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Infamy Infamy off we go

Infamy Infamy off we go

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About the Project

What do you do when you have over a dozen active projects on the go? Start another one of course. With the publication of Too Fat Lardies Infamy Infamy rules it gave me a chance to return to Ancient Wargames to build both an Ancient British and Roman force.

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What did the Romans ever do for us?

Tutoring 7
Skill 8
Idea 8

With the British finished (at least for now) it was time to turn on the Romans, again for the Infantry I turned to Victrix and a couple of boxes of Legionnaires and a box of Auxillia.

Once these were made a quick coat of black undercoat was applied, and then a heavy dry brush of gunmetal for the armour, the rest were then block painted, washed and highlighted.

As with the British element of the project it was then down to completing the shields using Little Big Man Studios shield designs. What impressed me most was that weathering had already been completed on the transfers so another step avoided😊

Black undercoat applied with airbrushBlack undercoat applied with airbrush
Legion in formationLegion in formation
Boss man and friendsBoss man and friends
Legion part 2Legion part 2
Officers and command figuresOfficers and command figures

And of course to support the legionnaires you need the auxiliary.

Auxiliary Auxiliary

Now it is onto the Roman cavalry and auxiliary archers and then the various carts, wagons, coach and farm stock that  make up the scenario objectives.

Basing, Sabot Bases and Shields (part 2)

Tutoring 7
Skill 8
Idea 8
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The next was the huntsman himself

Huntsman and Huntsman and "dinner"

Now we come to the “spiritual advisors” providing moral support to the tribe, the first a druid with followers and someone offering advice

Druid and acolytes - well mostly Druid and acolytes - well mostly
Druid with head fixation Druid with head fixation

And lastly a female druid with followers

Druid and followers Druid and followers
Druid and followersDruid and followers

Again slightly disappointed with photos as they do not pick out the highlights on the dresses but can’t have everything.

Basing, Sabot Bases and Shields

Tutoring 7
Skill 8
Idea 8
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Well I finally managed to finish off basing the Ancient Brits and get all the shields glued on. One thing I will not miss is doing the sabot bases, I’m sure that it took me more time to complete the clean up than it did to paint and apply the basing material.

Anyway first up we have the armoured warriors who will either form the front ranks of the warriors or represent the Noble Warriors in Infamy.

The whole mobThe whole mob

We then had the “red haired” women herself (this is simpler than Boudica, Boudicca, Boadicea or Boudicea or if you want the welsh spelling Buddug) and her spiritual advisor with a fetish for heads. Slightly disappointed that the shading and highlights on her dress have not come out on the photo 😒

"Red Haired Women" and Spiritual Advisor

Now no self respecting Noble wants to walk to battle so here are the “battle taxi’s” of the day.

Now we have the boys to provide the annoyance value to the enemy with a group of light cavalry skirmishers and slingers.

Light Cavalry Light Cavalry

Now as part of the game you need deployment/ambush points for your force, I manage to locate a couple of pre-painted standing stones you can see lurking in the back of some of the photos but for others a trip to the Wargames Foundry site provided the rest.

First up are the huntsmen who are also doing a bit of scouting

Beater and HoundsBeater and Hounds

Chariots to the fore

Tutoring 11
Skill 11
Idea 11

The next stage to be completed were the Ancient British “battle taxis” again from Victrix. To get the best results there is a need to build most of the components separately, paint and varnish them, assemble and then touch up.

Separate BuildsSeparate Builds

Again I used some of the transfers from LBMS but I must admit I didn’t bother with the wheel trims a bit to fiddly for my finders.

Chariots AssembledChariots Assembled

The chariots also came with a number of additional figures as alternative crews and it seemed rude not to make use of them so I know have an “angry women” leader and also a “friendly druid”

Additional LeadersAdditional Leaders

So now just need to get the right weather so I can give another coat of varnish and on to the basing.

With the last of the Britons painted it is now onto the Romans 😊

First 20 Romans builtFirst 20 Romans built

Unarmoured Warriors finished

Tutoring 9
Skill 10
Idea 10
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Finally got around to basing and fixing the shields to the initial set of warriors. For basing it was a quick layer of tiling grout followed by an all in one basing mix (Moorland) and then the addition of a few tufts and the odd late fall blooms.

Ancient British MobAncient British Mob
Boars HeadBoars Head

As I have said before the Little Big Man shield designs are really a blessing.

