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Manda’s (Amachan) Battle Reports

Manda’s (Amachan) Battle Reports

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About the Project

This is my first time trying out writing battle reports. Any constructive criticism is welcome.

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SAGA 10th of January 2021 Part 2

Tutoring 12
Skill 11
Idea 12

My levy bowmen have been slowly picking off my friends Hormagaunts (warriors) over time.

I rested my warriors this turn.

Viðarr (lieutenant) charged the exhausted Tyrannofex (behemoth) killing him and getting exhausted himself.

I can take him!!!I can take him!!!

The Valkyrjur (hearthguard) tried to kill the Hormagaunts (warriors) at the top and failed losing 1 of their own in the process. Þórhildr (warlord) finished them off.

The Tyranid Warriors (creatures) charged Þórhildr (warlord), not doing much and collecting 3 fatigue in the process.

Turn 5Turn 5

I foolishly charged my warriors into his Hormagaunts (warriors) not doing anything and getting them killed in the process.

My warriors on the top moved up and the lone Valkyrja (hearthguard) killed one of the Tyranid Warriors (creatures)

Turn 6Turn 6

Þórhildr (warlord) killed the last Tyranid Warrior (creatures) and my levy bowmen picked off enough of the Hormagaunts (warriors) at the bottom for my opponent to not be able to generate any more SAGA dice and thus the game was over.

It was an overwhelming victory for the Order of Heimdallr, winning with 29 point against 15.

SAGA 10th of January 2021 Part 2

SAGA 10th of January 2021 Part 1

Tutoring 11
Skill 10
Idea 11
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I played a game of SAGA Age of Magic today, 6 points of my Order of Heimdallr (Great Kingdoms) against my friend’s Tyranids (Otherworld). The armies where:

Order of Heimdallr

  • Þórhildr on Griffon (warlord on flying beast)
  • Viðarr (lieutenant/captain)
  • 4 Valkyrjur (hearthguard on winged mounts)
  • 8 warriors on mounts
  • 2 units of 10 basic warriors
  • 6 levy bowmen
  • 6 levy crossbowmen


  • Swarmlord (warlord on a beast)
  • Tyrant Guard (Lieutenant/Conjurer)
  • 2 units of 10 Hormagaunts (basic warriors)
  • 2 units of 2 Tyranid Warriors (bipedal creatures)
  • Tyrannofex (behemoth)

Since we were both getting back into SAGA to keep it simple we just played the basic Clash of Warlords scenario and we decided not to use the Age of Magic army specific scenery pieces. We rolled for deployment method A and we rolled cursed ground on the battlefield chaos table.

So after we tossed some terrain on the table and rolled out our armies this is what the table looks like.

Turn 1Turn 1

I had the first turn and I manoeuvred my warriors around and moved one unit up. I also started to move my Valkyrjur (hearthguard) and Þórhildr (warlord) around the flank.

In hindsight I could have manoeuvred them to where I wanted them since they all have flight, but it has been a while since I played.

My friend used portal to move 1 unit of Tyranid Warriors (creatures) to within my line in order to then use rift to cause some damage to my warriors. I lost 1 warrior. He moved up some more of his models in this turn as well.

Turn 2Turn 2

I charged my mounted warriors into his Hormagaunts, this really didn’t go to well, I lost 3 guys there, he lost 4 so I won that combat. At this moment I should have moved them even further back, but I only realized that by the start of my friends turn and I did have a SAGA die ready for it.

My warriors charged the Tyranid Warriors (creatures) and wiped them out in a great combat.

I moved Þórhildr (warlord) and the Valkyrjur (hearthguard) in position on the flank, I forgot to prepare and extra SAGA die to have them attack at that point.

My friend in his turn charged the Hormagaunts (warriors) in my mounted warriors, killing 2 more and then charged in his warlord to finish them off.

His Hormagaunts (warriors) at the top attacked my Valkyrjur (hearthguard), doing quite well and killing 2 and losing 4 themself.

Turn 3Turn 3

I charged my warriors into his warlord, exhausting him in a great combat and finished him off with a volley of my archers hiding in the woods.

Þórhildr charged his Tyrant Guard (lieutenant) and exhausted him, I then charged in the warriors to finish him off.

My Valkyrjur (hearthguard) charged his Hormagaunts (warriors) at the top killing 3 more without taking any casualties.

My friend moved his Tyrannofex (behemoth) around and charged it into my warriors that killed the Tyrant Guard (lieutenant), reducing their numbers from 10 to 4 getting exhausted in the process.

Turn 4Turn 4

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