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From here to Infinity

From here to Infinity

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About the Project

My first steps into the Infinity Universe with a new Yu Jing force.

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The Bull Demon Cometh

Tutoring 5
Skill 6
Idea 6

“Enemy hacker eliminated”

“OpFor Lieutenant terminated”

“Pan-O left flank breaking”

Reports from across the skirmish front detailed different specifics but all echoed the same overall message, the enemy forces were shaken and vulnerable. Now was the time to strike a decisive blow. An unearthly howl flooded the battle field, rising from behind the Yu Jing lines and growing like an oncoming storm. As the sound reached a crescendo a massive battle suit burst into view, rifle raised and spitting death at the enemy lines. The Mowang vaulted over the entrenched Zhanshi and continued forward without breaking pace.

“All units advance!” came the order over comms.

It’s finally time for a long overdue update as the painting is finally done for this project!

As mentioned in the last update figuring out how best to paint up the Mowang took a bit of time (though most of the gap since the last update was procrastination ;). I wanted him to be a bit different but still tie in. With that in mind I stuck with the white/orange-yellow of the rest of the troops but moved away from the blue undercoat and introduced some olive green and brown. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

Sorry for the lack of in progress pictures for this one. So the final step will be to base them all. My plan is to do a mix of brown grit/mud with some static grass and snow. We’ll see how it turns out 🙂

Things in progressThings in progress

Thunder Cat Ho!

Tutoring 6
Skill 7
Idea 7
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The wind rushed past in a tunnel of blurred trees as the Su-Jian sprinted effortlessly through the forested terrain. This is what he loved even more than the rush of combat. Though he couldn’t “feel” the wind, protected as he was by the Immediate Action Suit, he could “sense” it. It’s speed, temperature and even chemical composition all collected via a myriad of sensors and fed directly into his nervous system gave him a level of awareness that far surpassed what he might feel outside of his suit. At the moment these heightened senses let him know that a fierce skirmish continued nearby and he used the sound of it to guide his path. He’d been ordered to circle behind the opposing force, identify their command structure and disrupt it.

Swiftly he pushed onward, the feline like form perfectly adapted to moving among the trees and brush, until he was sure he’d passed by the enemy lines. With little more than a thought the Su-Jian changed direction to cut behind their foe. This would have been more difficult in an established front but the fire fight here had been unexpected by both sides and its rapid escalation had left little time to enforce the flanks or provide a rear guard. That weakness would now be exploited.

A red blip appeared on his hud along with a brief message from the Lieutenant “Command and control signals triangulated to this location. Engage and destroy.” Shifting his path slightly, it only took a few moments to get visual contact and close the distance. As the Pan-O officer became aware of the approaching threat the Su-Jian launched into the air, easily clearing more than five times its frame size in the leap. While still in the air the feline form shifted smoothly into its humanoid aspect, a two foot long blade clutched in one hand ready to strike…

The Su-Jian and Mowang are, in my mind, two of the coolest models in the Yu Jing range and are a big part of what drew me to the army so I’m really excited to be painting them. First up is the Su-Jian which is actually two models in one (to represent it’s mobility and regular form). Given its obvious cat like nature and the forces overall winter theme I decided to base the color scheme on a snow leopard. Looking at some source images they are a lot less white than I thought they’d be, having a significant level of browns and greys in their coat. So with that in mind I chose to do the more mechanical parts in bronze (to represent the browns) and then split the armored areas between the same white the rest of the force had and a more greyish blue (Stormy Grey – 09088, Cloudy Grey – 09089 and Misty Grey – 09090). My thought is this should keep it fairly tied in while still being a bit unique.

Ironically despite this being a larger model it was actually easier to paint in many ways. Since it’s a mechanical suit it doesn’t have a lot of the details the smaller models do (things like hair, faces, boots, gloves, packs, etc) but what areas there were did need a lot of color coverage. Since it’s two versions of the same model it also meant matching things up between the two models. I’d originally planned to add some spots to accentuate the leopard like nature but in the end decided to leave them out and let the association be a bit looser. I may also add some transfers later so this leaves me clear white areas to work with.

