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A journey into the old world WAAAAGH

A journey into the old world WAAAAGH

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About the Project

It's hard to believe that painting a single miniature has sent me down this green skinned rabbit hole.

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Where it all begins.

Tutoring 7
Skill 9
Idea 12
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There was a time long ago (roughly twenty years ago) when I was wide eyed little snot and I stepped foot into Games Workshop in Newcastle after being shown a game of Gorkamorka by my Geography teacher. I left with both my first copy of White Dwarf and my first game of 40k under my belt.

From that day the grimdarkness of the 41st Millennium became one of my favorite science fiction franchises and I because a loyal son of Baal since the very beginning. But there was always something niggling at me, telling me that I was missing something and it took me until after I walked away from the hobby due to life getting in the way, other hobbies and struggling to find people to play with.

That niggling feeling was warhammer fantasy. Dispite my love of sci-fi with its giant robots, power armour, spaceships and laser swords. Even though I had never really been into my elves, wizards and dragons. But after hearing of the death of Warhammer Fantasy I wished that I had also taken a stroll through the old world those many years ago.

Fast forward to the beginning 2017 when I had had returned to the hobby to help me deal with the after effects of a medical emergency, I found a local club to play at so I dusted off my Blood Angels and rolled some dice once more!

Then we fast forward (again!) to a fortnight ago while rummaging through my old collection of stuff I discovered a metal miniature of Grimgor Ironhide and 15 orc boyz! I didn’t have a clue where or when I had aquired them. All of the miniatures on my shelves are sci-fi such as 40k, Infinity, Battletech, Mercs and some Anvil Industry miniatures. So I decided to and some fantasy to the collection upon my shelves..

These are the orc miniatures I'd found and quickly realized that they're going to need some work.These are the orc miniatures I'd found and quickly realized that they're going to need some work.

I was pretty happy with the result of Grimgor so I decided to begin scouring eBay for more boyz to join him, but something changed.

That something will be for my next entry 😉


Tutoring 5
Skill 10
Idea 13
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This is where the fun begins.

I showed off Grimgor on my local clubs facebook group and mentioned that I would be prowling eBay for more orcs to join him. To my surprise I was messaged by a long time member that he had a load of orcs sitting around gathering dust and he’d be willing to let me have them because they’d “go to a good home” with me. He shared a list of what he had with me and let’s just say it was quite a lot.


1 games day exclusive black orc boss

1 orc shaman on boar (not in photo)

1 savage orc shaman

30 black orcs with various weapons

30 boyz with 2 choppas

16 boyz with bows

1 boar chariot


All for £35! Yes you read that right all that for a mere £35.

Next time I’ll be giving the Black Orcs some love with a nice simple paint job. To nail down a scheme that can be batch painted easily.

Time to put paint to miniature

Tutoring 10
Skill 11
Idea 12
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After some brain storming I decided on a simple paint plan that would be efficient and allow me to paint up roughly ten miniatures at a time.

The painting plan went as follows.

Stage one: first steps

  1. Abaddon Black base coat.
  2. Dawnstone drybrush all over the model.

Stage two: the skin

  1. Base coat with Castellan Green.
  2. Two thin coats of Elysian Green over the Castellan Green.

Stage three: the armour and weapons

  1. Paint the chain mail and several (chosen at random) different armour plates Leadbelcher.
  2. Paint the weapons in Leadbelcher as well.
  3. Paint the leather straps Doombull Brown.

Stage four: it’s washing time!

  1. Wash the armour, weapons and straps with Nuln Oil.
  2. Wash the skin with  Athonian Camoshade.

Stage five: details

  1. Base coat the horns and tusks with Zandri Dust.
  2. Now paint a layer of Ushabti Bone over the Zandri Dust base coat.
  3. Roughly highlight the edges of the Leadbelcher armour plates with Runefang Steel.
  4. Pick out the various Orc glyphs in Hoeth Blue.

Stage six: the base

  1. Layer of PVA glue.
  2. Dip the mini into a tub of Lukes APS Desert Sand and Stone base ready mix.
  3. After the base has dried wash it with Agrax Earthshade.
  4. Add grass tufts where desired.

And here’s the results of two tests models.

Time to put paint to miniature

I was very happy with how they turned out so I painted a couple more.

Time to put paint to miniature

Okay I’m liking how they’re looking ranked up together.

Time to put paint to miniature

Right the plan has been tested and I’m happy with the results. Now comes the batch painting.

Until next time keep yer choppas sharp and never trust those pointy eared gits!

Slowly coming together.

Tutoring 2
Skill 6
Idea 5
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Just a quick update today as I haven’t had much time to put paint to mini lately but I managed to find the time to paint up five more Black Orcs.

Slowly coming together.

Wish I had more time to paint more of them.

Slowly coming together.

Here’s everyone together.

Slowly coming together.

I also picked up a out of production Black Orc boss with choppa and shield from eBay.

Until next time.

A major step forward

Tutoring 1
Skill 3
Idea 3
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As the title suggests a major milestone has been reached.

My unit of Black Orcs has been completed!

A major step forward

It felt so satisfying to complete my first full unit. Next up is the Boar Chariot.

Until next time.

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