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Conquest 100 Kingdoms by The Dace

Conquest 100 Kingdoms by The Dace

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Project Blog by thedace Cult of Games Member

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About the Project

I decided to join in with the Path of Conquest event running on the site. This is a log of my ideas, inspiations and progress.

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A side quest

Tutoring 3
Skill 3
Idea 3
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Now this isn’t on my milestone 1 list hence the side quest title.

I wanted a Boar or a Boars head emblem on my shields possible due to reading about Richard iii recently.

I really couldn’t find any transfers that I liked the look of and to be honest there weren’t many Boar options.

Its was suggested by Gerry that I could print my own Transfers which had not occurred to me.

I ordered some suitable printer paper from Amazon.

A quick search online and I found a Boars head image that I liked.

This image I then copied into word resizing and duplicating as required.



Transfer printsTransfer prints

I tested how well the printing had worked on the closest thing to hand.


Next to try on one of the models these transfers are intended for.

More by luck than design it was the perfect fit for the shield.



Shield TransferShield Transfer

Stage 1 of Milestone 1 completed

Tutoring 4
Skill 4
Idea 3
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Well that’s all the 100 Kingdoms from the starter box put together.

The models were quite easy to build but I did make a few mistakes.

Here is what I did wrong so as to maybe help other people building these models.

The mounted noble, I glued the tail of the horse on before the horses skirts.

This was the wrong way of doing it and I had to physically break off the tail and green stuff it to put it right.



Fix from the other sideFix from the other side

Next to the men at arms.

Remember to not glue the torso to the legs straight on all the minis. These models seemed to look a lot more dynamic in a twisting pose rather than all facing straight on.


Ready from primingReady from priming

Milestone 1

Tutoring 3
Skill 3
Idea 4
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Milestone 1

Si vis pacem para bellum

For my First Milestone I intend on getting all of the 100 Kingdoms units from the Starter set clipped, glued and based.

100 Kingdom contents of the starter box are as follows

1 Mounted Noble Lord

3 Household Knights

12 Crossbow men

24 Men at Arms

I will also get my mounted Noble Lord and Household knights painted up.

I intend to learn the rules (I’ve only read Lore so far), build a list and get my first game in.



The inspiration

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Skill 3
Idea 4
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Basically the inspiration was the coverage on the On Table Top Site.

The store deal on the starter set bundle was a good one so I took the plunge.

I’d seen this game before at the UKGE I though it looked great but never followed up my interest in it until now.

The minis look great as does the overall style and artwork for the game.

What was also a deciding factor is that I have a friend who also has the game from a while back. It can be hard sometimes to find an opponent for a lesser known game / system. My friend likes the look of the Spires so an accord was made where I would play the 100 Kingdoms and he the Spires.