So with that done only the Mowang remains. Still need to figure out what I’m doing with his design…hummm…

Initial block in of white, grey and bronze (Old Bronze - 09197 with a Brown Liner wash).  Note I left the back plates off both as well as the cat forms leg and gun.  Initial block in of white, grey and bronze (Old Bronze - 09197 with a Brown Liner wash). Note I left the back plates off both as well as the cat forms leg and gun.
Many more coats and highlighting added to some of the colorsMany more coats and highlighting added to some of the colors
Ready for battle!Ready for battle!

...hidden Ninja

Tutoring 6
Skill 6
Idea 6
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The Tiger Soldiers arrived on the enemy’s flank with the fire and fury one would expect from their namesake but on the other flank a different aspect of the creature was being exhibited. There a formless shade silently stalked from one bit of cover to the next. The only hint of its presence was a slight shifting of light and color during its movements. It was not to be enough to alert the two Fusiliers crouched behind a line of boulders to their impending doom however. The first was dead before either knew what had happened and the second barely had time to register the shifting form of his attacker before a razor sharp blade sent him into darkness.

With the immediate threat dispatched the ninja took a moment to scan the area for his true prey. There, a short way off he caught sight of the enemy hacker, his attention clearly in cyberspace. Turning his own focus inward the ninja launched his digital presence at the unsuspecting foe, slicing into his mind as cleanly as his blade had the soldiers at his feet. The result was just as fatal and before the Locusts body had collapsed to the ground the ninja was already gone to find his next target.

The ninja mini is a great looking sculpt that I was looking forward to painting. He also presented some challenges both based on what I wanted to do with the paint job and from the way the sculpt is itself. First I wanted to make sure he was recognizable as a ninja. This meant he should be differentiated from the rest of the force but I also needed to make sure and tie him in enough so that he fit with the overall force. I also wanted to display is mimitism/camo/hidden deployment aspect.

As far as the sculpt, a significant amount of the mini is the roof peak base he’s on so I needed to make sure that looked good. Additionally, as I realized as I was painting, having a sculpted base feature that’s supposed to be up in the air meant the sections of his base that weren’t covered by it couldn’t be done like the rest of the force (I suppose it could be a sunken or ruined temple roof but that wasn’t where I wanted to go).

So the first thing to do was to figure out the main colors. I considered following the same formula as the rest of the army and going for a Stormshadow look but though a break from all the white would be good. After some consideration I decided to go with a variation on the base blues I’d been using. So far I’ve been using Twilight Blue (mid-tone for the triad) with Snow Shadow (highlight of the triad) for the troops under armor so my thought was to go with a darker version by using Midnight Blue – 09019 (the shadow for the triad) for his under armor and Twilight Blue for his armored sections. This gave a nice dark tone without going black and also kept him in the same color range as the rest.

For my other troops I tried to include a fair amount of Yu Jing orange/yellow but given the nature of our stealthy friend that didn’t really fit well here. I initially planned on doing the center plate on his chest, “eyes” and the back plate of his helmet. After painting that I felt the back of the helmet just didn’t work so I ended up repainting it and just sticking with the chest plate and eyes. The limited color seemed to fit his theme better in the end.

Continuing that idea I painted most of the colors into the base. This keeps the model visible but also helps accentuate the shadowy nature of the character. The roof tiles are in Mahagony Brown – 09070, Chestnut Brown – 090071 and Rust Brown – 09072. For the decorative sections I envisioned them being made of gold, ivory and jade and so used Antique Gold – 09050 – 3/1 followed by a wash of Brown Liner – 09064 – 1/5 and then dry brushed with New Gold – 09051. The “ivory” sections were done using Aged Bone – 09059 – 3/1, Bone Shadow – 09058 – 1/2, a repeat of Aged Bone and then Polished Bone – 09060 – 2/1. The jade was Forest Green – 09013, Grass Green – 09014 and finally Jade Green – 09015. In all cases I did a much of coats of the mid and highlight colors to try and blend them well.

There’s not too much gear on the mini. Only his sidearm, bow and sword. The side arm and leather I did as with the prior minis. His sword was done with Blackened Steel and a highlight of Polished Silver – 09054. The bow is where I finally brought in a bit of black by using Faded Black – 09657 for the central portion and then Twilight Blue for the outer portions. I added some Midnight Blue to give it a camo effect and painted the cams in Ancient Bronze. I’d like to add a string to the bow, and still may, but unfortunately it lines up with the forearm so I’m not sure it would turn out well.

Oh that reminds me, we careful with the bow. It’s pretty thin in some sections and fiddling with it will lead to breaks. I broke off one of the cams while removing some extra bits and ended up having to glue it back on.

