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I don’t want to set the world on fire…..

I don’t want to set the world on fire…..

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About the Project

A project aimed at allowing me to play some narrative campaigns, both solo and with my Girlfriends son, during lockdown. We both love playing the Fallout games and I have sat on the fence since this game was released. This may also incorporate Elder Scrolls A Call to Arms...... Though I might open yet another project log ?

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Better Photos and some Survivors

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Skill 4
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I'm a Survivor!I'm a Survivor!
Nora, walking away!Nora, walking away!
Super mutantsSuper mutants
Brother....... Someone or otherBrother....... Someone or other

Much better shots of the Super Mutants and also my finished survivors. The PVC models are superb. Obviously not as sharp as the resin but if you take your time with them, you can get excellent results. Fun to paint and fun to play too.

Super duper mutant PVC

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Okay, this is like the 5th ongoing project here ?. I may have to start consolidating these.

Anyway, I just picked up the core set for Fallout Wasteland Warfare along with an extra set of dice, a plastic divider box to store it in and Mantic Ruins to start building my portion of the Capitol Wasteland (I’m definitely more if a Fallout 3 kinda guy) at least until NCR and Ceasers Legion arrive.

I started on the Super Mutants as I was intrigued by Duncan Rhodes painting tutorial and his use of Contrast over an already highlighted area.

I used it too thickly on the Aviator but thinned it for the rest and the result is stunning. I also deviated from the ending rust colours by using Nikilakh Oxide followed by a mix of Ryza Rust, Agrax Earthshade and MIG Mud Pigments thinned down once the oxide was finished.

I did this because I wanted a slightly green tint to the rusted armour to show under the rust. I am super happy with the result and already looking at the Super Mutant Core set and expansions in order to grow my force.

Super Mutant TrioSuper Mutant Trio
Super Mutants walking away (fade in Hulk theme tune)Super Mutants walking away (fade in Hulk theme tune)

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