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My way in to historical

My way in to historical

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About the Project

This is an account of my journey into the historical genre. **WARNING** I like to ramble, all the thoughts in my head just fall out and they are usually unfiltered!!

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Hit The Beach..... Completed it mate!!

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Hit The Beach..... Completed it mate!!

So there it is.. A power through and the Germans are done. Are they historically accurate.. nope. But i did have fun painting them.

Hit the beach completed…

Is that the end of the project I hear you ask with glee..

Well yes.. sort of

In all their gloryIn all their glory

And when I say sort of.. I have bought so much more stuff from OTT store

Hit The Beach..... Completed it mate!!

On to the next chapter

Getting back in the game!

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Ladies and Gents… I have started painting again… well… I have started slapping colour on to the Germans from Hit The Beach anyway.

Whilst I really enjoyed painting the American components of the set, and I loved painting the Panzer IV’s. I came to a stop on the infantry and I whilst it has been sitting out on the table for me to get a move on i just couldn’t get in to the swing of it. I have now decided to just smash them out and get them done. So I went back to the gun crews and gave them a lick of paint. Pictures will be coming when they are all done.


Why so many

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So after my last post of not figuring out what colours to use on the German Infantry, Gerry came to the rescue with some advice, as did the folks over on the FoW Facebook Page.

Now.. I’ve not finished them yet.. far from it and I will tell you why.

I normally paint all my minis in squads, or in this case per base, I find this quite manageable and it keeps me motivated to get the next ones done.

I started off (as you can see in the pic below) just going for the gin crew on the PAK-40s

Why so many

This was going OK, as I know my 10 year old is coming over after the weekend of working, I know he is going to want to play, and we are not allowed to play with unpainted mini’s. I thought it’d be a great idea and hit them all at once (see below)

OTT in the back ground!OTT in the back ground!

What a massive mistake that has been. Painting one colour onto so many figures in succession in an absolute ball ache and has turned quite monotonous. Its got to the point where it is getting boring. I know I have to plough through them as i need them ready for Tuesday. Any tips on motivation would be helpful!

Ahhhhhhhh I need help!!

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Skill 7
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Today I decided to try and tackle the Germans.. and I am struggling.. I really don’t know how to do them.. in the pictures they look grey, I’ve tried experimenting with the greys I have and it doesn’t look good.

Ahhhhhhhh I need help!!

Below is a picture of my selection of grey can anybody give me some tips?

Ahhhhhhhh I need help!!

The Germans are coming!!!

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Painting the Panzer IV

The Germans are coming!!!

So here I am again.. Stand by for the ramble!

So.. I started the Germans from Hit the Beach. I think that they are put together really well, the plastic was easy to trim etc.

I coated the tanks in dark sand, about four coats, I am finding that Vallejo paints don’t cover as well as the Citadel paint that I am used to.

Once dry I tried to get a decent representation of the camo scheme that the Germans used in the late war. I’m not a history buff by any means so I had to google a lot!

The Germans are coming!!!

On looking at the colours I found them a bit on the light side so I gave it a generous coat of a sepia wash to try and get it a bit darker. This I think worked a treat!

The Germans are coming!!!

I then hit all the tank with a dry brush of the dark sand again to try and pick out the bits. I then point washed all the hatches, hinges and rivets with Nuln Oil and dry brushed the tracks with gun metal. Then for the final step, with help from the old YouTube I used my rust pigments around the base of the tracks. The result? OK I think. I’ll let you be the judge!

All the PanzersAll the Panzers

There you have it.. I was going to start the sentence with So.. But I know i do that quite a lot so I’ll have to keep an eye on that one.

Next is the gun team and the Infantry.. They are soooooooooo small!!!

Let me know what you think of the models, I can defiantly use some advice from you guys. If anyone actually reads these things I post.


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So as I mentioned in my last entry, I have already put together the American force that comes with the Hit The Beach box set.

I can tell you now that I was so pleased with how easy the Sherman Tanks go together.. that easy that even someone as clumsy as me can do it and they still look half decent.

So once I put all of the tanks together I put down a base coat of Vallejo US Olive Drab and then dry brushed Vallejo Green Brown. Then gave it a wash of Citadel Seraphim Sepia. I then put some Nuln Oil around the hatches and stuff. I think that they came out OK. If I was to paint them again, I’d go for a slightly lighter green by using Vallejo US Dark Green instead.



After the tanks I moved on to the infantry.. What a ball ache they are. I have never painted anything so small and my painting is nothing compared to most of the other guys and gals in the community… However I gave it the good ‘ol college try as my US friends would say.

Using a Base coat of Vallejo US Dark Green, I dry brushed Vallejo Green Brown and then used German Grey for boots and weapons and then a bit of English Uniform Brown for the Backpacks and stuff. Then a bit of Flat Flesh for the fleshy bits. Lastly a wash of the Sepia again and hey presto!!!!

Now I know the hard core historians amongst you may tell me the colours are all wrong, I suspect they are myself, how ever I am happy with how they came out considering I have never painted WWII or 15mm before.

The Complete US Starter Force


So there you have it. I’ll keep you updated on my project as often as possible. I don’t even know if people will read this but hey, its a good way to wait for paint to dry

Till next time



The Beginning

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The Beginning

Just.... Because

So.. with COVID 19 my usual hobby of going to the pub had to be put on the back burner. What to do I asked myself. I started by paining some of the old wH40K models I had lying around.. I quickly found myself getting bored.

So I jumped on YouTube to try and find some inspiration. I searched for my old favourites ‘Beasts of War’ I quickly found out that names had changed? (How long have I not been paying attention to my old war-gaming hobby obsession.) So there I am browsing around and come across the old FoW FTW content.

Now I have only played one game of FoW and though enjoyable, I could never see myself playing it, the models are just to small I thought.

So after a bit of binge watching, I saw the Hit the Beach Box set and all the Normandy tables and thought. Why not give it a try!

I have painted through the Americans, which i will show later on and as you can see from the banner I have started the German side.

I also quickly found that there is an OTT store so on order is the American box set! why not, when that’s finished I’ll probably go for the Germans to!

Wish me luck