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The Spires: Daroth Prime

The Spires: Daroth Prime

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Project Blog by avernos

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About the Project

I'm embarking on the Path of Conquest with the elite Spires force in the hope of being able to complete it in a timely fashion.

This Project is Active

The beginning.

Tutoring 10
Skill 9
Idea 15
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The Spires are a fairly unusual force in Fantasy, elite like elves but crafters of the motes of life into clones and drones like flesh shaping aliens so I feel like they’re going to be a bit more interesting than drybrushing silver.

I decided to go off book for the colour scheme blending samuari and insect to get something distinctly alien and outlandish.

A Riot Of ColourA Riot Of Colour

Milestone One

Tutoring 15
Skill 11
Idea 14
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I have my build list and even a chance to talk to Leo about it.

When the finesse and agility of the Cloned instruments of death meet the
ferocity and raw strength of vat grown Brutes they make a force that only
the most disciplined and ferocious warriors can stand a chance! March
your Biomantic forces and show once and for all true Spire superiority!

● 1x High Clone Executor
● 2x Vanguard Clones
● 1x Brute Drones

The kits mentioned above will allow you to create a solid foundation on
which to build your force or expand an existing one. This list will allow you
to form a solid foundation on which to build and expand your collection.
The list goes as follows:

High Clone Executor [75]
– Vanguard Clones (3) [165]
– Vanguard Clones (3) [165]
– Brute Drones (3) [180]

The Executor is a natural leader of Clones, deadly in close combat it well
compliments the large volume of the Clone’s attacks. Whilst the Clones
form a deadly front line the Brute Drones make short work of enemy light

Time to Build, time to Cry

Tutoring 12
Skill 14
Idea 14
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Clones and ExecutionerClones and Executioner
Brutes a Trio of TerrorBrutes a Trio of Terror

Did you spot my deliberate mistake?


Well then, I should have been building two units of Vanguard Clones for Milestone One and not The Force Grown ones I actually did.

Where did I put those boxes….

Painting Time

Tutoring 7
Skill 12
Idea 11
Painting Time

Milestone Two

Tutoring 11
Skill 14
Idea 14
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This week we will be strengthening our forces by adding some much
needed ranged firepower and Character Removal!
Products needed:
● 1x Mimetic Assassin
● 1x Force Grown Drones
● 1x Marksmen Clones

The Spires
The Marksmen Clones are invaluable at supporting friendly Regiments
with their Arcing Fire ability whilst firing volumes of arrow fire over great
distances. Whilst the rest of your force engages the enemy, the Mimetic
Assassin with its Regiment is able to come from Reinforcements at just
the right time with its Flank ability!
High Clone Executor [75]
– Vanguard Clones (3) [165]
– Brute Drones (3) [180]
– Marksman Clones (3) [165]
– Force-Grown Drones (3) [80]
Mimetic Assassin [80]
– Vanguard Clones (3) [165]
The Mimetic Assassin is a great tool for removing and harassing enemy
Regiments. It’s ability to strike first in a Duel and a plethora of offensive
mutations available to it, will threaten vulnerable support Characters or
force them to deny a Duel, Breaking their Regiment in the process.
A well placed pincer maneuver will force an enemy player to choose
between losing their Character on the spot in a Duel or Break their
Regiment and potentially risking the Character’s Regiment being
Shattered by another Regiment charging it.

Milestone Two Progress

Tutoring 6
Skill 11
Idea 10
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Marksmen ClonesMarksmen Clones
Force Grown DronesForce Grown Drones

Milestone Three

Tutoring 8
Skill 6
Idea 7
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The real strength of the Spires come from their ability to shape and
enhance physiology and function. This week we will add two potent
weapons in our Spire Army, the Biomancer and the Abomination!
Products needed:
● 1x Biomancer
● 1x Force Grown Drones
● 1x Abomination
Nothing breaks a flank better than a monster with 10 Attacks, Cleave 1 and
Flurry Charging furiously onto the enemy lines. The Abomination, despite
its massive size it’s incredibly fast and able to outflank and reign terror
deep behind enemy lines. Use it to threaten enemy ranged Regiments
and finish off any Regiment that your Vanguard Clones are struggling
Adding a Biomancer into the mix will allow you to recycle Regiments that
are out of position in order to support and heal another Regiment. As we
build the list up Force Grown Drones will become a prime candidate for

Milestone Three Progress

Tutoring 8
Skill 15
Idea 13
Two Ranks of the finest DronesTwo Ranks of the finest Drones
Abomination.... ChargeAbomination.... Charge

I also have the Biomancer to do but I’ve been trying to decide how to apply the colour scheme I’ve chosen on it, so while that is mulling over I’ve pushed on and have started the two regiments of Drones that I built in error at the start so it should all balance out at the end.

