload the pictures and update the project and c) I have a lot of stuff.

With my daughter being born in the summer of 2018, the project got sent to the bottom of my hobby priorities and most of my free time was spent painting mini’s.

Now that the spring cleaning challenge has come round again, it seems like a good opportunity to finish up! In this project I’ll document how I go about things and show you guys exclusive behind the scenes footage. 😀

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Current state of the project

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The project log is roughly divided into four categories:

  1. Fantasy Armies; My first foray into wargaming was with WHFB back in 2003, so it seemed appropriate to start with those armies.
  2. SciFi Armies; Warhammer 40k but also some other stuff, that I started with later.
  3. Historical Armies; I started collecting historicals around 2009, so they would be the third category
  4. Terrain; some of the tables I’ve built
  5. Finished units/armies; After everything that I have painted up to ‘now’ (around the spring cleaning challenge) is uploaded, I’ll use the project as a running log for future finished units.

Up until now I’ve done most of my fantasy armies, 40k and scifi. I’ve still got the following left to take pictures of; (That’s all painted, some is completely finished, other projects have some remaining stuff left in storage).

  1. Additional Plague Marines
  2. Epic Imperial Fists
  3. Imperial Fist Kill Team
  4. Dreadball Teams
  5. 10mm Wood Elves
  6. Stormcast Eternals
  7. Frostgrave Ghost Archipelago
  8. Lord of the Rings (Gondor)
  9. Hail Caesar (Carthaginian, Numidian, Italian Allies, Iberians, Celts)
  10. SAGA (Carolingian and Vikings)
  11. 6mm American Civil War
  12. FoW Great War Germans
  13. FoW Normandy Germans (352. I.D., Lehr, FSJ)
  14. FoW Normandy Brits (51st Highland, 6th Guards, 4th Independent Shermans)
  15. FoW Normandy US (2nd Armored)
  16. FoW Soviets (Motor Rifles, Tank Horde)
  17. FoW Ostfront Germans
  18. FoW DAK
  19. Bolt Action (Japs, Soviets)
  20. FoW Vietnam (US Marines, Mech, Airmobile, PAVN)
  21. 15mm Modern Warfare (Chechens, MVD)
  22. Terrain (Normandy, Stalingrad, WW1, Jungle, 40k)

Oh boy…

There are fouler things than Orcs in the deep, dark places of the world...

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Spiders mostly 😀

Just a quick view of one of my racks in the basement and the boxes that I use for storage.

It takes quite a while to get everything unpacked! 😮


Time for some updates!

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So I’ve taken my time to get through a couple of leftover scifi/40k and fantasy stuff. I’ve managed to upload:

Plague Marines v3, Dreadball, Imperial Fist Kill Team, Epic Impy Fists, AvP leftovers, Crimson Fists that I had forgotten about ( damn :p ) and 10mm KoW Wood Elves.

Working my way through the list in a previous post, there’s still a long way to go!

Also I’ve noticed some of my earlier uploads have disappeared from the project, hopefully we can get the technical quirks sorted out! 😮

The end is nigh!

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We are getting very close to the finish line 😀 The only things left are the following;


  1. FoW Normandy Germans (352. I.D., Lehr, FSJ)
  2. FoW Normandy Brits (51st Highland, 6th Guards, 4th Independent Shermans)
  3. FoW Normandy US (2nd Armored)
  4. FoW Soviets (Motor Rifles, Tank Horde)
  5. FoW Ostfront Germans
  6. FoW Vietnam (US Marines, Mech, Airmobile, PAVN)
  7. 15mm Modern Warfare (Chechens, MVD)
  8. Terrain (Normandy, Stalingrad, WW1, Jungle, 40k


Still, that’s a pretty large amount of figures to set up and photograph. I’m glad I’ve done them 2 to 3 armies at a time during May and June because it’s a timeconsuming proces. Feeling positive that I’ll be able to finish the picture taking project for this year’s spring cleaning challenge before the clock runs out!

Go take a lookt at:


Below I’ll show some pictures on how exactly I store my mini’s.

  1. My 10mm Wood Elves didn’t have proper storage yet, so it was time to rectify that.
  2. I use an acoustic foam as insert trays. It has a light adhesive property that keeps the mini’s in place. It grabs onto the mini’s so well that I can lift the foam out without them sliding all over the place, even when the foams sags a bit. Although I call it ‘adhesive’, it doesn’t really stick or leave any residue, more like a velcro (Don’t really know how else to explain it haha 😀 )
  3. The type of foam. It’s about 12euro for two sheets, that will get me about 4 to 5 boxes filled up with 3 sheets in each box.
  4. I finish off the top layer with regular bubblewrap.

There are other good methods out there (KR foams and cardboard for example), but since the boxes fit perfectly in my storage space, it’s the best solution for me at the moment ^^

Spring Cleaning Challenge 2020 FINISHED!

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Phew we made it! 😀

Since the last update a week ago, I’ve spent three full afternoons taking pictures of mini’s. It honstely took way more time than I expected but I’m very satisfied that I stuck with it. Now 99.9 percent of everything I ever painted is in my painting log 😀

The only thing that I left out was the terrain, but I didn’t have the opportunity to set up a table and photograph it. I’ll try to add in pictures when I get some games played so everything looks a bit more natural.

Hope you guys enjoyed following my painting log and maybe got some idea’s from this project to do something similar! Thanks for reading! 😀


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