To represent the minis mimitism effect I used some diluted paint to add the roof colors to the legs. This is mainly seen on the right leg where it’s over the tiles and the left foot where it got a gold and green glaze. I’m pretty happy with the overall effect though it is somewhat subtle on the overall model.

The last bit was figuring out what to do with the base. Since I don’t think I can base in the same way as the rest of the force I decided to have some fun and extend the minis paint job onto the base itself. On the sides this was easy as I just continued with the various browns. In the front it was a bit trickier as I had to extend the detail (and the bull demon was a bit in the way). Again I’m fairly happy with the result though my attempt at some forced perspective is amateurish at best 😉

And that’s about that. Down to three more models to go (two are alternate forms of the same troop). Both are heavy infantry with tons of armor. My thought is to base the Su-Jian color scheme on a snow leopard though this will be interesting as they have a lot of grey and brown. The Mowang I haven’t really figured out yet. Given their size and the nature of their troop types they’re both going to draw a lot of attention on the battlefield so I want to make sure they look good. We’ll see how it goes 🙂

Falling Tiger....

Tutoring 4
Skill 5
Idea 5
No Comments

With the enemy TAG still immobilized a stalemate developed that threatened to escalate into a full fledged battle if it continued for long. As fire continued to be exchanged between the opposing sides to shapes plummeted down out of the sky at great speed. At first glance they might be missiles but the roar of deceleration thrusters just before impact revealed them to be a pair of Tiger Soldiers. Two plumes of snow obscured vision of their landing site on the enemy’s flank,  but not the sound of combat shotguns doing their deadly work.

Next up were a pair of Tiger Soldiers (technically I’ve only got one in the list now but no sense leaving one lonely). Even as medium infantry these guys are pretty much all armor with less accessories (no side arms, less straps, etc). This lead to them mainly being white. I tried to balance this by going fairly heavy on the orange/yellow which I focused on their jump packs.

For the most part I used the same methods as earlier with the one unique bit being adding the tiger stripes to their armor. This was important both to tie back to the name of the unit and to break up all that white. To keep it from being too pronounced I first painted up the white (starting with Rainy Grey followed by Pure White as before and then added the stripes using Faded Black – 09657 – 2/1. Once they were dry I did another layer of Pure White at 2/1. This dulled the black a bit and, I think, helped integrate it rather than leave it looking painted on top. I finished with Pearl White, avoiding where the stripes were.

Now it’s time to turn my attention to our stealthy Ninja. Easily half the model is the building peak he’s standing on. My plan it to try and demonstrate his high level of mimitism but we’ll see how it goes.

Consider this insurgency....countered!

Tutoring 4
Skill 6
Idea 6
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The steady clatter of small arms was drowned out by the deep “thumping” of heavier fire just before a pair of trees exploded near the Zhanshi line.  Chunks of wooden shrapnel, pine tar and needles rained down from the destruction.  Looking towards the enemy lines a massive armored suit stomped it’s way into view, guns trained on the Yu Jing forces.  Apparently the enemy had been re-enforced as well. 

The appearance of the TAG was not a good sign.  It was unlikely the assembled force would be able to hold long against the level of firepower and armor it could bring to bear. 

On the left side of their line three Zhanshi seemed to distort before fading into multicolored fragments and finally disappearing.  In their place was a Yu Jing agent of the Kanren.  Her gaze was locked on the TAG but unfocused, seeing a world beyond the natural.  After a moment the great beast of a machine jerked sharply and then ceased moving at all.

“Threat neutralized Lieutenant”  stated a voice over their comms.  A brief cheer went up from the StateEmpire troops as the balance of power shifted back their way.

Hello everyone.  So we’re getting into the final stretch of at least the first phase of this project.  Fifteen of twenty-two models done (with a whole pile of others that I can start on after that 😉

As I mentioned last time I was trying to decide if I would do my Kanren Hacker or two Tiger Soldiers next.  In the end I started off by working on all three (makes more efficient use of paint since they share a lot of colors) but then ended up focusing on the Kanren.

The main reason for this was the mini itself.  The Kanren Hacker is made up of two parts, the main body and one leg and the other leg, gun and arm.  Because the legs weren’t connected I couldn’t base the mini.  As I started base coating all three and then adding the first layer of Rainy Grey to the armor I realized I was going to have to be touching the mini a lot more than I would like and paint would be getting rubbed off a lot (generally I hold them by their base).