Milestone Four

Tutoring 5
Skill 3
Idea 6
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This week we will focus on strengthening the core of the Army adding
extra Vanguard Clones and Force Grown Drones into the list.
Products needed:
1x Vanguard Clones
1x Force Grown Drones
With the addition of extra ranks for both Vanguard Clones and Drones it
is time to make some structural changes in the list, moving Mainstays inbetween Warbands.
Throughout the game the High Clone Executor will stay within the large
Vanguard Clone Regiment forming a powerful front line Regiment.
The Biomancer will be able to use the Large Force Grown Drones
Regiment to heal fallen Vanguard Clones or replenish wounds on the
Abomination or Brute Drones allowing them to continue the fight grinding
down the opposition.
Lastly, the Mimetic Assassin is a powerful tool to keep in reserves as its
Regiment may spring to action at any point threatening valuable Character
targets and and come from Reinforcements at a moment’s notice.

Painting Time

Tutoring 7
Skill 5
Idea 7

Actually before I start painting I’m going to cheat a little on the build, the army calls for a third unit of Vanguard Clones, but I’ve decided to build them as Marksmen clones for two reasons.

One I wanted to see how they looked and two I thought it would give me more variation in list building.

If I ever need to field them as the Vanguard version they should be I’m just going to spread the crossbow wielders out in the back ranks of the other two regiments leaving all the stabby guys to the front. This is a great way to double your options when building massed battle units by the way.

My Sweet Tech-Guy SkillzMy Sweet Tech-Guy Skillz

I know how the look of the Clones will turn out but I had to work out where I was applying my colour scheme to this gentleman and with the wonders of technology I think I have it

Painting Progress

Tutoring 4
Skill 8
Idea 6

Skin is done and time to move on to poppier colours

Milestone Four Finished...(for now)

Tutoring 5
Skill 9
Idea 8
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yes I know he should've been in Milestone 3 but he's here now!yes I know he should've been in Milestone 3 but he's here now!

Milestone Five

Tutoring 7
Skill 5
Idea 8
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Nothing says Biomantic superiority like tall, remote controlled, chitin
machines of death. This week we will be adding a powerful Warband to
the Army List, adding greatly to the staying power of your force.
Products needed:
● 1x Lineage Highborne
● 2x Avatara
The Avatara’s high mobility, Defence and Resolve allows them to position
themselves between the enemy’s Regiments and yours protecting your
high value Regiments and denying key charge lanes. One Regiment can
hold a Flank, two Avatara Regiments on a flank and your opponent is in
High Clone Executor [85]: Warlord, Fury
– Force-Grown Drones (6) [155]
– Brute Drones (3) [180]
– Marksman Clones (3) [165]
– Vanguard Clones (6) [330]
Mimetic Assassin [95]: Venom
– Vanguard Clones (3) [165]
Biomancer [75]: Essence Transfer
– Force-Grown Drones (3) [80]
– Abomination (1) [145]
Lineage Highborne [120]
– Avatara (3) [165]
– Avatara (3) [165]
We make sure to add a few more points to the list with “Venom” on the
Mimetic Assassin. Deadly Blades will now make sure that whoever is
about to Duel the Mimetic will think twice. Your opponent will have to
make a tough decision, accept the Duel and maybe lose a Character or
save the Character and be left with a Broken Regiment. Tempting target
for wandering Abominations and ranged-in Marksmen Clones.

Hobby Time!

Tutoring 8
Skill 10
Idea 8
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so these are big, not brutal tanks like the Brute Clones, but a more elegant weapon for a more elegant age!

So plenty of options to keep them individual and primed well I decide how to paint them up, homeward stretch now I can almost smell the painted army gaming now.

Towering Death!Towering Death!

A Splash of Colour!

Tutoring 2
Skill 7
Idea 7
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Oh looking good babyOh looking good baby