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trapdoorogre does kitbashember 2020

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About the Project

My attempt at kitbashember 2020. Genre is a bit mixed.

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Noble Huntsman: Damsel

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For the Noble Huntsman I got an idea of a mounted huntress. A damsel, not in distress but rather the hero and saviour of the story.  So what kind of mounts are cool enough for the Damsel? Hoverbikes and unicorns of course. Or, even better, a unicorn hoverbike. (Exactly how this would look has changed many times and has not yet reached its final form.)

For the Damsel herself I decided on a mix of fancy and practical clothing, starting with the pants. I used a pair of Atalan Jackal (GSC) legs as the base, carved away the detail above the boot on the left leg and replaced it with landsknecht trousers out of greenstuff.

Sculpted landsknecht trouser detail.Sculpted landsknecht trouser detail.

Quarantine Enforcer: The Gatekeeper

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I had this idea of an ancient robot, broken but rusted in place, standing outside a small community as if it’s guarding it. With this as Quarantine Enforcer I want to show that this is a place where walls and guards are seldom needed. Mostly peaceful but also vulnerable.

“It protects us,” the locals say. And in some ways they are right. Far away raiders change direction when they see its intimidating shape. “It keeps an eye out for us.” It has become a watchpost from which you can get a good view in all directions.

I got the concept down before I knew what parts I was going to use. I thought of using a Titanicus scale Knight or building something from scratch but I settled on a Tau Crisis Suit with a minor adjustment. There’s not much kitbashing going on yet but I’ll get to that with the other parts. 

Here’s the Gatekeeper so far:

The GatekeeperThe Gatekeeper

On top of the Gatekeeper sits the Lookout, chillaxing and enjoying the view. Little does he know he will be the first to spot the new threat.

What's that on your shoulder?What's that on your shoulder?
Quarantine Enforcer: The Gatekeeper

The Lists

Tutoring 2
Skill 2
Idea 2
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40k version:

  1. Quarantine Enforcer
  2. Medicae Primus
  3. Medicae Scholar
  4. Test Specimen
  5. Enforcer Captain
  6. Religious Personnel
  7. Corpse Removal Soldier
  8. Mechanical Aide
  9. Zombie Hunter
  10. Mutated Zombie

AoS/Fantasy version:

  1. Town Fanatic
  2. Plague Doctor
  3. Town Doc
  4. Afflicted
  5. Noble Huntsman
  6. Priest
  7. Undertaker
  8. Hunting Animals
  9. Zombie Hunter
  10. Cursed Afflicted

My own picks:

  1. Quarantine Enforcer (Gatekeeper)
  2. Plague Doctor
  3. Doctor’s Apprentice
  4. Captured Specimen
  5. Noble Huntsman (Damsel)
  6. ?
  7. Corpse Handler
  8. Mechanical Aide and Hunting Animals
  9. Zombie Hunter 
  10. Big Mutant Zombie

As you can see I haven’t decided on what to do with the priest/religious personnel yet.


Tutoring 1
Skill 2
Idea 2
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Presenting trapdoorogre

Who, or what, is the Trapdoor Ogre? That is me. I lurk and I like. Sometimes I build, kitbash and sculpt.


Presenting #kitbashember

Kitbashember is a kitbash event held in November, organized by the hobbyist currently known as @papa.negan . It is one of the reasons I look forward to November and a major reason my hobby life awakens this time of year.

There’s a theme each year and prompts for ten models following this theme. (First year it was a pit fighting team, second archeology and this year a virus/zombie outbreak.) The goal is to kitbash one model every three days and thus having a complete set of ten at the end of the month.

This year we got one list of prompts for the 40k setting and one for fantasy/AoS. Since I prefer non-canonical and mixed settings I took the prompts I liked from each list and made my own.

I rarely meet deadlines and this year is no different. Instead of doing one model in three days I’m working on multiple models at the same time. That way I can make some details on one model and let the putty harden while I move on to the next.

Link to kitbashember prompts for 2020.

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