This lead to me figuring out what I was going to need to paint prior to attaching the two halves together which in turn ended up with a completed Kanren and two Tiger Soldiers still essentially just base coated 🙂

So for the Kanren I mainly used the same paint scheme as the Zhanshi but I did want to make her a bit distinct.  I did this by painting her coat in purple (Nightshade Purple – 09022 – 3/1, Imperial Purple – 09023 – 2/1, Amethyst Purple – 09029 – 2/1) and then did her hair in a fading pink (mainly just for fun) (Pale Violet Red – 09027 – 3/1, Violet Red – 09026 – 3/2, Breat Cancer Awareness Pink – 3/1).  I did a bunch of blending to get the hair effect to something I was happy with.

One slight issue with the model, or perhaps how I glued it, is that the back leg makes contact at the knee but then the lower leg rises so the foot is in the air (where I think it should all be flat on the ground.    It also extends past the edge of the base which is a little annoying (if it didn’t the toe of the foot might touch the ground which would negate the rising issue).  I should be able to fix this once I get to basing however.

Because I just got on a roll with this mini I didn’t take much in the way of in progress shots so there’s just the one and then a few shots of the final.

Now it’s time for those Tiger Soldiers 🙂

Remember when we were all a team...Remember when we were all a team...

By your command...

Tutoring 5
Skill 5
Idea 5

The sharp report of chain and combi rifles filled the air and echoed off the nearby hills. Snow and bark was blasted into the air as the two forces exchanged fire. One of the Zhanshi, her left arm bloodied and limp, had drawn her sidearm to continue the fight while a second could only seek cover behind a rock outcroping his life blood flowing freely. Despite their bravery and training it seemed they’d be overwhelmed before long.

A startling silence broke the formerly chaotic comms which were immediately filled by a steady, dispassionate voice and stream of visual references appearing in their HUDs. “Guards woman, reposition your Kuang Shi to rally point one and hold that line. Squad Alpha hold position and cover their movement. Squad Beta flank left to rally point two. Yisheng see to the wounded and get them functional.” The voice cut out as abruptly as it had appeared but the effect was immediate and apparent as the various troopers moved to obey their orders.

The next addition to the force was a Yu Jing Support squad made up of a Zhanshi Yisheng (doctor), Zhanshi Gongcheng (Engineer) and their Yaozao assitance as well as the Daoying Lieutenant. For the most part these were painted up just like the Zhanshi. For the doctor I incorporated some red as I figure medical personnel would continue to enjoy some protections in combat. For this I used Deep Red – 09002 – 2/1, Blood Red – 09005 – 3/1 and then highlighted with a bit of Pure White added to the Blood Red. I carried this over to her Yaozao.

Continuing with the theme of the Celestial Guard the Daoying got some gold added to her using the same Antique Gold highlighted with New Gold.

One minor issue I did have was that I missed quite a bit of flash both on the Yisheng and Daoying that had to be removed as I found it. Not sure if I just rushed the prep a bit or if it blended with the details but in the end it wasn’t a big deal.

At this point I’m about two thirds of the way through the force and I’m pretty happy with how they’re looking. Still trying to decide who will be next. Probably the Tiger Soldiers or the Kanren but we’ll see.

The force so farThe force so far

Chain Rifles and Explosives

Tutoring 4
Skill 5
Idea 4
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The Troops of the Banner had taken up forward positions and called back sightings of Yu Jing’s old foe Pan O (future project).  Commands were quickly relayed and in no time stimulants were being injected into a quartet of unconscious forms.  As their eyes snapped open the hatches to the coffin like pods that had served as their homes for untold days slid open with a hiss.  Their first sight was of their Celestial Guard overseer calling for them to fall in.

So next up is the Kuang Shi and their Celestial Guard Monitor.  For the most part I panted them up just as I did the Zhanshi but with a few differences.  First I wanted the Kuang Shi’s armor to look more worn and of poorer quality so after starting it with Rainy Grey (as per the Zhanshi) I then moved to a 2 to 1 mix of Leather White – 09062 and Tanned Highlight – 09045 (2/1/1) followed by straight Leather White (2/1).  Next I figured the NationState would prefer their re-educated criminals catch bullets rather then their loyal troops so I painted their jerkins (?) in the orange/yellow color I’d used for details on the Zhanshi.  The shackle/explosives and their packs I did in Old Bronze – 09197 – 3/1.  Finally I added some symbols to their helms, not sure if those will stay or not.