Next Steps

Tutoring 10
Skill 10
Idea 10
Unarmoured WarriorsUnarmoured Warriors

With the initial set of Warriors painted and varnished, awaiting the finishing of their bases and addition of shields it was time to move on the their armoured brethren. There are 30 in the Victrix bag and I think I managed to build them without getting any duplicates.

At the same time I prepped the skirmishing support troops (light cavalry and slingers) and the figures needed to complete the deployment/ambush points needed for the game all from Wargames Foundry.

Hopefully built without duplicatesHopefully built without duplicates

It was now out with the airbrush to undercoat and for the armoured figures I used black undercoat while for the others I stuck with the grey.

Undercoat completeUndercoat complete

Next the figures got a heavy drybrush of Vallejo Chainmail silver this was later knocked back with a wash of nuln oil.

Heavy dry brushHeavy dry brush

Figures were then blocked painted as with the other warriors.

Block paintedBlock painted

And finally a wash of nuln oil on the armoured and Army Painted strong tone for the clothes. At the same time I painted the light horse skirmishers (just for a change), I particularly like these figures as they are mounted on the smaller ponies.

Awaiting varnishAwaiting varnish
Light HorseLight Horse


Tutoring 9
Skill 9
Idea 9
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It was also the time to start the shields, I am painting these on the sprue and then touching up later.

Back of the shields given a coat of foundry staffwood followed by strong tone wash, metal work completed and then the front painted off white.

Shields preparedShields prepared

Then it was time to break out the scalpel to cut out the shield transfers. Now here a HINT on the Little Big Man Studios transfers most of the bosses need to be cut out. Do this before cutting the shield from the main sheet as it is a lot less fiddly!!!


Transfers appliedTransfers applied

Once the transfers applied there is a bit of “touching up” to do if you have fingers like Mars Bars like me!!

3 down 45 to go.

Time to paint

Tutoring 7
Skill 8
Idea 8
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So time to start applying paint and try to get them done as fast as possible, so the idea was to paint them in batches of 10. There would be two main colours per batch and although the Celts were known for plaids and stripes as these were the unarmoured warriors initially they would be plain block colours.

I went for various green, brown/red and unbleached wool/linen tones from the Wargames Foundry range.

Flesh appliedFlesh applied

So started with the flesh (Vallejo Sunny Skintone) followed by Army Painter Flash Wash. Then block painted linen and green for the main colours, this wash followed by a Army Painted Strong tone wash and quick highlight.

Block Colours applied Block Colours applied
Wash Applied Wash Applied

Next up was to apply the odd tattoo, this was done with fine drafting pen and although not the greatest close up does pass the “two foot” test and gives an suitable effect. (Doh! it was at this stage noticed pooling of wash on one of the faces so had a do a quick retouch).

Tattoo's appliedTattoo's applied

With the first 10 complete moved to the second batch, the only difference going for a darker skintone as the first batch appeared a bit light.

Second Batch completeSecond Batch complete

Planning and getting started

Tutoring 7
Skill 7
Idea 8
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What do you do when you have over a dozen projects on the go? Start another one of course!

The publication of Infamy Infamy by the Too Fat Lardies gave me the opportunity to return to one of my first periods in wargaming and also collect a force I always wanted but never added to the numerous 15mm Ancient Armies languishing in their storage boxes the Ancient Britains. It would also mean that I could get a force of Romans which again I have never collected in 40 years and gaming.

One of the first decisions made however was that I was going to use “shield transfers” as I was not going to attempt to hand paint that many designs. Also the use of these transfers make the figures “pop” and can hide a multitude of sins in the painted figures.

So after drooling over the Wargames Foundry Ancient Britains/Celts the first disappointment and Little Big Man Studios (LBMS) not producing shield transfers for them.

So the first decision and an order was dispatched to Vivrix for packs of both their armoured and unarmoured warriors with the accompanying LBMS shield transfers.

This then left me the decision as to what to do about the Romans and whether to go for a Caesarian or Early Imperial force and at the moment I still haven’t decided.

When they arrived I started on the unarmoured warriors and was pleasantly surprised at the ease of construction and the variety that can be obtained. The first 48 figures were soon built and based ready for priming.

Built and ready for primingBuilt and ready for priming

So it was out with the airbrush and a coat of Vallajo light grey primer applied and I was ready for the off.

Primed and ready to goPrimed and ready to go

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