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Knights on the Path

Knights on the Path

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About the Project

I'm joining in on #pathofconquest As I slow grow my 100Kingdoms force. See more over on my YT channel Dice-at-arms

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Plodding along.

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Skill 3
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Been a while… again. Im great at this project updating thing 😅


Making some slow progress on painting up to 1500 points and recently entered a local Conquest painting competition, my newest Household Knight taking 2nd place. Not bad at all. 😁

Milestone 3 - 1250 Slow Progress

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Skill 5
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Milestone 3 - 1250 Slow Progress

Hello friends and strangers!

It’s been a pretty busy few months for me so I’ve had to do a smaller Milestone taking us from 1000 to 1250.

As we now move up in points I really need to start grabbing units with some more fighting power. but to do that, I need another Character, our Mounted Noble Lord has maxed out the number of Regiments he can take.
I’m going to take another Noble Lord, on foot this time, and a regiment of Household Guard. These are the latest 100 Kingdom kit available and where the Men-at-Arms are a more defensive unit, these guys want to go on the offence. Armed with Halberds and attacking with Cleave 1!

Milestone 3 - 1250 Slow Progress

By themselves the Household Guard take up 150 of our 250 points but obviously they’re going alongside a Noble Lord who’s going to take Tier 1 tactical retinue, giving us a reroll on 1 resolve die, but it also allows us to take a banner heirloom, Regalia of the Empire, granting plus 1 clash to our household guard brining them to clash 3. Thats 50% chance to hit when uninspired and 66% on the charge or when inspired, not bad for such a cheap unit.
That quickly put me out of points but I really want to boost the Noble Lord a bit more. For now then, we’ll drop the Servite from the militia, give our new Lord Arms Master for that glorious cleave 2, and we’ll give him 2 tiers in the combat retinue bringing us to our maximum of 3 and granting him an extra wound and plus 1 to his clash value. Of course, the good doggo I’ve added to the Retinue needs a name, so if you’ve got some suggestions, I’d love to hear them.

Milestone 3 - 1250 Slow Progress
Milestone 3 - 1250 Slow Progress

Thats it for this month, aside from finishing those last couple of knights, which I’m especially pleased with. We’ve not made a big change to the list but it is setting us up for the next few Milestones.

Milestone 3 - 1250 Slow Progress

Milestone 2 - 1000 points!!!

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Skill 12
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Milestone 2 - 1000 points!!!

So we’re expanding up from our 500 point list.

Mounted Noble Lord (Arms Master, Disorienting Strike)

Men-at-Arms (3)

Mercenary Crossbowmen (3)

Household Knights (3)

A good starting point, it’s pretty much what you have in the 2 player starter set and it gave us a good variety of units for such a small force.

The first thing I’m going to do to expand upon this, is move the Men-at-Arms out from under the Lord and into another detachment under the control of a Chapter Mage. I’ll boost them to a unit of 5 for some added survivability, actually, we’re going to go even further with that and take a Seasoned Veteran for 30 points.

Milestone 2 - 1000 points!!!

Our Chapter will be taking Fire Dart and we’re also going to give her the Heirloom ‘Olefants Roar’ for the ‘Seize the Day’ draw event. That means when she activates, you can draw the next card in the activation deck and activate that unit before her. So if we put the Men-at-Arms after her, we could activate that unit, move into position, gain bastion and then fire off a Fire Dart, all in 1 go!

We still have a mainstay unit under Edward allowing him to keep the Household Knights… but I want more, which means we need another mainstay unit. I’ve decided on a regiment of Militia. They’re weak, but they’re cheap and they give a light unit which can get straight on the board and start moving my reinforcement line forward. In service of that goal, I’ve also given them a standard bearer and a servite.

Milestone 2 - 1000 points!!!

These Militia have also given me access to the thing I really wanted… another regiment of Household Knights. This will bring me up to 7 Unique Heraldic designs! I’m excited to finish painting the last couple soon!

Our list ends now at exactly 1000 points. And here it is!


Noble Lord (Cavalry) [125]: Select as Warlord, Arms Master, Disorienting Strikes

Militia (3) [135] Standard Bearer, Servite 

Household Knights (3) [165]

Mercenary Crossbowmen (3) [105]

Household Knights (3) [165]


Chapter Mage [100]: Fire Dart, Olefant’s Roar

Men at Arms (5) [205]: Season Veteran


Milestone 2 - 1000 points!!!

Milestone 1 - 500 points

Tutoring 7
Skill 14
Idea 12
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Well, it was a little while back I got started now, but, here we go…

Getting started I always knew it was going to be the 100Kingdoms. How could I not with those awesome Household Knight models.

I started piecing together ideas for paiting from English history, especially the time of the 100 years war. So, we begin with my Noble Lord, Edward, King of Rhuzland who has laid claim to the throne of Gallia. As such he has Quatered his Heraldic Arms with that of the arms of Gallia to represent that claim. He must obviously fight alongside his household Knights.

Milestone 1 - 500 points

Ok, I’ve jumped straight on to some Household Knights, but they’re restricted so I need at least one mainstay regiment.

Here’s my list!

Noble Lord (Cavalry) [125]: Select as Warlord, Disorienting Strikes, Arms Master
– Mercenary Crossbowmen (3) [105]
– Men at Arms (3) [105]
– Household Knights (3) [165]

Characters: 1
Light Regiments: 1
Medium Regiments: 2
Heavy Regiments: 0

I’ll have a lot more Photos and the List for 1000 points up in just a few days.

See you then.