The Celestial Guard Monitor was painted up the same as the Zhanshi with some detail (stripes on her pants, back of her helm and a bit of her gun) being done in Antique Gold – 09050 – 3/1 followed by New Gold – 09051 – 2/1 to represent the Guards station.

Also worth mentioning that I’ve started painting the front arc of their bases (also went back and did the Zhanshi bases) as I like how this can tie troops together and it’s also useful in games like Infinity where facing matters.

Next up I think it’s time to bring some command and support to the team so I’ll be working on the Daoying, Zhanshi Yisheng and Zhanshi Gongchen.

Call up the Banners!

Tutoring 5
Skill 6
Idea 6
No Comments

Feeling rather lonely our sole Zhanshi called back to base for reinforcements. His request was answered immediately and a small holding force of four additional Zhanshi was dispatched to buy time until additional forces could be provisioned.

Having plotted out the paint job it was time to start applying it. The additional Zhanshi were painted largely following the same method as the original with a few tweaks.

The base coat was done with 3/1 mix of Twilight Blue – 09020 and then highlighted with Snow Shadow – 09021 – 2/1 which skipped the step where I washed with Snow Shadow and then had to rewash with Twilight Blue last time. In the end it ended up with a similar (if a little darker) result which I liked.

Apparently not as ready for duty as high command would have liked...Apparently not as ready for duty as high command would have liked...

While base coating I realized I’d neglected to deal with a pretty significant gap at the hackers shoulder (oops). Since the Yisheng (doctor) was still waiting to be dispatched…err painted…his fellows did their best to patch him up.

Who let you leave base like this???Who let you leave base like this???
That should fix itThat should fix it

With that distraction done I moved on to getting their coats painted. I decided to have two in a leather color and the third in a grey just to break things up a bit. The brown coats were done with Tanned Leather – 09031 – 3/1 followed by Leather Brown – 09030 – 2/1 highlights and then washed with Brown Liner – 09064 – 1/2. The grey had a slightly different order with Cloudy Grey – 09089 – 3/1 first followed by a wash of Grey Liner – 09065 – 1/2 and then highlighted with Misty Grey – 09090 – 2/1.

Armor was next using the same method as our test subject. I also went ahead and did the weapons in Blackened Steel again.

Well at least they have their armor nowWell at least they have their armor now

From there it was time to turn attention to their skin and hair. The hacker got done in Nightshade Purple – 09022 – 3/1, Imperial Purple – 09023 – 2/1 and then Amethyst Purple – 09024 – 1/0 and then Forest Green – 09013 – 3/1 and Jade Green – 09015 – 2/1. The Zhashi to his left was done with Chestnut Brown – 09071 – 3/1 and Brown Liner – 1/2. Our red head started with Carrot Top Red – 09242 – 3/1 followed by Auburn Shadow – 09241 – 1/1 and Highlight Orange – 09243 – 3/1. The last just got Faded Black – 09657 – 2/1. I also added in the first bits of orange/yellow as per the initial model.

Afterwards it was a lot of detail work on things like their knives, the hackers wrist computer and glasses, etc. Of note I decided to try some camo on the rifles which I’m fairly happy with.

Next up I think I’ll move onto the Kuang Shi.  With them done I’ll have both “groups” of models done and the rest will be singles or pairs.  Being that they’re pressed, brainwashed prisoners I might modify their paint scheme a bit but we’ll see.

For the Emperor! that right?For the Emperor! that right?

What we need is a volunteer...(pt2)

Tutoring 5
Skill 5
Idea 4
No Comments

About this time I decided that the under armor was a bit too light so I washed it with a 1/1 mix of Twilight Blue and then highlighted with a 2/1 mix of Snow Shadow. I think it added some better depth and in the future I’ll probably just go with this rather than over coating with Snow Shadow.

The last significant area left to paint was his gun. Generally it seems people hit them with black, highlight and call it a day. I considered going this route but would like to do a bit more to make the weapons interesting. I painted the rifle, side arm and some metal bits in Blackened Steel – 09205 – 3/1 (a metallic paint) which gave them a nice look. I still want to do something more but I’m not sure what yet (some ideas include a dark wash, adding additional colors or adding camo). I think the key is going to be doing enough to give the weapons some life but not so much as to pull attention from the main part of the models. Regardless this will do for now.

