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From the “Weird” Workbench of Zebraoutrider

From the “Weird” Workbench of Zebraoutrider

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Project Blog by zebraoutrider Cult of Games Member

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About the Project

Originally this blog was to detail the unusual Maow Miniatures that I came across by chance a few years ago via the Independent Retailer - the Wamp Store. Maow Miniatures is a French sculpting company that distributes their miniatures via third parties and if you are looking for something a little different (Cthulhu inspired?) to paint then their wacky creations maybe for you? But, this blog is going to now be more… Inspired by the fantastic response of the community to my other workbench blog, I’m going to present any non-fantasy and simply weird miniatures in this blog that I come across or pull out of my ‘pile of shame.’ As with all my projects, my painting style is rather grim-dark and gothic, normally utilising black under coats and with some influence of Blanchitsu to create a ‘dirty’ impression. I paint for pleasure and not for profit. I will be seeking inspiration as I go along from what I see, read and from those I interact with in this great hobby. So come on board for some Sci-Fi from Diehard Miniatures, Horror from Maow Miniatures, Steampunk from Reaper Miniatures and Wyrd Miniatures and Historical from Wargames Foundry… plus the odd Oldhammer (non-fantasy!)

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