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Karate Forms in Miniature…

Karate Forms in Miniature…

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About the Project

I practice a Korean karate style called Kong Sudo. Whilst we've been in lock down our club has been doing a weekly art challenge - mainly drawing an animal or theme associated with our forms (forms are sequences of moves joined together - known as Kata in other Karate styles). I decided to do this by way of painting miniatures! Check out our club at I'll need to find something to use the mini's in at some point...

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Jion (Temple bells represented by the Mountain Goat)

Tutoring 6
Skill 7
Idea 8
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The next instalment in the miniature representation of Kong Sudo karate forms.

Jion. Another old school video from Shotokan karate showing the form…


So – goats.

Shout out to Torros for highlighting these:



The chosen two..The chosen two..

Messed around with a few different browns – don’t use Aggaros Dunes – this happens…

This is terrible... This is terrible...

Any way – back to the drawing board – Rhinox Hide with a wash of Agrax Earthshade a highlight with a Zandri Dust was what I used in the end for one of the goats- can’t beat old fashion methods sometimes

Also decided to do a white one so tried Apothocary White – worked fine – just added a dry brush of a white (any white would work I suspect).

Horns were done with Ushabti Bone with a Agrax Earthshade wash then a lawyer of Ushabti Bone again -didn’t really need to highlight any more.

Also did the udders and using a Bugmans glow, wash with Agrax Earthshade and then layered back with Bugmans glow and then a lighter shade of pink by adding some white into Bugmans glow.

Forgot to take photos so here is the final product..


Jion (Temple bells represented by the Mountain Goat)
Jion (Temple bells represented by the Mountain Goat)
Jion (Temple bells represented by the Mountain Goat)

Base was done with Green Stuff to anchor in the little bleaters and then added some stones from the garden. Added some Stirland Battlemire and covered stones and some of the Battlemire in Mechanicus Standard Grey.

Light dry brush of Grey Seer on the top of the grey bits and some Zandri Dust on the brown and added a little bit of grass in the ‘muddy’ patch inbetween the rocks.

Finishing Naihanchi (the Iron Horse)

Tutoring 5
Skill 7
Idea 6
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The Iron Horse all done!

Finishing Naihanchi (the Iron Horse)
Finishing Naihanchi (the Iron Horse)

As with the Cobra some new bases arrived so I could finish this.

Used Green Stuff to build up and over the metal base of the horse onto the plastic base to anchor it.

Then some Stirland Battlemire over the top of that.

With a dry brush of a lighter brown and then some static grass I had to hand – Citadel stuff which on reflection I shouldn’t have used – it’s not great! It’s very bright so just stippled with some Waagh! Green to tone it down a bit…

Any way happy enough with the final result.

Finishing Bassai (the Cobra)

Tutoring 4
Skill 6
Idea 6
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The Cobra all done!

Finishing Bassai (the Cobra)
Finishing Bassai (the Cobra)
Finishing Bassai (the Cobra)

All I’ve done since the last entry on this is tidied up the parts I messed up by going over any mistakes with Wraithbone base and reacting the painting steps and FINALLY some new bases arrived (not to self – keep spare bases).

I used some green stuff to well and truly anchor the large metal figure to the base. Just put a thin layer of the stuff over the base, plant the mini push it up into the gaps and bob’s your uncle.

Base of black, then used Agrellan Earth from , with a wash of Cassandra Yellow and a dry brush of tyrant skull. Finished off with some ‘desert sand and stone base ready mix’ from Geek Gaming . They have a great range of base ready stuff –

Any all done! Quite happy with this one.

Bassai (The Cobra)

Tutoring 5
Skill 6
Idea 5
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Choosing a mini

The form is here in what looks like a rather old school video. I’m not entirely sure if the form shown in the video (from shotokan) is the same the form in Kong Sudo as I haven’t learned this form yet – but the first few moves look the same to me at least!

Bassai is the Cobra form. Not a hard one this for a mini!

Reaper minis have this rather cool thing so I dove straight in with a base coat of Wraithbone.


Base coat of WraithboneBase coat of Wraithbone


Again I used contrast – this mini looked ripe for contrast.

I used:

  • Creed Camo for the skin. It’s quite a nice warm and ‘jungle’ type green to my mind. Milatarum green was another option.
  • Skeleton Hoard for the underbelly. (2 coats and coaxing the paint into the under ridges).
  • That’s it…
First bits of paint... First bits of paint...

I decided to create some black stripes and used Black Templator contrast over the top of the green. In future I’d probably undercoat with Wraithbone again as there was no highlighting from the contrast when put on top of the green…

Applied the usual trick of a light dry brush of Tryant Skull which I think fixed the Black Templar issue.

Did the eyes with an undercoat of Wraithbone and then Blood Angels Red.

Played around with doing some cuts and scrapes on the skin of the Cobra, but I don’t like it and they need fixing!

Started on the stone the Cobra is one – thought a strong Yellow would be a good base before layering up with some lighter stone colours (but not got that far yet).

More to come!

Progress so far...Progress so far...

Naihanchi (The Iron Horse)

Tutoring 6
Skill 7
Idea 6

Choosing a mini

The form is all based on ‘horse riding stance’ and has the power of a horse.

It was bit tricky to come up with a mini for an Iron Horse however.

I could have done an armoured horse – but I found a unicorn from Reaper Mini’s sooo….iron horn horse it was to be!

I believe there are three Naihanchi forms. The one I’m learning is here if you are interested. (It’s not me!)

The chosen mini with a base coat of Wraithbone. The chosen mini with a base coat of Wraithbone.


The first base coloursThe first base colours

Added the base colours using contrast paints:

  • Snakebite Leather for the body
  • Black Templar for the mane and tail
  • Apothecary white for the hoof hair.
Next stepsNext steps

Used contrast skeleton horde on hoofs, and Leadbelcher on the horn aiming for an iron colour eventually.

Added another layer of Snakebite Leather to the body and Black Templar to mane and tail.

Finished on the horse Finished on the horse

Made a ligher area on the nose and above eye with a couple of layers of wraithbone.

Shaded the horn with Nuln Oil and shaded the hoofs, white hoof hair and light areas on face with Agrax Earthshade.

Just finished off things with a very light Tyrant Skull dry brush highlight on everything bar the horn, with a dry brush of leadbelcher on the horn.

And finally… re-did the eyes with Wraithbone base and then Volupus Pink, which I really like but can’t get a great picture of!

Next I need a base… Another entry to come later.


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