Ready for war!Ready for war!

With all the major colors down it was time to refine and clean up. I painted his backpsck in Midnight Blue – 09019 – 2/1 to define it and break up the lighter blue and then circled back to the armor plates. The white was pretty rough so I hit it all with a couple of coats of Pure White again at a 3/1 mix. I then highlighted with Pearl White – 09100 – 2/1 which has a nice sheen to it. I considered doing all the armor in this but stuck to highlighting only.

His left forearm has what looks like a screen on it so I hit that with undiluted Pine Green – 09010 and a touch of Pale Green – 09012 to give it that electronic screen look.

Lastly I came back to the yellow which seemed to lack depth and was mainly just the Marigold Yellow. To break it up I washed it in Highlight Orange – 09243 – 1/3 (the highlight color for a different triad) then went back to the Marigold Yellow at 2/1 and finally mixed in a bit of Sun Yellow – 09008 to highlight.

At this point he’s about done. Still need to determine if the gun will be getting more work and he needs to be based but he’s completed his test subject mission. Next up will be his fellow Zhanshi.

What we need is a volunteer...(pt1)

Tutoring 5
Skill 5
Idea 4
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(Been having issues getting this update posted so going to try breaking it into two parts)

As mentioned in the last exciting episode the next steps were to find a volunteer to test out possible color schemes on. I want to go for a winter theme which means the armor will be in white/grey but I still want to tie the force back to the standard Yu Jing color scheme. The choice of secondary color (for the under armor) was also a bit up in the air. Initially I was thinking of going with black but in the end decided an icy blue might work better.

So time for that volunteer and who better than the Zhanshi who was just added to the force (that’s what he gets for being late!)?

Before diving in a bit of general info for those who are interested. First off I’ll be using Reapers Master Series paints ( I’ve been using them for years and have been very happy with them. Brush wise I’m mainly using a 5-0 Kolinsky Sable (again by Reaper). As we go through I’ll give the paint name, number and then the paint to water mix ratio I’m using (ex. 2/1 is two drops of paint to one drop of water). Lastly I’m generally doing multiple coats at any given step but won’t always mention that (safe to assume most steps get at least two coats).

Ok off we go then. First off I primed him with Grey Primer – 09299 – 8/1 and base coated him with Twilight Blue – 09020 – 2/1 applying two coats and then following with Snow Shadow – 09021 – 2/1 for another two coats.

Worth mentioning that I left his left arm separate to aid in painting.

Feeling blue about his lost armFeeling blue about his lost arm

With the base down I painted the armor plates in Rainy Grey – 09038 – 2/1 followed by a bunch of coats of Pure White – 09039 – 2/1. I also went ahead and painted up the leather items both to get them done and so I could attach his arm. These were done with Ruddy Leather – 09109 – 3/1 followed by Oiled Leather – 09110 – 2/1 and then highlighted with Burnt Orange – 09111 – 2/1.

This is probably a good time to mention that the Master Series paints come in convenient color triads that include a base, shadow and highlight color grouping. I don’t always stick to them but they are nice to use that way.

In all I was pretty happy with how things were looking so far.

Armor and leather.  Not to be confused with leather armor.Armor and leather. Not to be confused with leather armor.

Ok so arm attached and armor plates set it was time to work on tying into the Yu Jing color scheme. Doing a bit of research I found that the yellow used varied from a bright yellow down into oranges and even more of a red so it seemed I had some leeway. I started with a base of Palmino Gold – 09074 – 3/1 followed by Buckskin Pale – 09075 – 2/1 and then Marigold Yellow – 09007 – 2/1. This came out pretty well though I’m not sure the first two colors added much.

I also realized I’d missed his boots and gloves and got those done before my browns dried 🙂

Ah I see now. You're with Yu Jing!Ah I see now. You're with Yu Jing!

Pretty happy with the overall effect I painted up the bare skin portions of the model (basically his head). For this I started with a number of coats of my base tone (Golden Skin – 09092 – 3/1) and then washed it with the shadow (Golden Shadow – 09091 – 1/3). After that I went back to the Golden Skin before highlighting with Golden Highlight – 09093 – 2/1. I also added a Marigold Yellow tattoo going up and over his head.

