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Flames of War Armies & Table Build

Flames of War Armies & Table Build

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Project Blog by Abbaz Cult of Games Member

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About the Project

My first project here on OTT (so forgive me). I apologize for the project type - could only select one but is actually a two-in-one. This is will be a complete (& long) build of 3 Flames of War armies (British, American & German). A build of a full terrain table that I plan to be be modular. I am not sticking to historical location 100% and there is a surprise that I hope Warren (Warzan) will approve of.

This Project is Active

Background on the Project

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After watching Field Marshal Warzan role out the nacht wolfen (& his flying saucers) and the OTT crew build of the Normandy Tables, I got inspired to do something of my own.
I have never played tabletop war gaming before but always wanted to. Being a scale model builder, I got really excited when I watch the OTT videos on Flames of War.

When it comes to building scale models, its go big or go home for me. As an example, below is my 1/144 Schwerer Gustav Railway Gun at 111cm in length.

1/144 The Schwerer Gustav Railway Gun1/144 The Schwerer Gustav Railway Gun

I love building dioramas with tanks (German Tanks specifically – hint on which army I will be playing). So building a Flames of War Table and armies is sort of the best of both worlds for me.

The table will be 6ft by 4ft. I will be using mats and making my own scatter terrain as well as using some building I found online (all to be improved and painted of course).

With this coronavirus pandemic, I hope all of you are safe and healthy. I am in Kuwait with a complete curfew in place. So things will be a little slow on the project in the beginning. I think can get started as I will have a few things arriving over the next few weeks – all for the project.

Project Planning

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To start off, I am currently waiting for my Flames of War boxes to arrive – expected within the next 2 weeks. I will be building the following:

  • German LW “Panzer Kampfgruppe” Army
  • American LW “Combat Command” Army
  • British LW “Armoured Battlegroup” Army
  • Additional Units: Tiger Heavy Tank Platoon
  • Additional Units: Sherman Armoured Troop
  • Additional Units: Hummel 15cm SP Artillery Battery
  • Additional Units: M12 155mm Artillery Battery
  • Additional Units (Not Official): German Secret Weapon

Also known as “a lot of plastic”.

In the mean time, I am listing the game components I need to make (some I have started):

  • Greenery – Trees, Bushes, Bocage, Hedgerows
  • Road Components – I want to make the roads modular in a way that different layouts can be created from the same components.
  • River/Stream – I have a nice product from Woodland Scenics that mimics water.
  • Scatter Terrain – Bridges, Fences, Telegraph Poles
  • Buildings – Currently I have ordered two of the city ruins bundle from Battle Kiwi – expected in a week. I will be adding more features to them like wall details & floors. I am going to get a bunch of town/farm houses for rural terrain.

So far this is on my to do list. Its a bit of a long road, but I consider myself a fast worker as long as the builds are systematic for mass production.

I will share as much as possible my methods of building diorama stuff for anyone.

As a sneak peak, below is a little progress on the ” German Secret Weapon”. I am still working on the scenario and how to incorporate it into the game without breaking the game XD.

German Secret Weapon - Work in ProgressGerman Secret Weapon - Work in Progress

Road System 1

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Currently making a modular road system. I created some templates of different road shapes and connections on paper first to see how well they connect. The width of the roads are currently about 3 inches.

There will be added greenery/flock/turf to the sides of the roads to make them less uniform, but they will match at the connection point. The paper templates will be transferred to plastic sheets. They are a good base for building on.

I really want to cobblestone roads, but I have to go hunt down a wallpaper that matches the texture what I want. I want to make a small city section but not sure how to transform the road from country to city. Any Suggestions?

For the time being, Ill make country dirt roads.

The below mat i am using is from Deep-Cut Studio. Please let me know what you guys think of the templates & any suggestions or feedback is welcome.

Once I’m happy with my templates, Ill do a complete step by step build of a segment.

Unfortunately, everything is delayed here in Kuwait, due to the curfew. My supplies have arrived in country but are yet to be delivered to me, which is killing me with excitement.

Table Layout So far

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I kind of stuck on the roads at the moment. I want to do roads with textures of dirt and cobblestones. Unfortunately, I have to wait for 4 more days until the curfew is lifted, here in Kuwait. I need some supplies to make those work.

My armies have not yet arrived, sadly. Still waiting.

However, I did get a mat with cobblestone roads on it. They might be a bit out of scale for 15mm, but I don’t mind. It works for me. Also, got the city ruins from Battle Kiwi. Here is the layout so far.

I still have scatter terrain to make and rubble as well. Maybe also weathering the buildings more.

Battle Kiwi City Ruins PieceBattle Kiwi City Ruins Piece
Test of the layout on the City MatTest of the layout on the City Mat
Test of the layout on the City Mat - 2Test of the layout on the City Mat - 2

I want to include another piece. It will be a terrain piece with a scenario objective built around it – thinking of “Capture & Hold”. This is the P1000 Landkreuzer Tank “Ratte”.

I have a proper model of one, but it might be a little smaller than 15mm scale would be. When I placed it on the table, I think it looks fantastic. The model is not finished – I do have a tendency to jump from project to project. This can be fortunate, as now I can finish for Flames of War.

Here it is:

Please let me know what you think ….

Table Layout So far
Table Layout So far
Table Layout So far

The Armies are here ! Finally !

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Finally, got called last night – “Hello, I’m Outside”.

Here are the Armies. A few missing extra units, but I can get started on building and painting. I built 1 Tiger to see how the model goes together. Never built this small before. I really really like it so far.

Next is to build each army one by one. I will post my painting process in the upcoming posts along with the basing.

Thanks for all who popped in on this project, so far.

Painting the First Tank

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I have started building with the Tiger Tanks. Painted one to see how to paint such a small model and weathered it. What do you think ?

Drilled out the gun muzzle break - didn't like the solid look - this looks much better.Drilled out the gun muzzle break - didn't like the solid look - this looks much better.
Model is primed with Tamiya Grey PrimerModel is primed with Tamiya Grey Primer
Dark Yellow base coat doneDark Yellow base coat done
Camo Pattern with Dark GreenCamo Pattern with Dark Green
Added the Red Brown Camo PatternAdded the Red Brown Camo Pattern

The finished model – washed with a dark brown, chipping with Panzer grey & decals set.

For decals – since this Tiger has zimmerit, I used a decal softner to “melt the decals” so that they grab the zimmerit texture – giving the illusion they are painted on.