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Dungeon Delving

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About the Project

Inspired by all the talk about Hero Quest (a game which I am to young to have known about at the time), I've decided to crack out my Dungeon Saga collection.

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Quick one today, got all the bases printed off, washed and cured. Have a feeling my print bed may not quite be level as there were some lines across some of the bases, plus they had pulled a bit where they were supported, but a bit of sanding with my rotary tool has smoothed those edges down.

I now have all the minis I have so far mounted on the 3d printed bases.

Ive also decided to add some grit/texture to the bases, which I have 3 reasons for doing:

1) To cover up and printing errors/failures and to cover up and gaps between where ive cut the minis of the previous bases.

2) I want to give the bases the feeling that the dungeon is an old crumbling place, where maybe the walls/ceiling have falled through slightly and the earth has spread across the dungeon floor

3) Because the textured area will be painted in the same way i usually do my bases, if i decide to use some of the minis as part of a fantasy army, then the base will blend in a bit with the models in the army, maybe the character is walking on an overgrown path whilst the army is marching to war.

Back to Bas(e)ics

As all the minis have already been sprayed (or some even painted), I will be brush painting the basecoats on the bases (as these minis have quite fine detail which i dont want to loose by spraying a second coat).

Taking Stock

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So inspired by all this talk about Hero Quest, and Warrens own dungeon delving project. I’ve decided dig out all my Dungon Saga minis. This took a while as for some reason they were spread out among several random boxes…. I must sort out my storage system. Just chucking things in boxes and hope I remember where they are doesn’t seem to be working.

Below is my collection so far, these come from the base set, Return of Valdor and the Infernal Crypts sets, plus the Legendary Necromancer than a staff member from the local store was kind enough to give me for free. (I think it was a promo of some kind?).

Now some are already painted, I think all of the baddies from the base set. During this project I will be going back over them, brining the standard up a little bit if I feel they need to.

The first thing I’m going to be doing however, is re-basing them.  Whilst they do already come on nice sculpted dungeon bases, I prefer round. So ive decided to find some 3d printable bases. The image below shows a set from Open Forge, a free set that I found, containing loads of bases, across a bunch of sizes and shapes.

Taking Stock

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