Coming togetherComing together

Growing strength

Tutoring 4
Skill 4
Idea 4
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Hello again OnTableTop Community.

It’s been awhile so time for an update.  Unfortunately not a ton of progress but some solid steps forward.  First off I did some list tweaking which had lead to some new arrivals :

1x Zhanshi GonCheng

1x Zhanshi Yisheng

2x Yaozao

1x Kanren Counter-insurgence

This will replace a Tiger soldier and some standard Zhanshi but I’ll still paint them since they’re preped.  I’ll actually add another Zhanshi to the mix so when the Kanren deploys with his holo goodies I can plop down three “Zhanshi” which might cover for the hidden deployment of the Ninja and Tiger Soldier.

At this point all the models (with the exception of the last Zhanshi) are put together and primed.  As stated in the last post the models are all great and assembly has gone well.  Still minimal or no mold lines to deal with.  I did run into a couple of items though :

  1. One of the Kuang Shi didn’t want to sit flush when put together and required some filler just below his chest armor.
  2. The pistol wielding Kuang Shi has a grenade or something to that effect in his right hand.  Many of the models have had juts of metal coming off (guessing from vents in the molds) that I’ve become used to removing.  Unfortunately I got a bit overzealous and trimmed off the grenade.  The model still looks fine with just a fist but I might add a bit later.
  3. As expected the ninja required some filler.
  4. The Kanren (Hacker) is an interesting pose from a basing standpoint.  The leg with the basing tab is at an angle that doesn’t match the set slots in the bases if you want her facing forward.  Easy enough to cut a new slot but worth mentioning.
  5. The Yaozao arm attach points are relatively shallow ball and socket type that let you adjust how they sit but seemed like they would be a bit weak.  So far so good though.  Also worth mentioning that one of the faces has a nose guard that could be mistaken for extra metal.  Don’t snip it off 🙂
  6. The Zhanshi hacker has his combi-rifle hanging from a pair of straps.  Again you might mistake these initially for connective bits of metal to be removed so be careful.

The biggest bit of effort so far has been trying to come up with the paint scheme I want to use.  I’m still not finalized but I think I’m going to go with a winter theme.  I’m thinking black under armor with white plates and some yellow secondaries.  Light brown for most of the leather and light grey/white for camo.  I’m a bit worried they’ll come out a bit too much like Stormtroopers but hopefully the yellow will help negate that.

Should start painting soon.  Need to pick out some test subjects to start a paint scheme on 🙂

Here's a pic of the current force all primed up in grey.Here's a pic of the current force all primed up in grey.

In the beginning...

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Hello everyone and welcome my first project diary on OnTableTop.  I suppose it makes sense to start with a bit of information about myself.  I’ve a long time gamer who started up with 40k twenty years or so ago.  I’ve played 40k, WHF, Mordheim, Warmachine, Mercs and a number of other table top games.  I’m also into various RPGs (Pathfinder, Shadowrun, Call of Cthulhu, etc) and have done a fair amount of mini painting over the years.

Recently I started looking at Infinity and decided to give it a go with their new N4/CodeOne release.  So that brings us to this project.  I’ve picked up a number of Yu Jing models and thought it might be fun to track my progress here.  So here goes nothing!

To put some structure around the effort I’ve put an initial list together (no play experience so no idea how viable it actually is but that’s not the main point right now anyway).  Here’s what I’ll be painting up :

4x Zhanshi

1x DaoYing (lieutenant)

2x Tiger Soldiers

1x Ninja

1x Su-Jian

1x Mowang

4x Kuang Shi

1x Celestial Guard Monitor (to keep them in line)

So far I’ve assembled the Mowang and have three of the Zhanshi as well as the DaoYing put together to the point I’m going to paint them at (kept some parts separate to make painting easier.  The Ninja is about done as well.

Overall the models have been great so far.  I’ve found a fair amount of flash but it’s easily removed.  Oddly I haven’t seen many mold lines which worries me as I feel like I’m just missing them and suspect they’ll appear after I prime the minis.

The one exception to the easy of assembly so far has been the ninja (it’s the ninja with tac bow and an awesome pose on the edge of a rooftop).  The three part rooftop base was pretty finiky to get in place and it’s going to need some green stuff.  I ended up putting the small roof piece and the section with the ninja’s main body together first and then attached to the front roof section with his leg on it.

All in all, so far so good.

Yu Jing Assemble!Yu Jing Assemble!